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Ivan Mraz in 'vs Petr Zuska'

Ivan Mraz - vs Petr Zuska

Ivan Mraz and Petr Zuska came in for a submission wrestling match, and what a great time they had too. They start by warming up and then get into the match. After Petr wins the first round they both remove their underwear for the remainder of the match. They look great as they roll all over the mats, grappling with each other, to get a hold that will win them a point. Ivan recovers from his first-round setback to start scoring quite heavily. Though he doesn?t have things all his own way as Petr gives as good as he gets. Their hot, sexy, bodies look so good, entwined, as the cocks and asses are shown so well. Partway through the guys take a break to oil each other. Then it is back onto the match, with Ivan?s prowess taking the eventual victory. Then they settle down for a rather sensuous wank other, where they are clearly enjoying each other?s sexy bodies and hot cock. Petr is first to cum and shoots his hot cream all over the mats, then Ivan does the same. They help each other clean up the cum and then go off to the shower.

Michael Red in 'Bradley Cook vs Michael Red WRESTLING'

Michael Red - Bradley Cook vs Michael Red WRESTLING

We have a great pairing in a wrestling match. Bradley Cook and Michael Red are both very well built guys. Then start off with some warming up. Then it is onto the match, with the guys quickly down on the mats grappling to gain an advantage. It is Bradley who prevails and wins the first point. Then the underwear comes off before they resume the match. Bare-assed they get to grips with each other again, as cocks flair too. Bradley. Bradely?s massive cock flops around a lot as Michael tries to get his first score on the board. He does just that in round three. After Bradley has won another round we get a great view of Michael as he lays on top of Bradley, with both guys asses spread beautifully, particularly showing Michael?s hot hole. With Bradley building a big lead Michael resorts to some underhand tactics to ensure that he scores again. After Bradley wins another round though they take a break to oil each all over. They resume the match with Bradley extending his lead despite Michael still employing the cock pulling techiniques. Bradley takes a well deserved victory and they settle down for a wank off. They wank each other for a few seconds too, despite Michael?s reservations. Then it is back to wanking themselves and Bradley quickly shoots the cum from his massive cock, all over the mats. Michael keeps wanking himself and soon delivers his own cumshot, squirting the hot juice all over the mats as well. Then it is off to the showers to clean up!

Jaro Vykvet in 'Roman vs Jaro - WRESTLING'

Jaro Vykvet - Roman vs Jaro - WRESTLING

Jaro Vykvet and Roman Hendrik are paired in a submission wrestling match. They start by warming up with some stretching exercises and running. Then they get right into the wresting and are quickly rolling around on the floor. Jaro is the first to submit giving Roman a point. Then each guy removes his underwear as they begin round two. Cocks flail as the continue the wrestling with Roman able to gain another point fairly quickly. He is soon on his back and looking vunerable to Jaro as they restart, but he still manages to force the submission to take a 3 point lead. Roman is not about to give up though and strains his muscles to the limit in round round and is rewarded with his first point. His ass is on show nicely as he kneels over the recumbent Roman in round five. But Roman is able to escape and they grapple all over the mats until Roman manages a headlock with his legs to earn another point. A pattern is developing with Jaro on top, ass cheeks parting to show his hole, and Roman on the mats, legs trying to wrap around his opponent. He is very quick and as Jaro moves away he trips him and quickly gains another neck hold to win the round. They strain their muscles in round 7 as each tries to get a decent hold and it is Roman who prevails and wins the point. But Roman is still determined to maintain hie lead and works hard to get the next two points. Leading 8-3 stands as they take a break, with Jaro rubbing oil all over him. Then they switch with Roman oiling Jaro. Then the resume the match, and gripping each other is more difficult with their slippery bodies. Jaro is victorious in round 13 but is quickly in another head hold when they restart, giving Roman the point. He continues his winning ways to take the overall victory. Then after Jaro has acknowledged Jaro?s win, graciously, they settle down for a wank-off. As they wank they reach over and tug on each other?s cocks for a while. Then they rever to wanking themselves and it is Jaro who is first to shoot his creamy load, letting it squirt everywhere. Then Roman?s big cock lets go its? big load too, shooting it all over the mats. Then clean each other?s sticky dicks with wet wipes before going off to the shower to wash off all the sweat and oil.

Mirek Madl in 'Mirek vs Alex - WRESTLING'

Mirek Madl - Mirek vs Alex - WRESTLING

Mirek Madl and Alex Bonera are paired together for a submission wrestling match. They start off doing some warming up, with a fitness routine. They are naked as they work out and then they arm wrestle too. When they are ready for the match they put on their underwear, but it will soon come off again. They roll all over the mats, trying to gain a good hold on each other. The cocks and balls flail, and the asses spread naturally as they move too, giving some great views of tight holes. Each gives their best as the match moves on with Mirek taking an early lead. Despite his best efforts Alex is always behind until they take a break to oil each other. Then the match resumes and they continue to stretch and strain to gain an advantage. Mirek runs out the winner despite Alex?s huge efforts. Then they settle down for a wank off, which Alex wins, dumping his hot, creamy cum all over the mats. Then they go off to the shower to clean up

Tomas Decastro in 'Bradley vs Tomas - WRESTLING'

Tomas Decastro - Bradley vs Tomas - WRESTLING

Bradley Cook and Tomas Decastro are two of the hottest guys around. They are in for a wrestling match and start with some warming up exercises and some stretching. Then it is on with the match. Straightaway they are rolling all over the mats, trying to gain a hold. It is Bradley who prevails and quickly gains a submission. He also wins the second round in very quick time. Tomas isn?t about to give up so easily and strains to hold off Bradley, and to gain an advantage. But round 3 also goes Bradley?s way despite Tomas? huge efforts. They remove their underwear before starting the next round and with their cocks and asses on show Bradley quickly gains a neck hold that gives him another point. It seems he has the measure of Tomas, seemingly able to counter any attempt that Tomas may make. As the roll over the mats Tomas falls against Bradley?s balls which gains him his first points. Bradley grabs his aching balls before they start the next round. He quickly recovers though and continues on his winning ways. With the score at 7-1 to Bradley they take a break to oil each other all over. Then it is on with the match, and Bradley continues his inexorable progress to victory, winning by 10-2. They settle down on the mats for a wank off and in the process they wank each other for a while. Bradley?s cock is soon big and hard and he wins the wank off, shooiting his cum all over the place. Tomas continues to wank and he too dumps his creamy load which runs down his balls and thigh onto the mats. They clean each other off and then go the the shower to clean up.