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Guillem Ramos in 'Half Final 2'

Guillem Ramos - Half Final 2

First Wrestlingmale series and ninth episode of Michael Roman and Seth Santoro?s adventures! Etienne Erik needs a fuckandfight coach for his fighter?s team. Michael and Seth want the job but there is only one place to fill? Etienne offers them to compete against each other: each will be in charge of coaching 6 wrestlers from the wrestling male team. At the end of this competition, the coach of the winning team will be hired? Etienne is very satisfied with Michael and Seth?s respective performances in episode 1? The coaches each performed a training match in episodes 2 and 3. Then, they proceeded to 2 eliminations within their own respective team. Now, it is time again for competition in the second Half Final though only one fighter will go to the final competition!? Which guy from which team will win this access with his coach??

Markus Kage in 'The Daddy Sitter Scene 3'

Markus Kage - The Daddy Sitter Scene 3

Hot twink Jake Nobello is The Daddy-Sitter! Part 3 - Poker night with the guys, and Jake is the butt of a Daddy Gangbang!

Mason Anderson in 'Talk Therapy'

Mason Anderson - Talk Therapy

Little Anderson is filled with questions about his growing body, and who better to turn to for answers than his loving stepdad? He tells his muscular old man about the boners he has been getting at night, and his pop reassures him that it?s perfectly normal. To make sure the boy doesn?t feel alone, he pulls out his own rock-hard cock for the kid to play with. Anderson licks his stepdad?s dick like a lollipop, savoring every inch. Then, he bounces on the old man?s girthy rod for a bareback cock ride! Hopefully, this deeply intimate talk answers all of Anderson?s questions?

Yinnie DeDom in 'Meet Me In The Backroom'

Yinnie DeDom - Meet Me In The Backroom

Yinnie DeDom is as his name suggests usually the one to give out the punishment but today we get to share with you this super hot scene where Yinnie completely submits to Chris Damned. Yinnie is prowling the club looking for a hook up when he gets bored and decides to make his way to the pool area to have a smoke. Chris Damned comes over and sits in the chair across from him and lights up. It only takes seconds for the guys to lock eyes with one another and start getting horny stroking their cocks. Yinnie is there to get slutted out and cant control himself he walks over and starts sucking Chris?s huge cock right there on the side of the pool. Chris eats Yinnie?s ass until he pops up and whispers in Yinnie?s ear ?Meet me in the backroom.? When Chris gets Yinnie to the dungeon the punishment begins with Yinnie tied up to the wall with his arms to his sides and Chris uses his cane on Yinnie to soften him up. It becomes clear quickly that Yinnie DeDom can give out pain but no one is a bigger pain slut than himself. Begging Chris for more and thanking him with each crack of his flogger across his chest. Chris brings Yinnie to the point of having a paingasm. Shaking and panting Chris passionately kisses Yinnie before moving him to his next position. Yinnie is suspended from his legs and arms with his head hanging freely backwards the perfect position for Chris to work him over with his crop while fucking Yinnie?s throat like a cock hungry slut. Chris takes the spit from the back of Yinnies throat and uses it as lube to get a quick footjob. Yinnie gets his tight asshole stretched out by Chris?s massive cock until Chris pulls out and shoots a huge load all over Yinnie?s ass. Finally Chris unties Yinny and chokes him while Yinnie jerks himself off and sprays cum everywhere.

Derek Kage in 'Silent Hill Delirium: Part 4'

Derek Kage - Silent Hill Delirium: Part 4

With a snap of his fingers, Christian Wilde has Derek Kage bound in rope to a suspended chain-link fence. In order for Derek to find his truth, he must endure the torment and bondage. Christian covers Derek?s body in clothespins and hits him hard with a leather paddle. Derek?s cries make Christian?s dick hard and so he fucks Derek?s whining mouth. Christian zaps him with electricity and then hangs him in a one-legged rope suspension. Christian stretches his hole with a dragon dildo and then slides his big fat cock deep inside, fucking the cum right out of him. Christian beats Derek with a cane and then blows his massive load, concluding the transition.Silent Hill Delirium SERIES MAIN PAGESilent Hill Delirium Part 1Silent Hill Delirium Part 2Silent Hill Delirium Part 3

