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Johan Kane in 'TYRANT BOSS'

Johan Kane - TYRANT BOSS

We?ve all been there: bored at work, horny as hell, and dying to jerk off and come hard. Blond beefcake Johan Kane is compelled to make matters (his big cock!) into his own hands when his balls get too heavy for him to concentrate on getting his job done. But sexy tiger Manuel Sky, Johan?s no-nonsense boss, has other plans in mind: sliding his massive dick up Johan?s willing hole! Tyrant Boss makes one thing clear: a boss with a big dick and a bad attitude won?t take no for an answer. And Johan is more than willing to take his punishment. He offers up his long cock and his tight hole for boss Manuel to do with as he pleases. After a long, slick blowjob session, boss Manuel goes in for some suit-sex, wrapping his tie around Johan?s stiff cock for action before bending over his studly employee and sliding his tongue up Johan?s open hole. But Manuel won?t be satisfied until he stuffs his reckless employee with every inch of his rock-hard cock. Being the tyrant he is, Manual shows Johan?s ass zero mercy. He busts Johan?s meaty ass from the back then flips him over and pounds his guts until they both shoot massive loads into the air and glaze one another with cum. The 9 to 5 grind never felt so good, and these horny studs know who to get the job done! Tyrant Boss offers overtime you?ll definitely want to work.

Geordie Jackson in 'XLINGO'

Geordie Jackson - XLINGO

Geordie Jackson, a blonde, handsome stud from the UK, has a new language translation app to promote, and with work partner Klein Kerr?s assistance, it could be a big hit. Yet the pair soon decides that instead of filming an advert, they would rather bang like crazy in front of the camera. When Klein unzips Geordie?s fly, out flops his massive cock. Klein gives Geordie a slow, wet blowjob just before Geordie flips him over and slides his tongue up Klein?s hole. These classed-up studs lose all control then and rip off their nice suits for an amazing fuck. Geordie thrusts Klein like a thoroughbred, giving him long, deep strokes until they both explode.

Alexander Muller in 'OPEN DOOR POLICY'

Alexander Muller - OPEN DOOR POLICY

When Alexander Muller began his day at work he had no idea that his open door policy was about to take on another meaning in the shape of Dani Robles. With 20 mins to spare on his break, Dani wastes no time letting Alexander know that his little visit might be for more than just business. Alex, eager to see just how far Dani was willing to take this, rubs his cock through his pants titillating Dani from afar, letting him know that there was more waiting for him if he?d just step inside the office. That was all the invite Dani needed as he drops to his knees and begins to let Alex fuck his face, choking on his cock with every thrust, then offering up his ass to reciprocate the open door policy. Alex pounds Dani deep and hard over the desk before moving on the couch, giving everyone a cum gusher of an ending that simply can?t be missed.

Andy Star in 'MENTOR'

Andy Star - MENTOR

We all need a little help from time to time. A friend or coworker can offer great advice and boost your confidence. This is what mentors are for. And if your mentor happens to be either Hector de Silva or Andy Star, get ready to learn some new tricks for the bedroom.Hector has an important speech to give but just can?t seem to find the right words. But after Andy gives him a pep talk, Hector?s confidence isn?t the only thing that rises. Super-cute in glasses and sporting an eye-catching orange tie, Andy is hard to resist. So is Hector, who gives Andy lessons in suit-sex by hiking his taut ass in the air, spitting in his hole, and using it over and over. Mentor proves that no matter how experienced you are in the bedroom, there?s always something more to learn. Watch it and prepare to press rewind when you see Hector and Andy?s explosive cumshots!

