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Jackson Davis in 'Jackson Tickled By His Step-Brother'

Jackson Davis - Jackson Tickled By His Step-Brother

When the day came that Jackson and Ricky were officially step-brothers, Ricky initiated his new brother by tying him down to his bed and tickling the shit out of him. Poor Jackson! He?s so ticklish everywhere and Ricky just can?t stop touching his most sensitive places making the red-head laugh hysterically with no end in sight. It?s the worst family tickle torment since ?My Name Is Rand? by Wayne Courtois!

Darin Silvers in 'Professor Darin Worshiped'

Darin Silvers - Professor Darin Worshiped

When grad student Cameron needs some extra credit his Professor Darin offers him the chance to worship his socks and feet. Darin holds his students to high standards and he gives Cameron low marks at first for his sock worship skills. Cameron worked hard to please his teacher once his socks came off, and his improvement was noticed by Darin?s feet AND cock. Cameron?s passing grade was secured when his Professor blew his load while his toes are being sucked on.

Sergey in 'Tickled To Hysterics'

Sergey - Tickled To Hysterics

BMX riders are known to be competitive and Sergey and Dev prove that when Dev ties his opponent up and tickles him because of an altercation at a bar over a girl. Dev knows how ticklish Sergey is and tickles him to hysterics both with Sergey on his back and then with his face down. Sergey sure is sorry he didn?t leave Dev?s girl alone at the bar!

Darin Silvers in 'Darin Tickled Naked'

Darin Silvers - Darin Tickled Naked

Darin said he wasn?t very ticklish, but I know how that goes. Darin proved once again that the hottest guys to tickle were the ones who didn?t think they were ticklish. A big tough bruiser like Darin with a big size of 11 feet and a thick chest is my favorite kind of guy to tickle and he just about couldn?t handle it!

Johnny V in 'Johnny Worshiped Until He Cums'

Johnny V - Johnny Worshiped Until He Cums

After a long day of standing at work, Johnny came home with sore feet. He was tired with sweaty socks and smelly feet. He was staying with me and he was happy to take me up on my offer to give him a foot rub. Of course, I couldn?t resist and started smelling his socks and then worshiping them. His bare feet called out to me and I gave them the servicing they deserved until Johnny shot a massive load that covered his chiseled chest.

Johnny V in 'Johnny Tickled Naked To Hysterics'

Johnny V - Johnny Tickled Naked To Hysterics

Johnny?s perfect body looks powerful but it can?t help him from being tickled everywhere when he is strapped down. He?s even more ticklish than I remember from his amazing soles to his armpits and super-sensitive balls. I had this stunning man helpless and laughing hysterically while I tickled him all over.

Jackson Davis in 'New Boss Ricky's Feet Worshiped'

Jackson Davis - New Boss Ricky's Feet Worshiped

Jackson is so certain he is going to win the new promotion that he forces Ricky to worship his socks. But the cocky redhead gets the surprise of his life when Ricky becomes his boss and turns the tables on Jackson - making him worship Ricky?s feet and then getting his new boss? load shot all over his feet and Jackson?s face!

Dev Michaels in 'Gabriel's Feet and Socks Worshiped'

Dev Michaels - Gabriel's Feet and Socks Worshiped

Poor Dev! Gabriel lets him know that his car is getting repossessed. Of course, there is one way he can get it back - foot worship. In exchange for keeping his car Dev sniffs and services Gabriel?s socks and then sucks his toes with gusto. Gabriel might just owe Dev a car payment once Dev gets through with him!

Jack Andy in 'Jack Andy's First Tickling Experience'

Jack Andy - Jack Andy's First Tickling Experience

Furry-chested Jack has a gorgeous size 10 feet and a twinkle in his eye that is very sexy and mischievous. He had never done any tickling before his experience with MFF and he really had no idea how ticklish he was. He turned out to be pretty ticklish and it was torturous for him and he even seemed to get kind of pissed while Ricky and I worked him over. After it was all finished though he couldn?t stop laughing!

Jackson Davis in 'Jackson's Socks and Feet Worshiped'

Jackson Davis - Jackson's Socks and Feet Worshiped

Jackson has never had his socks worshiped and his bare feet serviced so Justin was happy to give him his first-foot experience. Justin is an expert so Jackson?s size 9 feet were in very capable hands. Justin?s mouth and tongue are also very capable and they explored every inch of Jackson?s socks, bare soles, and toes. Jackson was amazed at how great it all felt and will surely be back for more!

Joey J in 'Muscleman Joey Tickled'

Joey J - Muscleman Joey Tickled

Joey claimed that I captured him outside the gym and brought him in for more tickling. the truth is a bit more complex. My version is that I knew he needed cheering up so I brought him in for a few laughs. One thing we can agree on is that he is ticklish as ever and I didn?t miss a single one of his ticklish spots until I had him ecstatic with ticklish laughter. It?s music to my ears!

Jace Chambers in 'Bros and Toes - Jace and Ricky'

Jace Chambers - Bros and Toes - Jace and Ricky

Ricky is sponging off his step-brother and Jace has had enough. He demands Ricky worship his feet or leave. Jace?s nylon dress socks get sniffed and worshiped first. As Ricky starts getting into it, Jace asks him to take off the socks and service his tired, aching bare feet. Ricky goes after the smelly feet with gusto as Jace pulls out his cock and strokes himself off. I wonder if Ricky gets to stay.

Jackson Davis in 'Ultra-Ticklish Muscle Ginger Jackson'

Jackson Davis - Ultra-Ticklish Muscle Ginger Jackson

Redhead Jackson said he was about a 7 on the tickling scale. Little did he know he was really a 12! Literally, every inch of his muscular body and sexy feet are feather-ticklish. Even the palms of his hands and the top of his head are ticklish. Justin and I tickled him for almost 30 minutes straight until he was about to go nuts from the feathers on his armpits. sides and soles. Our fingers made him even more crazy. This super ticklish guy is one I hope to have back time and time again!

Ricky Larkin in 'Truth or Dare Foot Worship'

Ricky Larkin - Truth or Dare Foot Worship

After the gym Joey and Ricky talk about playing Truth or Dare. Then they play and expose foot worship fantasies for both! Ricky is tied to a chair and briefly gets his big feet tickled before Joey puts his big socked feet in his face. Then the socks come off and Joey allows Ricky to suck his gorgeous toes and soles.

Blayne in 'Blayne's Ticklish Pedicure'

Blayne - Blayne's Ticklish Pedicure

Blayne sees a sign that interests him and stops in to get the ?free? pedicure offered by Ricky. He finds out it?s just a ruse for Ricky to tickle him. With Blayne?s arms securely over his head and his legs immobilized, he has to endure his pits, sides, and feet tickled by Ricky - and another customer!

Johnny Hazzard in 'Tramples Hans Berlin'

Johnny Hazzard - Tramples Hans Berlin

When Johnny comes in for a massage on a stormy day, bodyworker Hans gets a lot more than he bargained for! Hans worships Johnny a bit when he falls asleep, but has the tables turned on him when Johnny wakes up, tramples Hans, and makes him shoot a load on Johnny?s feet.