Father Romeo in 'Marcus: Penance'

Father Romeo - Marcus: Penance

When Father Romeo looks at sweet Marcus, he gets a warm sensation in his chest. Something about the boy reminds him of himself when he was younger. He struggled with his identity and had a hard time keeping his entire inner life a secret from his family and friends. Even by the time he was old enough to live his own life and make his own decisions, he had been so accustomed to hiding his true identity that he simply could not let it surface. That is why he entered the priesthood, hoping to serve as a good Catholic and a beacon unto the lord. At the same time, the rules of the priesthood would prevent him from ever having to explain why he never brings women home to his parents. He can tell that the same internal conflict that drove him towards religion is storming inside of young Marcus, and he hopes to provide him some comfort in his struggles. He wants to lead the boy to greener pastures, to help him prosper at St. Patrick?s Catholic School, but no matter how I favor the young man, he cannot allow the boy to break the rules. So, when he calls Marcus in for a meeting regarding his candidacy to become an altar boy, he has to be honest and direct with him. News of Marcus?s transgressions has traveled fast amongst the higher-ups at the school. At this point, it is widely understood that the boy stole the altar wine and used it for less-than-holy purposes. This is a major offense and a great disrespect to the sanctity of the Church. The only way that Marcus can redeem himself after such an act is to give himself fully to the tutelage of Father Romeo. Only Romeo can guide the boy toward repentance. The first step is corporal punishment. Romeo bends the boy over his knee and gives him some sharp spanks to engrain the lesson into his mind and body. He then shoves a toy down the boy?s throat, making him choke and gag. He plugs the boy?s sweet asshole with the dildo and then replaces it with his thick, pulsing boner. The boy moans and squeals as his virgin asshole is penetrated for the first time. Romeo then spits in Marcus?s face to make sure this is a lesson he never forgets! It seems that with Father Romeo?s help, Marcus will be able to move past his mistakes after all.

Devin Franco in 'JUST A NUMBER'

Devin Franco - JUST A NUMBER

Devin Franco has bound his new sub Logan Aarons with rope, put a hood on his head and placed him on a tree stump. Today Logan will only be known by his number. One-two-zero. 120?s arms are bound behind his back. He cannot do anything when Devin grabs his cock. Devin fondles, gropes and slaps this cock. The hood comes off and 120 must recite the Cock Creed. Devin busies himself placing clothespins on his sub?s testicles and nipples. Then he uses a crop to knock off those clothespins, causing considerable pain to the one known as 120. Now this sub is on his back, still bound in rope. His legs are suspended up in the air, exposing his tender anus to any and all disturbances. Devin takes advantage of the situation by sliding his hard cock deep into 120?s ass. It feels amazing but Devin will inflict more pain before any more pleasure. 120 must now stand. His mouth is gagged to stifle any screams, his hands tied over his head, his cock bound tight in rope. Devin uses his flogger against this sub?s soft flesh. He loves to see the poor lad struggle to absorb the pain without breaking. Devin relaxes on the tree stump, allowing 120 to suck his cock. Next 120 is allowed to straddle his master and Devin fucks him again. Devin amuses himself with a zapper, making sure 120 doesn?t enjoy himself too much. Devin shoots his load. 120 is allowed to jack himself off at the feet of his master, being careful to lick the cum off his master?s boots.

Kieron Ryan in 'Please Let Me Take His Pain, Sir'

Kieron Ryan - Please Let Me Take His Pain, Sir

Sebastian and Kieron are both experienced on Bound In Public so they?re brought down to the dungeon to see what they can take from Master Avery and the demands of over 100 members in the chat. The boys confess to their deepest fears and Van puts Kieron to the test with the single tail. After Kieron is too afraid to continue Sebastian steps up and takes the brunt of the whip?s punishment. Then, hooded and tied to the electric ball crusher, Master Avery shocks their balls and holes as he fucks their mouths with his hard cock. Van flogs Sebastian into submission helping him to realize why he loves BDSM, and finally the boys are fucked hard in tight bondage and lick the Masters? loads off of each others bodies.