Hector De Silva in 'SUB GAMES: Hector de Silva, Xavi Duran'

Hector De Silva - SUB GAMES: Hector de Silva, Xavi Duran

Menatplay doing what it does best - Kinky suit fetish games. Sub Games sees Hector de Silva meeting Xavi Duran, a salesman from a rival brewery touting for business at what seems like a regular nightclub. But when the two of them go down to the basement in search of the proprietor they discover something much more captivating, literally. Rooms full of sex toys and whips, restraints, and cages. Hector demonstrates (in every sense of the word) to Xavi, the Cross. After restraining Xavi?s hands in the straps, Hector decides this is an opportunity too good to miss. Hector leaves Xavi strapped up to the wall while he starts to manhandle his cock, while taking swigs from a beer bottle and spitting it down Xavi?s tie, drenching his shirt, and getting his cock all shiny wet ready to deep throat. But like all good kinky games, this one comes with an extra twist as it?s Hector that becomes sub to Xavi?s thick hard tool and gets pummelled, face-up, legs in the air. With suits, bondage, spitting and some sock worship thrown in this one is a total cum inducing kink fest!

Dato Foland in 'DRENCHED: Dato Foland and Gabriel Phoenix'

Dato Foland - DRENCHED: Dato Foland and Gabriel Phoenix

Civility, sadly, is dead. Lounging poolside in a speedo that will make you jealous, Dato Foland, our studly Russian import, can?t even relax in silence without Gabriel Phoenix yammering on his cellphone. He?s loud, he?s rude, and Dato just won?t put up with it anymore. A fed-up muscle man, a suited-up prick, and a deep pool waiting for a flailing body: you do the math. Drenched! says it all. Dato, of course, is no stranger to poolside banging. Wet or dry, he can throw a hard, deep fuck. And Gabriel can take it. After Dato pulls him out of the pool and helps him off with his wet clothes, his knees hit the ground and his mouth devours Gabriel?s stiff cock. When Dato gets Gabriel on all fours, this blond jerk becomes Dato?s willing bitch. Bad manners fuel some pretty hot sex in this week?s film. The sun is high, our models are horny, and the water?s just right. Get Drenched!

Dann Grey in 'THE NEW GUY: Dann Grey, Klein Kerr'

Dann Grey - THE NEW GUY: Dann Grey, Klein Kerr

Klein Kerr is breaking in the new stud at work this week in The New Guy. Sexy Menatplay newbie Dann Grey has caught Klein?s eye. Now, this hottie is about to catch the fuck of a lifetime. There?s no better way to welcome a new coworker into the fold, especially when he?s sporting a finely tailored suit and polished shoes, than trading blow jobs with him. Klein and Dann get pretty ravenous; each stud drops to his knees to trade sloppy oral action that makes you want to jump through the screen and join them. When neither of them can stand it anymore, Klein introduces Dann to more ?office protocol? by slamming him up against a wall and pushing his cock deep into Dann?s juicy butt. These guys turn a slow day in the office into a carnal delight.

Alex Mecum in 'BLACKMAIL: Alex Mecum, Andre Bugatti - RAW'

Alex Mecum - BLACKMAIL: Alex Mecum, Andre Bugatti - RAW

Alex Mecum is home getting ready to go to work at Parliament when his doorbell rings. When he opens the door, Andre Bugatti is there - looking quite arrogant and suspicious. Not pleased with the unexpected visit, Alex tells him he has no time for him. Until that is, Andre tells him he has something that may interest him (flashing an envelope).Inside the envelope are compromising pictures of Alex with a man. It?s simple - help get his position back in Parliament as a minister or Andre will publish the pictures. Blackmail. Without much of a choice, Alex agrees and asks, what else does he want? Andre asks for just one more thing? for him to get on his knees!

Dani Robles in 'RAIN DATE: Damon Heart and Dani Robles'

Dani Robles - RAIN DATE: Damon Heart and Dani Robles

The rain is coming down hard, drenching Dani Robles and his fine, skin-tight suit. To make matters worse, Danni has lost the key to his flat. Damon Heart, his kind neighbor, offers him shelter from the storm . . . but at a cost!It doesn?t take long for Damon to start rubbing Dani?s nipples through his soaked button-down shirt, and after that, Dani is on his knees servicing Damon?s 8-inch cock with his moist mouth; moaning with enjoyment with each slurp.Damon returns the favor by burying his face in Dani?s round ass. But, that?s just the beginning. Damon slams his dick up Dani?s ass on the kitchen island, making Dani grunt and shout in sheer ecstasy. And when it comes to riding stiff cocks, Dani is a champ! He bounces on Damon?s dick fast and hard when they take their massive fuck session from the kitchen to the sofa. And, as always, Dani gives us one of his explosive, copious cumshots.Rain Date is so raunchy it will make you think twice about carrying an umbrella on a cold rainy day.



