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Sharp in 'Spreadeagle 2 Max And Dan - Scene 3'

Sharp - Spreadeagle 2 Max And Dan - Scene 3

Dan is bound and beaten by Daddy cop Max

Sharp in 'Spreadeagle 2 Max And Dan - Scene 2'

Sharp - Spreadeagle 2 Max And Dan - Scene 2

Dan is bound and beaten by Daddy cop Max

Sharp in 'Spreadeagle 2 Max and Dan - Scene 1'

Sharp - Spreadeagle 2 Max and Dan - Scene 1

Max, a cop stands Dan against the wall, throws him down, makes him stand and gety searched. Dan sytruggles. Max gets him down on the cop and pulls his sarms behind his back and gets his booted feet up and crossed at the ankles. He cuffs his wrists behind his back. He also buts ankle cuffs on Dan?s upper arms. He puts a leather strap around Dan?s ankles. He removes the cuffs and replaces them with bondage mitts.

Bob Phillips in 'BOUND and GAGGED: THE VIDEO - 'PAYBACK''


Kyle and Bob tie Gunther to a bondage board, lock a plug gag in his mouth, blindfold him and tie up his cock and balls. They subject him to cock-and-ball abuse and put clothespins and clamps on him. Bob flogs him while Kyle slowly jerks him off. Taken down from the board, Gunther submits.

Bob Phillips in 'BOUND and GAGGED: THE VIDEO - Two guys in wet suits'

Bob Phillips - BOUND and GAGGED: THE VIDEO - Two guys in wet suits

Gunther and Bob release two guys in wetsuits and diving masks from a cage, and proceed to hogtie them, then tie them together, and work on them. Lew and Kyle take over, playing with the bound gear guys and bringing them off.

Bob Phillips in 'Bound and Gagged: The Video - Three Guys Horsing Around'

Bob Phillips - Bound and Gagged: The Video - Three Guys Horsing Around

Gunther Ties up Kyle Brandon and Bob Philips. He ties them by the wrists to either end of a suspension bar, hoists their arms in the air, gags them first with bandannas, then with socks, and puts butterfly clamps on their nipples.

Greg Foster in 'Audition to be a Bottom: The Spanking Bench'

Greg Foster - Audition to be a Bottom: The Spanking Bench

With Greg doggy-caged, Ryan uses leather restraints and straps to attach Chuck to a spanking bench, plug-gags him. Chuck is released from the bench and Ryan takes his place. Ryan is plug-gagged but not strapped down. Chuck paddles Ryan while jerking off at the same time. When Chuck paddles so hard that Ryan begins to squirm, the unseen top orders Chuck to tie Ryan down, which he does, with ropes and straps. Chuck releases dog Greg from the cage, unmuzzles him. Dog Greg licks Ryan?s feet. Chuck ties up his own cock and balls then spanks and paddles Ryan, straddles him, sits on his back as he spanks him. Greg licks Ryan?s face, then fondles Ryan?s cock and balls with his paws. Chuck is given 2 minutes to cum while paddling Ryan?s reddening ass, and cums in half the time over Ryan?s red ass. (25 minutes). Greg, unmitted, also shoots on Ryan and rubs the cum in. Ryan is released. The three guys embrace, then hit the showers.

Greg Foster in 'Audition to be a Bottom: Tying Up Chuck and Dog Training Greg'

Greg Foster - Audition to be a Bottom: Tying Up Chuck and Dog Training Greg

Chuck is gagged with a plug gag; Ryan ties him up. While Chuck works at getting himself loose, Ryan prepares Greg for dog training, collaring him, having him put on kneepads, padlocking mitts on his hands, attaching a tail to his buttplug. From now on Greg is only allowed to bark. Ryan puts leash on Greg, walks him, trains him (heel, sit) muzzles him, and attaches a snap-on buttplug to the muzzle. With Ryan?s help Dog Greg plugs Chuck?s butt. Ryan removes Chuck;?s gag so Chuck can suck his dick. Wuth his paws, dog Greg plays with Chuck?s cock and balls. The buttplug is detached from Greg?s muzzle, left in Chuck?s ass, and Chuck and Ryan make Greg come, then put him in the dog cage.