Ryan Bones in 'The Daddy Sitter Scene 2'

Ryan Bones - The Daddy Sitter Scene 2

Hot twink Jake Nobello is The Daddy-Sitter! Part 2 - Looking for a stiff drink, Jake gets a stiff dick from Daddy instead!

Julian Waits in 'The Childhood Memory Book'

Julian Waits - The Childhood Memory Book

When sexy daddy, Matthew, finds an old drawing his stepson made of him from kindergarten, the two take a cute trip down memory lane together. Soon, the horny old man has a rock-hard boner that he simply cannot hide. The boy plays with his stepdad?s uncut cock, sucking and slobbering on his girthy shaft while his pop moans with pleasure. Then, Matthew stuffs his cock inside the boy?s ass, barebacking him passionately. To top off the steamy action, the beefy guy laps up his boy?s cum from the tip of his throbbing dick. Now, that is some intimate bonding!

Papi Marcos in 'Armpit Fucking'

Papi Marcos - Armpit Fucking

Donavin Rece buries his face deep inside Papi Marcos? pits and huffs them like they?re the last pits he?ll ever get to smell. Papi returns the favor before Donavin drops to his knees to worship the muscle stud?s curly black pubes. Papi?s scent is thick in the air as Donavin continues to make a meal of Papi. Donavin can?t get enough of the hunk and stands up to work Papi?s beard like he?s sucking a cock. Papi is in ecstasy as Donavin?s expert tongue works his beard and gets him hard as a rock. Finally, with spit dripping from his beard and his pubes dripping wet, Papi slides his thick uncut cock into Donavin?s pit. The horny stud fucks the twink?s pit just the way he likes it until he blasts a massive creamy load all over Donavin?s ripe hairy armpits.

Jeremiah Jones in 'Welcome to the Big Leagues: Jeremiah Jones and Zacc Andrews'

Jeremiah Jones - Welcome to the Big Leagues: Jeremiah Jones and Zacc Andrews

When rookie athlete Zacc Andrews struggles with his workout, Coach Jeremiah Jones suggests they meet in his office after practice. He tells the rookie that he has a special development program that he only offers special players. With unwavering dedication to be at the top of the team, Zacc agrees to submit himself to the training. The rookie finds himself bent over the coach?s desk, bound at the wrists with rope. Coach Jeremiah exposes his player?s ass and works it over with smacks from a leather paddle. Unable to resist, he gets a taste of his rookie?s cock and ass before moving onto the next phase of the training. Zacc is subjected to shocks from the zapper and violet wand while being groped and kissed from his Coach. Jeremiah then grabs a flogger and tenderizes his player?s skin with a solid lashing. Still determined to be a star on the team, Zacc sucks his Coach?s thick, meaty dick. Jeremiah then fucks Zacc?s ass until they both blow their loads and taste each other?s cum.

Benvi in 'Silent Hill Delirium: Part 3'

Benvi - Silent Hill Delirium: Part 3

In a dark room, bound to a chair, Derek must watch while Christian Wilde conjures Derek?s long lost love, Benvi. Christian torments Benvi with a flogger, a paddle, clothespins, and electricity. Then Christian fucks Benvi raw and hard, and Benvi can?t help but enjoy every inch of Christian?s big evil cock.Silent Hill Delirium SERIES MAIN PAGESilent Hill Delirium Part 1Silent Hill Delirium Part 2Silent Hill Delirium Part 3

Father Fiore in 'Mason: Penance'