Dani Robles is working from his home office where he consults as a Psychologist when an unscheduled client shows up. Bruno Max has been seeing Dr. Robles for help with his satyriasis disorder.Today his excessive sexual desires seem uncontrollable. Bruno has jerked off twice in the office bathroom already, and can?t stop staring and fantasizing about every work colleague.Dani assures Bruno that with his disorder, these desires are normal and with more sessions, he will be better. But, Bruno takes Dani?s professional empathy for sexual feelings, and get?s a raging hard-on. Dani attempts to stop the session but Bruno?s thick dick clearly showing through his pants is hard to resist, even for a professional.Bruno gives his psychologist a good ass rimming and raw ass fucking; culminating with hot juicy loads that leave them both breathless. Dani has helped enough? for today!

Jonas Jackson in 'SUBMIT: Jonas Jackson, Max Duro'

Jonas Jackson - SUBMIT: Jonas Jackson, Max Duro

Max Duro, looking damn fine in a dark, slim-cut suit, enters a club and finds a letter instructing him to blindfold himself. He complies, and soon he?s joined by Jonas Jackson, also suited up and ready to take on Max?s beer can-sized dick. Jonas wastes no time fishing Max?s hard cock out of his trousers. Moaning and grunting, Max enjoys the pleasure of Jonas?s mouth on his throbbing cock. He can hardly hold back, especially when Jonas takes off his trousers - leaving his OTC?s on - and rides Max?s cock hard. His ass is huge, round, and hard. Even though Max can?t see, he takes charge and gives Jonas a merciless pounding. And you?ll like all the sensuality that comes through when Max and Jonas caress each other?s shirt and tie.

Jean Franko in 'MAKING WAVES'

Jean Franko - MAKING WAVES

Jean Franko and Isaac Eliad are ?Making Waves?. While taking a dip in a lap pool, Jean Franko, alone and horned up, can?t help jerking off. But when the manager, Isaac, spots him on CCTV, he hastily enters and tells him to put a stop to it. But once Jean rises from the pool, his firm body wet and his cock stiff, Isaac falls under Jean?s spell and begins to suck him off. Once they?re both in the pool the action heats up even more. If you love wet suit-sex, you?ll go wild when you see Isaac?s big round ass hiked up in the pool. Jean does too ? he rips Issac?s wet trousers and gives him a scorching hot fuck right there.



There is a new gym open in town and Paco is one of the first in line to get the full tour by owner Antonio Miracle. The facility comes fully equipped and at just the right price but when Paco decides to wander off and explore on his own, he quickly discovers just how fully equipped it is. There is a secret sex chamber in the basement, potentially off-putting for new clients. Antonio pleads with Paco to keep this info on the down-low but he knows all too well that silence always comes at a cost. What better way to keep Paco quiet than to shove a fat cock in his mouth. Antonio Miracle gives Paco the pounding of a lifetime, loosening his shirt and tie just enough so that he can remain presentable for incoming clients. He closes off this deal on the sex swing, leaving a thick deposit all over this hairy muscle daddy?s beard. Let?s hope that?s payment enough. Get ready for ?The Secret Chamber? exclusively at

Jean Franko in 'MANTRAP'

Jean Franko - MANTRAP

Hairy hunk Jean Franko makes his return after a 3-year absence. And he?s back in Dominant Top mode, ready to fuck the hell out of any hot bottoms out there. And the first lucky victim to get a taste of his thick, meaty cock is our very own Mike de Marko who unwittingly becomes Jean Franko?s very own fuck-toy. Mike gets all the uncut dick he could wish for, as Jean Franko plays with him and rams his thick meat all the way down his throat. But after his time away, what Jean Franko needs is to get his dick inside a warm, tight hole and Mike is just the man he needs. Watch as Mike gets a rough dick-pounding that will have you all wishing you were him.