Greg Foster in 'AUDITION TO BE A BOTTOM: 'Jerkoff Contest with Consequences''

Greg Foster - AUDITION TO BE A BOTTOM: 'Jerkoff Contest with Consequences'

The three bottoms have a jerkoff contest, Chuck wins. Losers plug their butts. Chuck ballgags them, cuffs their wrists behind their backs (managing to cuff his own wrist by mistake) and paddles them, then uncuffs them and ungags them.

Greg Foster in 'Audition to Be a Bottom: 3 Bottoms Chat, and Tie Up Each Other'

Greg Foster - Audition to Be a Bottom: 3 Bottoms Chat, and Tie Up Each Other

The scene starts with the bottoms telling how they came to be in the room, then has them following orders from an unseen top to lick boots and feet, strip one another and tie up each other?s cocks and balls.

Matt Andrews in 'A DAY AT THE OFFICE - Making a Choice'

Matt Andrews - A DAY AT THE OFFICE - Making a Choice

Kyle unties Josh from chair, has him sit on the floor, releases Jim from his hogtie, then goes to Chris, whom he puts clamps on. He also ties Chris?s cock and balls to the chain that goes along the bottom of the wall Chris is tied to. He pulls Chris forward and beats his ass with an acryllic paddle and beats his cock with the thin whip before ungagging him, kissing him, and gently jerking Chris?s cock. He leaves Chris for Jim, who?s still lying on his belly on the table, and jerks Jim?s cock in its cage until Jim cums. He then returns to Chris and, with Chris still bound to the wall, they are tender with each other with kissing and licking, until Chris cums loudly.Kyle sits in a chair, with the three applicants surrounding him as he jerks himself off. Jim worships his boots while Chris and Josh each suck on one of his nipples. Kyle shoots and tells all three that they?ve been hired.

Chris Corvid in 'A DAY AT THE OFFICE - Applicant 3: Chris Corvid'

Chris Corvid - A DAY AT THE OFFICE - Applicant 3: Chris Corvid

Chris Corvid is still spreadeagled to wall, Josh Ireland tied in the chair. Kyle strips down to a leather harness and boots, He goes to check Jim, whose caged cock is leaking all over the leather table top, playing with Jim?s cock, slapping it against the table. Kyle puts a leather ball spreader on Josh and another kind of cockring on Chris, then beats Chris?s cock with a thin whip, which turns the spreadeagled boy on. He goes back to Josh, blindfolds him and jerks him off until he cums.

Tag Adams in 'TAG TIED: The Box'

Tag Adams - TAG TIED: The Box

Doug prepares his dungeon for a session before taking an upside down pail off the box, revealing Tag?s head sticking out, a black ball gag in his mouth. Doug kisses the gag, slaps Tag, licks his face, spits on it. He makes Tag suck his fingers, as well as a whole variety of dildos and butt plugs. He puts his boot up for Tag to lick, removes the boot for Tag to sniff, covers Tag?s face with his sock. He makes Tag lick his other boot, removes that boot and gags Tag with his second sock. He spits on Tag, slaps him, calls him a pig. They play tug-of-war with his sock, Tag growling like a dog. Doug alternates having Tag lick his bare feet, suck his toes, gag on dildos, butt plugs and socks. He has Tag lick and bite his nipples. He has Tag lick his biceps, then suck his thumb and fingers. He strips down, climbs on the box for Tag to suck and deepthroat his cock. He smacks Tag?s face with his cock, has Tag lick his balls, suck them, put both in his mouth. He turns around so Tag can lick and stick his tongue up his ass. He regags Tag with the ball gag, then unlocks the top of the box and opens it, revealing Tag tied up inside it, He smacks and punches Tag?s pecs, spits on Tag?s face, makes Tag smell his cock and starts untying the ropes that attach him to bolts in the box.

Logan Reed in 'TIT FOR TAT: Part 2 - Logan'

Logan Reed - TIT FOR TAT: Part 2 - Logan

Logan Reed is tied to a stool and jerked off by Scott Mann. Kipp Casey enters as Logan is getting free, and announces that Scott is next. Logan cums.