Father Fiore - Mason: Penance

As handsome Mason enters Father Fiore?s office, he can sense anger in the air. Fiore is known to wear a serious face at all times. His sense of humor is nonexistent, and every boy at the school knows how foolish it is to cross him. But the memo didn?t seem to get to Mason, and after letting a laugh slip during daily mass, no amount of charm will spare him the serious disciplinary action that awaits. ?You wanted to see me?? Mason asks as he waits for Fiore to look in his direction. The priest makes him stand at attention as he finishes his studies. Then, he addresses the boy curtly. ?Do you like being at this school?? he asks Mason, staring directly into his eyes. Mason is caught off guard. He doesn?t exactly love attending the strict Catholic school. He was sent as a last-ditch effort to keep him out of trouble in his small hometown. But he knows better than to reveal any of his misgivings to Father Fiore. ?I do,? he lies unconvincingly. Fiore isn?t fooled by the charade, but instead of addressing the dishonesty, he pushes forward to the real reason for summoning Mason to his office. ?It?s pretty clear that? I could hear you laughing at mass,? he informs the boy. And while Mason explains that it was unintentional, such an act is highly frowned upon. In fact, Fiore takes it as a direct insult to him and the faith altogether. Such disrespect cannot be tolerated, and Fiore is the type of man who likes to take it upon himself to show an uncouth boy like Mason that he is not above the rules. ?You do understand that I?m going to have to discipline you,? he states dryly. Without any other options, Mason accepts his fate. He bends over the priest?s knees and feels a chill run over his body as his bare ass is exposed. The priest raises his hand, and Mason braces himself. He waits for the short, sharp shock that will accompany Fiore?s palm coming down on his cheeks. Sure enough, the pain fills him with adrenaline, but strangely, the rush of sensation makes his cock grow. He counts the spanks as the angry priest continues to punish him. Then, Fiore moves on to the second phase of disciplinary action. He plugs the boy?s butt with a dildo, loosening his asshole as he rests on the priest?s desk with his legs spread. Mason moans orgasmically. He cannot believe what Fiore is doing to him, but he is willing to obey any of the commands that he?s given. Finally, the priest unsheathes his thick boner and shoves it inside the insolent boy?s tight asshole. He fucks Mason raw on his desk as the boy strokes his uncut cock. Then, he covers the boy?s butt with hot sperm. Mason has learned his lesson to be reverent during mass and always show respect to Father Fiore.

Greg Riley in 'DANGEROUS GAME'


Humble repairman Johnny Ford has been called to the Las Vegas home of billionaire Greg Riley. A big party is planned for tonight and Ford needs to make some quick repairs to the swimming pool. Riley, irritated by the noise Ford is making, utters bitchy comments about him to a friend on the phone. Ford has had enough of snotty, rich bastards looking down their nose at him. He decides to put Riley in his place, which is naked and groveling under Ford?s size 14 workboots. Greg Riley finds himself naked and chained with a burlap hood on head. He can?t see his new home is a metal shipping container. He hears the slap, and then feels the sting of a crop. He then feels leather gloves and leather boots on his exposed ass. Ford spanks and stretches Riley?s ass cheeks. He cuts a hole in Riley?s burlap hood before jamming his thick cock into Riley?s mouth-hole. Riley is then tossed on to a dirty mattress. Handcuffs prevent him from doing anything to stop Johnny from plunging his hard cock into Riley?s puckered asshole. Johnny comes deep inside Riley?s butt and locks the container?s doors until he?s ready to use Riley again. The next time Riley he is naked, standing, arms chained to the ceiling, completely vulnerable. Ford takes a flogger to Riley?s tender flesh. Ass, cock, thighs, stomach? nothing is spared from the sting of the flogger. Later on, Riley escapes the container but Ford climbs into his bobcat and chases down his wealthy ?guest?. Riley is suspended from the front of the Bobcat. Mouth gagged, arms and legs tied together up in the air. His asshole at the perfect height for Ford?s cock. Johnny Ford torments Riley with a zapper before sliding his meaty cock balls deep into Riley?s puckered asshole. Riley finds himself eager to swallow Ford?s creamy hot cum. It?s not often he meets a boy who isn?t simply after him for his money.