Logan Moore in 'HOODWINKED'

Logan Moore - HOODWINKED

When real-life lovers Mick Stallone and Manuel Sky emailed us and said they?d like to come to play with us, we were happy to let them take their pick of studs from the Menatplay menu. These boys have great taste as they decided they wanted to have their fun with Mr. Logan Moore. Logan was more than ready to relinquish control and be the couple?s fuck-boy for the day. The men came up with a very hot game to play for us. Once Mick has buttered up Logan with a glass of wine, and a nice sensual blowjob, he blindfolds the oblivious guest, who thinks this is going to be a regular hook-up, but it couldn?t be further from the truth. As Mick plays with his new toy, he sends a discreet message on his phone, and in walks Manuel Skye, who sits by and watches as his partner fucks a stranger?s hole. Manuel whips out his thick meat and starts jerking off, as his fantasies come true before his very eyes. But this wouldn?t be the perfect 3-way if Manuel didn?t join in, to tag-fuck Logan?s smooth hole. And once the men have had their fill, the blindfold comes off and Logan realizes he?s in the middle of an unbelievably hot Skye / Stallone Sandwich.

Hector De Silva in 'FOCUS'

Hector De Silva - FOCUS

Since Hector first appeared on Menatplay in August of 2015 he has consistently been in the top 3 favorite models on the website. He?s the perfect package. A handsome masculine Spaniard with that sexy beard and his piercing blue eyes, and a lean muscular body making him just the type of man that was born to wear a suit. As he has understandably built up so many loyal followers we decided to focus our attention on some time on his own, so that you can really get to know him one on one. In this solo scene, we get to be the voyeur on Hector the businessman, showering in the morning, dressing, and then getting so turned on by the sexual energy the suit gives him that he jerks off for us, stroking his cock and showing the suit pants stretched over that firm ass. He desperately wants to get a finger in his hole so he rips his trousers open over his butt to give him nice easy access, staying fully suited but revealing his ass cheeks, fingering and wanking till he cums.

Diego Reyes in 'CAUGHT SNOOPING'


It?s just another day at the office crunching numbers. Or is it?When Diego Reyes asks Marco Napoli for the folder with the numbers he needs to review with the boss, he accidentally forgets his cell phone at Marco?s desk.Marco doesn?t think twice about going through Diego?s cell - especially his private xxx photos. When Diego returns and calls his cell, he discovers that not only does Marco have it after denying it but that he?s been snooping too!Marco admits he liked what he saw and it?s not long before he gets to suck and ride Diego?s Spanish cock. Marco releases his load on Diego?s face and suit and helps him deliver a geyser of a cum shot while eating his ass.Remember to password protect your cell phones ? or should you?



It?s often said that language is power. But when Hector de Silva meets Menatplay newcomer Nicholas Brooks, we have a hunch you?ll figure out who?s in control of this sexy film. With his innocent wide-set eyes, solid physique, and beautiful plump ass, Nicholas is the language tutor everyone wants to have. Lucky for him, Hector, his new student, is eager to learn. A lesson about English grammar and vocabulary quickly becomes the fuck of a lifetime for these horny, insatiable men. Polished and sophisticated in a three-piece sky blue suit, Hector is sexy enough to make any man want to become a tutor. Nicholas barely has a chance to start their lesson before Hector starts kissing and caressing him. Instantly the tables are turned, and it?s Nicolas who becomes the willing, eager student. After that, Hector and Nicholas let their bodies do the talking. They trade blowjobs instead of vocabulary and let intense butt fucking fill in for any verb they need. Hector bends Nicholas over and gives him an ass pounding to remember before each of them blasts a hot load of cum. Found in Translation proves that the only language two men need is the sounds they make when they?re fucking!

