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Shane Jackson in 'Skipping Class'

Shane Jackson - Skipping Class

Shane is usually a great student, but recently he?s hit a bit of a rough patch. To remedy the situation, his teacher calls a meeting with the boy?s stepdad. He reveals that he found a journal filled with explicit sexual fantasies Shane has written about his handsome stepdad. He wants to know exactly what the old man is teaching the boy at home, so Shane and his pop give the inquisitive instructor a hands-on lesson. The boy strips and lets the older men caress his tight body as his cock grows hard. They worship each other?s holes in a sexy rim train before Shane deepthroats his stepdad?s giant dick. Then, Mr. Sargent shoves his cock into his boy?s bubble butt, stretching his hole. The parent-teacher conference comes to a creamy conclusion, with the muscle men filling the boy?s hole with their loads!

Gabriel Clark in 'The Live-In: Part 3 RAW'

Gabriel Clark - The Live-In: Part 3 RAW

House Boy Shane Jackson has decided that it?s time to invite Manuel Skye and Gabriel Clark into his mysterious living space for the third part of ?The Live-In? series. The couple is pleased to find that their house boy enjoys comfortable quarters with an exceptional view. Shane wastes no time in showing his extreme gratitude toward the couple, and the trio finally indulges in an epic threesome fuck fest.

Gabriel Clark in 'The Live-in: Part 2 RAW'

Gabriel Clark - The Live-in: Part 2 RAW

In the second part of The Live In, Gabriel Clark and Manuel Skye discuss their newly-acquired house boy Shane Jackson, and Manuel is slow to warm up to the arrangement. Once they are left alone, however, Shane proves to Manuel just how useful he can really be.

Ryan Bones in 'THE LAST MEN: PART 2 - RAW'

Ryan Bones - THE LAST MEN: PART 2 - RAW

After letting his guard down, Ryan Bones awakens in the abandoned house with a headache and his gun missing. Recovering in a daze, he soon hears shots? being fired from outside.From the window of the house, he notices a body laying on the ground and cautiously steps outside to investigate. He can barely believe his luck when he not only finds a young man, shirtless and unconscious but a loaded handgun right next to him! This time, Ryan isn?t taking any chances. He swipes the gun and handcuffs the young man, bringing him inside the house.Upon regaining consciousness, the young man, Shane Jackson, reveals that a group of people tried to kill him. But Ryan wants more information, and he is more than willing to rough up his captive when he senses hesitation. If a mouthful of cock doesn?t loosen his tongue, an assful surely will

Sebastian Keys in 'The Slave, His Master, and Their Gimp'

Sebastian Keys - The Slave, His Master, and Their Gimp

Master Sebastian Keys is back and ready to discipline an unruly house! He closes horny leather hooded fuck gimp Dominic Pacifico in a coffin before turning his attention to new boy Shane Jackson. Shane is shy but tough and ready for his inspection. He stands tall as Sebastian pulls his nipples and inspects his muscles. He drops to all fours for his anal inspection and holds his ass open as Sebastian pushes plugs in increasing size in his hole. Sebastian's leather clad fingers run over Shane's entrance, probing the tight muscle there. Shane moans as various plugs fill him and Sebastian flogs and spanks his ass red. Lastly, Sebastian puts an anal hook in him and leaves him to clean the plugs after instructing him not to open the coffin. But hearing the coffin rumble as he's sucking each plug clean makes Shane curious. He edges closer and closer to the coffin and just as he's about to open it, it springs open. The gimp is loose and it wants to fuck! The gimp grabs Shane and pulls him onto his cock. Shane resists but each time the gimp pushes its cock into Shane's mouth, Shane can't help but get hard. He gags on the gimp's rock hard cock as the gimp's hips piston in and out of his hungry slave whore mouth. The gimp pushes him down on all fours, spanks his ass, and sinks his hard cock into Shane's stretched out hole. Shane knows he should try to get away, but he's no match for the gimp. His hole gets plundered as the gimp throws him over the coffin for another round of pounding. Suddenly, Sebastian returns! And now everyone is going to get punished. Sebastian suspends Shane in rope, gags him, and puts close pins on his sensitive nipples. He orders the gimp to fuck Shane hard as he flogs both slave and gimp. Shane cries out as the sensations intensify. His hole fucked open by the gimp, he begs for a load of cum all over his face. The gimp cuts hard and then is sent away. Shane is brought down to the floor, blows his load, and sucks his Master's gloves clean. Just another day in the dungeon.