Abraham Kohn in 'Duty Bound - MAX FILIPI and ABRAHAM KOHN'

Abraham Kohn - Duty Bound - MAX FILIPI and ABRAHAM KOHN

Abraham Kohn is naked, shackled, gagged, and blindfolded on the wrestling mat. He is writhing around on his stomach as Max Fillipi enters, with oil in hand. Max squirts oil all over the writhing back of Max and he uses a foot to rub it in. Max knees beside Abraham and start to feel over the hot body before him using his hands. He rubs the ass crack and hole hard as Abraham tries to stop him. The oily hand?s probe that ass cracks hard and spanks the ass too. All the while Abraham?s arms are trying to stop that action. Max?s cock is rock hard in his underwear and he gropes it as he feels Abraham. Then he removes his underwear and shoves his rock-hard dick into Abraham?s mouth for sucking. He grabs Abraham?s hair and head and pulls him onto that stiff dick. It seems that Abraham has a taste for the cock as his tongue comes out to reach for it when it is removed from his mouth. He soon tastes it again as Max shoves it back into his mouth. Then Max moves back to that sexy ass, feeling in the crack again. He pulls that ass into the air and checks out the hole. Then that stiff cock slides deep into the hole. The rock-hard dick fucks hard into Abraham?s hole as Max holds onto the shackles to give him good leverage. He spanks that sexy ass too as he fucks it hard and fast. He grabs the hips and pounds that hole as hard as he can. Then he pushes Abraham?s ass down on the mat and fucks it some more. His thrusting hips slam the dick deep into that hole as Abraham moans loudly. Holding Abraham?s neck to the floor he continues to throw a good hard fuck to that ass. As he fucks Max gives the ass the occasional spank too. Re-arranging the shackles, with Abraham laying on his side, Max fucks the hole even harder. Abraham wanks himself too as he takes the big dick in his hole. That fat cock stretches the hole wide as it pounds in and out of the ass. The fucking speeds up even more as Abraham shoots his cum. Max is soon ready too and quickly pulls out and straddles Abraham?s body to shoot a big load over his chest and face. Max milks his cock dry and gives Abraham?s face a slap to end a great scene.

Cliff Jensen in 'Bound And Beaten For The First Time'

Cliff Jensen - Bound And Beaten For The First Time

Bad ass Cliff Jensen is bound in leather straps while Matthew Singer services his fat cock. Getting flogged by Van, Cliff smirks and throws some attitude. As the beating becomes harder and harder, the bound stud gets an attitude adjustment and yells as he reaches his limits. Cliff gets to work on Matthew as a reward. Matthew endures upside down suspension, the crop, the zapper, the flogger, and a hard suspension fuck.

Manuel Skye in 'The Daddy Sitter Scene 1'

Manuel Skye - The Daddy Sitter Scene 1

Hot twink Jake Nobello is The Daddy-Sitter! After a night sitting with the kids, Jake deserves a good tip from Daddy!

President Oaks in 'Cold Feet'

President Oaks - Cold Feet

Harlen?s wedding night was supposed to be a magical evening that he would never forget, but he is bummed out when his new bride gets cold feet about consummating the marriage! He confides in his stepdad, who tells the handsome young man that it is not too late for him to have sex on his wedding night. The old man rubs his boy?s dick until he has a raging boner. Then, he eats the boy?s ass, swirling his tongue around his pretty, pink hole. Once he?s nice and wet, Bill shoves his meaty cock in his son?s bubble butt and fucks the cum out of him! Now that?s a hallmark wedding!

Chrisbot in 'Sucking a Fire Crotch'

Chrisbot - Sucking a Fire Crotch

Chrisbot can?t wait to see what Conrad Daniels is packing in his dingy underwear and he?s not disappointed when the skivvies hit the ground. Chrisbot digs into Conrad?s out-of-control ginger bush and gets to work sucking his big, veiny white cock. He sucks hard getting Conrad?s pubes dripping wet until he blasts a massive sticky load all over Chrisbot?s panting, sweaty face.