Pierre Alexander in 'ADDITIONAL SERVICES'


Andy Star has just inherited a mansion and comes to the house with his notary, Pierre Alexander, to look around and sign the official paperwork. After signing, Andy asks if Pierre offers any additional services ? like accounting and perhaps some extra ?work?. While Pierre may seem reserved at first, Andy knows that he?ll be up for it. And, the raw fucking and cum facial that ensues proves it.

Pietro Duarte in 'HARD TIMES'

Pietro Duarte - HARD TIMES

When a man is hard up for cash and has no options, he?s willing to do anything. Just ask Pietro Duarte. Working in Hector de Silva?s bar just isn?t paying the bills, so he decides to help himself to cash from the till. But what he doesn?t know is that Hector saw him steal the money on CCTV, and now he wants to get paid back. But he?s only accepting one form of payment?sex. Hard Times give us Hector?s hard cock?busting out of his expensive suit?shoved up Pietro?s flawless round ass. As a studly, no-nonsense business owner, Hector uses Pietro?s sweet hole all he likes, bending him against the bar, hiking up his juicy ass, and pounding him for every dollar he stole. And Pietro loves it: his moans, groans, and the splashy cum he shoots all over the bar made stealing Hector?s cash worth the punishment. Hector shoots his own explosive cum fountain all over Pietro and the bar as well. These may be hard times for our studs but they make for a horny time for you!

Ken Summers in 'ON SHOW: Antonio Miracle, Ken Summers'

Ken Summers - ON SHOW: Antonio Miracle, Ken Summers

This week, Antonio Miracle and Ken Summers mix business with pleasure in On Show. As a well-dressed bar owner, Antonio is interviewing worthy candidates to be his new bartender. Anybody can pour drinks and put beers on the counter, but Antonio is looking for a guy with special assets, someone who can deliver. Antonio calls the shots, so Ken does what he?s told. Strip. Turn around. Show your sweet ass. Slide some fingers in. Antonio doesn?t bother to take off his fine suit; his cock practically busts out of his trousers. With Ken on his knees and eager, Antonio rams him from behind. Things get sweaty and nasty for these guys quick before they each cum hard. Check it out!Additional images are included in the ZIP download

Klein Kerr in 'THE CALL'

Klein Kerr - THE CALL

Ken Rodeo makes his Menatplay debut in ?The Call?. His cocky and very chatty boss Klein Kerr beckons him into his office just to have him suck him off through his suit flies while he takes a long business call. As the young Ken eagerly sucks away on his bosses cock, Klein continues with his dealings on the phone seemingly unflustered but obviously turned on. His aloof attitude, standing there in his business suit, his hard cock out of his flies, a willing servant on his knees before him, all this makes him feel empowered and when the chances come to hang up from his business conversation he throws Ken down on the boardroom desks and fucks him hard before giving him a good deep fingering until he cums. That?s one way to enjoy a hard day at the office!



If you?re ever fortunate enough to come up against Russian stud Dato Foland know one thing - you can never be too sure which way it?s gonna go. His deep Russian accent would have you believe you?re gonna be feeling his hard cock pumping inside you before too long. But don?t be deceived, he loves to ride a nice thick dick too, as we?ve seen a few times here on Menatplay, so depending on how he?s feeling on the day you could get a surprise. In this encounter leather-gloved Russian mobster Dato, who, having caught Se?or de Silva in the midst of stealing sensitive data from his laptop strings him up and toys with his handsome prize. Blindfolded and hands tied above his head Hector can only guess at the outcome of this interrogation.

Robbie Rojo in 'HUNGER: Robbie Rojo, Xavi Duran'

Robbie Rojo - HUNGER: Robbie Rojo, Xavi Duran

What seems like a civilized dinner for Xavi Duran is actually a sleazy game. As Xavi finishes his last glass of wine, he is already receiving his dessert under the table in the form of young Robbie Rojo sucking on his meaty cock. Xavi?s servant goes beyond the call of duty to please his master and the more Xavi makes Robbie gag on his cock the more Robbie eagerly continues to pleasure his boss. Xavi pushes Robbie down on the table in front of him to reveal his suited ass, the trouser material stretched across Robbie?s tight butt. Xavi prods and teases Robbie?s hole through the trousers before yanking them down to eat out on Robbie?s arse before pounding him deep.