Sean Duran in 'Make Him Talk: Detective Sean Duran's Brutal Interrogation of Jason Emre'

Sean Duran - Make Him Talk: Detective Sean Duran's Brutal Interrogation of Jason Emre

After being arrested, gangster Jason Emre is nervously sitting in the interrogation room of the police station. Detective Sean Duran enters and demands that Jason give up the rest of his crew. Jason refuses to snitch out of fear of what will happen to him. Sean informs him they have ways to make him talk but Jason still doesn?t comply. Sean decides to take matters into his own hands and use some non-regulation interrogation techniques. First, Jason is bound to a chair with rope and wearing a blindfold and gag. Sean works Jason?s toned body over with hard smacks from a paddle. To increase the pain level, Detective Duran grabs clothespins to pinch Jason?s skin tight. Jason remains vigilant and doesn?t spill his secrets. Since Jason won?t talk, Sean shoves his cock down the perp?s throat and fucks his mouth. Sean then utilizes jolts from the zapper but all Jason gives him are screams of pain. Next, Sean has the criminal handcuffed and bent over the table. After a brutal paddling and flogging on Jason?s butt, Detective Duran still isn?t getting the information he desires. He determines that he needs to try a different approach to getting Jason to open up. Sean grabs a dildo and plunges it into Jason?s anal cavity. Finally, Sean pulls out his hard cock and fucks the perp until they both blow their loads and Jason agrees to give the Detective what he wants.

Dillon Diaz in 'Silent Hill Delirium: Part 2'

Dillon Diaz - Silent Hill Delirium: Part 2

When Quin Quire and Dillion Diaz share a laugh in the breakroom they?re suddenly deafened by an air raid siren and fall to the floor in agony. Meanwhile things get too quiet in patient, Christian Wilde?s room so security guard Davin Strong goes inside to check. He?s met by Christian with Quin and Dillon who stand obediently behind him. Davin gets overpowered by Dillon and Quin and they tie him up in rope bondage. They tell him that the only way out is to ?let go? and begin tormenting him with clothespins, a flogger, a paddle, and there big cocks.Silent Hill Delirium SERIES MAIN PAGESilent Hill Delirium Part 1Silent Hill Delirium Part 3Silent Hill Delirium Part 4

Christian Wilde in 'HOUSE DOM ON EDGE'

Christian Wilde - HOUSE DOM ON EDGE

Christian Wilde is bound to a cross by Derek Cage and Van Darkholm. Derek is impatient and kisses Mr. Wilde?s meaty cock through his unwashed cum-stained jeans. With his leather gloved hand, Derek rubs Christian?s manly chest leaving Mr. Darkholm to finish the rope tie. High on the cross, Christian?s crotch is at Derek?s mouth level. Mr. Darkholm cuts away Christian?s underwear with scissors, allowing Derek Cage to gently caress his new toy, Christian Wilde?s cock. Kissing the shaft and licking the tip of his pink treasure. Derek uses his leather gloves to flog Mr. Wilde, before polishing Wilde?s stiff knob with his eager tongue. Mr. Darkholm applies clothespins to the balls. Wilde?s dick is rock hard. More clothespins across his chest and yes, his jaw. The pins are quickly removed before he can cum. Derek can?t stop massaging Wilde?s hard cock. Next Wilde is bound on his hands and knees, his cock and balls exposed to Derek?s hands. Wilde?s head is bound to the bench and he can?t see but he can feel Derek?s sweaty hands on his precious jewels. More rope is wrapped around the balls, securing them until they bulge tight as a balloon. Derek strokes Wilde?s cock and eats his ass. Now a vibrator applied to the penis. This drives Christian wild, but he is not allowed to cum. Mr. Wilde is bound once again to the cross, blindfolded. Derek Cage sucks his cock, unable to keep his hands off Christian?s manhood. Wilde begs to cum. Derek slides the cock between his butt cheeks, then slides it into his welcoming asshole. Cage dances on Wilde?s cock then bounces off before he can cum. Cage can only torment Christian for so long, since he desires Mr. Wilde?s hot load of cum. Derek strokes Christian?s cock, ready to please his superior until Mr. Darkholm interrupts this lovemaking. There is no rule that they have to let Wilde cum. Poor Christian is reduced to beg for relief, and is thankful when he gets a handjob. Derek?s mouth is wide open ready for that payload.That sweet payday shoots across his face, onto his tongue and down his throat.

Michael Roman in 'EP 10 ' The Final'

Michael Roman - EP 10 ' The Final

First Wrestlingmale series and tenth episode of Michael Roman and Seth Santoro?s adventures! Etienne Erik needs a fuckandfight coach for his fighter?s team. Michael and Seth want the job but there is only one place to fill? Etienne offers them to compete against each other: each will be in charge of coaching 6 wrestlers from the wrestling male team. At the end of this competition, the coach of the winning team will be hired? Etienne is very satisfied with Michael and Seth?s respective performances in episode 1? The coaches each performed a training match in episodes 2 and 3. Then, they proceeded to 2 eliminations within their own respective team. After the competition of the two half-finals, it is time for the Final: both coaches have to fight each other as a tag team with their own team champion!? Which one of Seth or Michael will win the championship to be hired as a fuckandfight coach for Wrestlingmale? Your favorite or his opponent?!?

President Oaks in 'Carter: Altar Training'

President Oaks - Carter: Altar Training

As young Carter prepares to serve at the Altar with Father Oaks, he learns that he must be purified of all his mortal sins first. These include his sexual transgressions, as the boy has slipped multiple times during his education at St. Patrick?s Catholic School. It?s common knowledge amongst the Priesthood and his classmates that the boy has a dirty mind and is willing to explore every corner of sexual depravity with a smile on his face. To curtail the boy?s unadulterated lustfulness, the priests have come together and formulated a plan. They would normally reserve service at the Altar for the most chaste and pure boys the school has to offer. But they believe that giving Carter the opportunity to become an Altar Boy may just be the medicine he needs to cure his insatiable hunger for cock. So, when he meets with Father Oaks in his office, Carter is ready to surrender his old ways. He does not want to disappoint the Priesthood, especially after they have made such an incredible gesture of faith in his righteousness and ability to change. But as Oaks looks over the young man?s beautiful face and fit body, he can?t help but feel his loins stir. He understands why this boy has been so wayward in his sexual escapades. He has an undeniable sexual energy, and when he walks into the room, everyone can feel it. The only way to help the boy change is to confront his sexuality head-on, so Oaks takes on the responsibility himself. He unsheathes his girthy dick and lets the boy suck on it lovingly in his office. He squeezes the young man?s ass cheeks and then moans as the boy sits on his hard cock, bouncing orgasmically as his cock waves. Deep inside young Carter, Oaks feels he can help change him for the better.

Tanner Hall in 'Scene 4 Passed Out'

Tanner Hall - Scene 4 Passed Out

Real men having real sex in MASQULIN RAW Vol.3! The hottest guy in the office gets a sexy Valentine?s treat from his secret admirer. A real power play between 2 petty criminals pulled over by a perverted officer. While house-sitting, a horny guy is caught in the act by his secret crush. When their girlfriends pass out after a party, 2 bros explore each other?s hard bodies.

President Oaks in 'Wedding Jitters'

President Oaks - Wedding Jitters

As Harlen gets ready to tie the knot with his beautiful bride-to-be, his handsome stepdad fills him in on an age-old family tradition. For generations now, it has been customary for the groom to go to bed with his stepfather before he makes love to his new wife. Harlen is a little baffled by the secret, but with a little encouragement from his loving stepdad, the boy eases into it. He slips his old man?s hard cock between his wet lips and works the tip with his tongue. Then, he offers his virgin hole to his horny pop, bending over for a rough bareback pounding. Surely, that?ll cure any cold feet the groom may have before his big day!

Alpha Wolfe in 'Master Alpha Wolf:New Dom To The Compound'

Alpha Wolfe - Master Alpha Wolf:New Dom To The Compound

Master Alpha Wolf is the new Dom in the compound and has Slave 795 (Ethan Sinn) as his property to do with as he pleases. He makes sure immediately that his slave will not forget his name and position by writing 795 across his forehead. Alpha torments his slave with a crop and ridicules him, making his slave beg to suck his massive cock. Whipping him with a flogger and writing slave across 795?s back he is ready now to serve his purpose and take Master Alpha Wolf?s cock in his tight slave hole. Master Alpha Wolf Fucks brutally fucks his slave until rewarding him with a huge load of cum on his face and in his mouth. Finally Master Wolf makes slave 795 get on his hands and knees and eat his own cum off of Master Wolfs boots.