Darius Ferdynand in 'CINE-X FINALE'

Darius Ferdynand - CINE-X FINALE

Many hot suited and naked men have enjoyed some sordid fun in the Menatplay Cine-X cinema. We?ve seen Ivan Gregory get it on with both Denis Vega and Victor Rom, Dani Robles getting splattered with cum and then fucked by Enzo Rimenez, and Emir Boscatto get rammed by the beautiful young Sunni Colucci. Well in this the 5th and final installment the boy with one of the most ripped hard bodies in porn, Darius Ferdynand, is back to get his holes filled from both ends by Antonio Miracle and the amazing Flex. Yes in ?Cine-X Finale? we have three hot men and 4 shots of their juicy jizz. There?s something for everyone, the butt naked Darius sucking off the impeccably dressed Flex, while sleazy daddy Antonio Miracle watches from a distance and wanks off while Darius rides Flex?s cock as he sits in the cinema seat. Just the sight of that is enough to make Antonio shoot his milk. But that?s not the end for Mr. Miracle as he joins the two to lick out Darius?s hole and then fuck him while Darius continues to suck on Flex as he strips out of his suit, climaxing in the three of them cumming all over Darius?s perfect pecs. Now that?s what you call a Finale!

Hector De Silva in 'UNRIGHTEOUS: Hector Da Silva, Axel Max'

Hector De Silva - UNRIGHTEOUS: Hector Da Silva, Axel Max

The men with the most hang-ups about man-on-man sex are usually the ones who crave cock the most. It?s a fact among gay and bi men that?s practically scripture. And as Hector De Silva and Axel Max prove, a big cock and a relentless fuck are the best way to convert nonbelievers. Axel allows himself to get led into temptation when he shows up at Hector?s door hoping to proselytize him by teaching him the ways of the righteous. Yet the tables are turned once Hector kisses him passionately and whips out his thick dick. Axel, unable to resist, opens his mouth wide for Hector?s meat. Axel worships Hector?s cock like a willing disciple, making it clear to Hector that despite his beliefs, his craving for cock in his mouth and up his guts is too strong for scripture. As an expert, aggressive top, Hector is a god in his own right. He flips Axel over, pulls his pants down just enough to expose his firm butt, and gives Axel?s hole the fuck he?s been praying for before he anoints him with a shower of hot cum. Unrighteous will make you a true believer.

Robbie Rojo in 'UNWRAPPED: Robbie Rojo, Salvador Mendoza'

Robbie Rojo - UNWRAPPED: Robbie Rojo, Salvador Mendoza

Two words get Menatplay fans rock hard when they hear them: sock garters. They may be a throwback to an earlier era, but sock garters still find their way into the modern gentleman?s wardrobe, and the site of a hot guy wearing them is enough to make a true fan of suitsex bust a heavy load. This week, Salvador Mendoza and Robbie Rojo are taking our love of sock garters and OTC?s to another level. It?s the holiday season and Robbie decides to buy Salvador, his coworker, a pair of sock garters for a secret Santa gift. Salvador loves his gift but would like Robbie?s help trying them on. You won?t want to miss what happens next. These studs kiss, caress, and suck each other until Salvador bends Robbie over and slides his tongue up Robbie?s wide-open hole. When they start fucking, each thrust goes deeper and deeper until . . . well, you can guess what comes next. Keep a towel and some lube handy and watch Unwrapped!

Sunny Colucci in 'CINE-X 4: Emir Boscatto, Sunny Colucci'

Sunny Colucci - CINE-X 4: Emir Boscatto, Sunny Colucci

Number 4 in the now infamous Cine-X series brings a rousing duo with Emir Boscatto and the fresh-faced Sunny Colucci. Sunny?s super cocksucking skills are on display in a nice long oral run before they switch roles. The duo also switches it up on the fucking front, too, with Sunny going first then Emir on top. There?s plenty of anal and a good mix of super muscular action from Emir as well as suit fetish gorgeousness with sunny in his grey three-piece for most of the movie!