Maxx Stoner in 'Feeding a Twink'

Maxx Stoner - Feeding a Twink

When Maxx Stoner gets a hard-on in the shower he slides it deep into Gavin Winters? mouth, feeding the twink like it?s the last meal he?ll ever have. Gavin gobbles the whole thing down, going balls deep to satisfy his cravings. Maxx mouth fucks the greedy mouth pig until his nuts are ready to burst, giving Gavin the facial of his life. It?s a relief for Maxx and some good eating for Gavin?s open throat.

Theo Brady in 'SELL THIS HOUSE'


Theo Brady is desperate to sell this house. If he does not close the deal by the end of the week he is going to lose the listing. The problem is this house comes with a bit of a catch, it has a full functioning sex dungeon in it. Theo thinks his luck has finally came through when Ray Diesel seems interested in the home, sex dungeon and all. Ray tells him theres just one thing? He needs to try the dungeon first before he will agree to buy. Ray ties Theo up and starts by stroking his huge cock, taking a moment to put on some black leather gloves. Once Theo is nice and hard Ray starts going to town on Theo?s hard cock with a pump toy, edging Theo so close to orgasm but then stopping him and denying him. Ray flogs the boy and teases his hard cock with the flogger making him beg for more. Horny and eager Theo starts sucking Rays massive cock, deepthroating it and shoving it down as far as he can down his throat. Ray pounds Theo?s tight asshole till he pulls out and cums all over Theo?s hole. Finally he unties Theo so he can jerk himself off and spray his cum all over the dungeon bench.

Davin Strong in 'Silent Hill Delirium: Part 1'

Davin Strong - Silent Hill Delirium: Part 1

In the town of Brahms, just outside of the notorious town, Silent Hill, a new evil is being unleashed. Derek Kage, a new therapist at Brahms? Mental Health and Psychiatric Hospital, has found a new patient, Christian Wilde just outside of the neighboring town who has a mysterious past. Upon awakening, the patient, Christian Wilde has a host of nightmares and dark fantasies to unlock for everyone around, starting with Derek and the facilities overnight security guard, Davin Strong.Silent Hill Delirium SERIES MAIN PAGESilent Hill Delirium Part 2Silent Hill Delirium Part 3Silent Hill Delirium Part 4

Dakota Lovell in 'Dakota: Altar Training'

Dakota Lovell - Dakota: Altar Training

You know only the best boys get chosen to be altar boys, you?re very lucky,? Father Gallo says to young Dakota. But even as he holds his smile steady and maintains an even countenance, Dakota can barely contain himself inside. He is overjoyed to have been selected as an Altar Boy, especially considering the difficult path he has had before showing up on the steps of St. Patrick Catholic School. There was a time when he thought his parents would never speak to him again, which meant that he would be on his own on the streets of his tiny hometown. There would be no salvation for him, not even a meal on his way to his lonesome demise. Where would it be, he often wondered? In some back alley, on someone?s porch, trying to scrounge for a scrap of bread? But then one day, he found his way to the steps of St. Patrick, and the priests there let him in. They fed him, clothed him, and they showed him the light of their teachings and all it means to become closer to a higher power. Since then, Dakota has launched himself full force into the teachings that are handed to him every day. He learns every story, memorizes all the dogmatic rules, and makes sure to execute them elegantly every single day. There is never a moment that is wasted, never an occasion where he lets himself slip. For if he was to go back to his old life, he certainly could not survive. Today, his hard work comes to fruition as he is informed of his selection as an altar boy. He is aware of what an honor it is and is especially excited to be learning at the hands of Father Gallo. The man has always made him feel welcome with his long stares and tender touches. Now, as he learns the ceremonies, he braces himself for a new level of intimacy with the Priesthood. Father Gallo unsheathes his cock and pulls his robe up, exposing his member to the eager boy. Dakota fills his mouth with it, licking the man?s shaft from balls to tip without hesitation. Then, he turns around and lets his eyes roll back in his head as the hungry priest licks his sweet boy hole. He then gasps as Father Gallo slides inside his puckering butt, stroking deeply to form an intense bond with the boy he will never forget.