Dani Robles in 'ONE GOOD DEED: Dani Robles and Max Duro'

Dani Robles - ONE GOOD DEED: Dani Robles and Max Duro

It?s always good to have a coworker who?s ready to help you out of a jam. And as Dani Robles finds out this week, Max Duro offers the best kind of help. While repairing a paper jam, Dani?s printer squirts ink on his dapper suit. Making matters worse, he has to give a presentation soon. Max comes to his rescue, insisting they swap shirts and blazers. But they end of swapping a whole lot more! Dani is no stranger to massive cocks. He works his mouth over Max?s beer can-sized cock with plenty of gusto, getting it wet and hard. And Max takes full control when he bends Dani over and opens up his tight hole, slathering it with spit before he rams it in. Max is great at doggie style, riding Dani like the veteran bottom slut he is. Then Dani gets on top and rides Max?s chubby cock until he busts a geyser of cum. Max, not to be outdone, shoots his own puddle of jizz all over Dani. One Good Deed is a flick you won?t want to miss.



As Dani Robles showers, prepping to welcome back Xavi Duran to Menatplay, little does he know Xavi has a surprise in store for his big return. Dani exits the shower to find a note on his bed instructing him to put on a suit that has been laid out for him. He heads into the living room to find Xavi eagerly waiting, excited to reveal what he has planned for the night, but not without a little mystery. Xavi blindfolds Dani to introduce the first part of his surprise? a fat cock shoved right down his throat just the way Dani likes it. He swallows Xavi and strokes his meat, enjoying every inch of his gift but when you?re an insatiable cock sucker sometimes one just doesn?t cut it. Thankfully, Xavi has an even bigger surprise? an equally hungry Noel Santoro who?s bottom is begging to get double-teamed. Surprise! Surprise!

Francois Sagat in 'TO WORK OR TO FUCK: Francois Sagat and Tyler Berg'

Francois Sagat - TO WORK OR TO FUCK: Francois Sagat and Tyler Berg

Menatplay welcomes gay porn superstar Francois Sagat into the fold and Tyler Berg is all too eager to break him in. Francois is working late on a presentation that he has to deliver to his boss by end of the week, but his insatiably horny colleague and new fuck buddy Tyler Berg has other plans to keep him busy, putting Francois in a very precarious situation. ?To Work or to Fuck?? Francois almost immediately gives in and lets Tyler swallow and slobber over every inch of his cock before bending him over and devouring his meaty ass. After pounding Tyler, the way his hole was begging for, Tyler returns the favor and plunges balls deep into Francois giving us a flip flop anyone would stick around late at work to see. After cumming all over each other and the desk, they high tail it out of there leaving the boss with a presentation and a little something extra.

Enzo Rimerez in 'CINE-X 3: Dani Robles and Enzo Rimenez'

Enzo Rimerez - CINE-X 3: Dani Robles and Enzo Rimenez

The secret Menatplay Adult Theatre is already turning into one of our favorite hangouts for guaranteed man-on-man action, and it seems that word of it has got around fast. Fast enough to lure Dani Robles out of his office (not that he needs an excuse) and on the hunt for some tasty meat to wrap his lips around. Enzo Rimenez is the lucky man to be on the receiving end from a slow and intense blow job from Dani. And we really don?t know who is enjoying it more - Enzo, Dani? or us watching the two studs at it. Although judging from what we saw it has to be Dani, as minutes in and just from having Enzo?s glorious dick on his mouth he blows the most amazing load all over himself, spraying his suit in his warm cum. Dani goes in full power-bottom mode by sitting on Enzo?s dick, riding it until they are both dripping in sweat and can?t hold back any longer, ready to shoot their loads, with Dani giving us a second delicious cumshot (yes you heard right, TWO cumshots!). If we had to give a prize for ?Best Cumshot? Dani would take it hands down. But don?t just take our word for it, download the scene now and check it out for yourselves.