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Alex Mecum in 'The Cum Dump: Part 3 - RAW'

Alex Mecum - The Cum Dump: Part 3 - RAW

With two hookups down so far today cum slut Jeremy London is looking to impress by fucking three more ? and, making it to Cum Dump Status! On the PansMeet app, he matches and invites over Alex Mecum, Ace Quinn, and Thyle Knoxx ? ready for dicks and punishment.Watch as the three masqulin men feed Jeremy their cocks and cum, ending in an epic cream pie. Don?t ever tell Cum Dump Jeremy that he?s boring.

JP Dubois in 'Buying the Cow 3 - RAW'

JP Dubois - Buying the Cow 3 - RAW

Gabriel Phoenix has gone out of his way to ensure that his best friend JP Dubois has a great time before tying the knot. But JP?s not quite stated yet - one last fuck with his best man is all he truly wants. Always the best mate, Gabriel doesn?t hesitate to help a butty out; it is after all, what he wanted. the pair finds themselves sucking, licking, and flip-fucking their way to absolute fulfillment. Jp may need to have a little talk with his bride-to-be after this.

Pierce Paris in 'NEW YEARS SWIPE - RAW'

Pierce Paris - NEW YEARS SWIPE - RAW

Suffering from New Year?s blues and open to sexual exploration, Pierce Paris matches with Bruno Max on the PansMeet app. After inviting Bruno over to hang, and over a bottle of champagne and fireworks, Pierce?s first time with a guy becomes one memorable night and a new year to look forward to.

Pierce Paris in 'The Cum Dump: Part 2'

Pierce Paris - The Cum Dump: Part 2

What that first anonymous load still deep in his hole, Jeremy London is eager to mark his achievement on his Cum Dump whiteboard. Hardly time to celebrate, however, as the little ?slut? has his eyes set firmly on the prize. In no time he?s of two new big cocks (Steve Rickz and Pierce Paris) arriving at his door, ready to make him a ?Cum Slut?.



Aspiring model Linus Gray has indicated an interest in joining the Masqulin Project, and it?s up to Ace Quinn to help determine his potential in a surprise visit to his apartment. Does Linus have what it takes to be a Masqulin Man?

JP Dubois in 'Buying The Cow, Part 2 - RAW'

JP Dubois - Buying The Cow, Part 2 - RAW

Following his little encounter with the tailor, groom-to-be JP Dubois is feeling dandy, But his best mate wouldn?t be his best mate if that was the only surprise he had in store. Upstairs awaits a professional masseur named Vitaliy Sens, ready to help him relax. As it turns out, Vitality has another method to help get a load off JP?s mind.

Markus Kage in 'The Cum Dump: Part 1 - RAW'

Markus Kage - The Cum Dump: Part 1 - RAW

Seemingly out of nowhere, Jeremy London?s partner has just broken up with him via text message. His now ex-bae is dissatisfied by the lack of sex and excitement within their relationship. It?s over! Newly dumped Jeremy is feeling more than a little betrayed, bitter and angry, But he?s concocted a way to harness all that emotion into some truly tasty revenge. Over the course of three encounters and multiple anonymous loads, this jilted dumpee with transform into a total Cum Dump

Pierce Paris in 'ANONYMOUS BREED, Part 2 RAW'

Pierce Paris - ANONYMOUS BREED, Part 2 RAW

Car cruising slut Ty Mitchell is horny as fuck and parks in a dark parking lot hoping to get slammed anonymously. A hooded stranger (Pierce Paris) shows up, plays with Ty?s cock through the window, and then pulls out his own. Ty sucks the guy?s big cock and then bends over to get fucked in the car.



Soon-to-be-married stud JP Dubois has just arrived in Barcelona; he?ll be spending his last weekend as a bachelor with his best man and mate, Gabriel Phoenix. However, his best man doesn?t want JP tying the knot until he?s sure it?s the right move. He?s arranged for a personal tailor named Ken Summers to help JP find the perfect suit for the big day. After spending some time together in the dressing room, Ken becomes keen on providing some extra assistance, while JP finds it difficult to deny his services.

Damon Heart in 'Anonymous Breed, Part 1 - RAW'

Damon Heart - Anonymous Breed, Part 1 - RAW

Damon Heart is looking for an immediate, NSA release; an anonymous hole to fuck, breed, and then leave. Behind a dark curtain awaits a slutty, eager sub - Thyle Knoxx - starving for a stranger?s load. Damon plunges his cock through the Gloryhole, wasting no time filling that warm mouth and ass on the other side. After inseminating the boy, he leaves just as quickly as he arrived. Satiated.

Trent King in 'B and B MIXUP - RAW'

Trent King - B and B MIXUP - RAW

Markus Kage and Trent King have been double-booked at the same rental place but both expected an empty apartment. However, this turn of events ends up working out for both horny travelers. They both strike out and end up being each other?s hot contingency plan! #glanded

Jeremy London in 'The Masqulin Project: Jeremy London RAW'

Jeremy London - The Masqulin Project: Jeremy London RAW

It?s Ryan Bones? turn to test out some new talent in this installation of The Masqulin Project, and he?s raring to see what Jeremy London?s got. This fresh meat is surprised to open the door to not only Mr. Bones but an entire camera crew that will be broadcasting to a wide audience. Jeremy seems excited and claims he is comfortable with the idea, but you?ll need to see just how comfortable for yourself.

Vitaliy Sens in 'The Masqulin Project: Vitaliy Sens RAW'

Vitaliy Sens - The Masqulin Project: Vitaliy Sens RAW

Aspiring model Vitaly Sens has indicated an interest in joining the Masqulin Project, and it?s up to Max Adonis to help determine his potential. A horny and pragmatic Max decides to spice things up a bit by arriving unexpectedly at Vitaly?s front door, surprising him, and inviting viewers to witness the unfolding of this ?determination process?. Does Vitaly have what it takes to be a Masqulin Man?Fresh on the porn scene, Vitaly Sens is raring to go all in. He?s got the look, he?s got the attitude, and most importantly - he boasts an intense, insatiable hunger for sex. You?ll wet far more than just your appetite with this uncut Ukrainian hunk.

Drew Dixon in 'The Masqulin Project: Markus Kage RAW'

Drew Dixon - The Masqulin Project: Markus Kage RAW

A project looking to find up-and-coming wannabe porn stars sends Drew Dixon off to meet new applicant Markus Kage.Will Markus have what it takes to become part of the Masqulin Project?

Igor Romani in 'Service ' la Fran'aise RAW'

Igor Romani - Service ' la Fran'aise RAW

Igor Romani really knows how to charm his gorgeous girlfriend on their 1-year anniversary. He?s hired a catering service to serve them a romantic dinner for two in a private loft he?s rented for the weekend. The service even comes equipped with a sexy French-inspired waiter in the form of Alex Mecum. This top-notch service proves to be a lot more rewarding for Igor than his girlfriend as Alex shows the true meaning of Service ? la Fran?aise.

Igor Romani in 'INSIDE STEP BRO - RAW'


After visiting their folks, stepbrothers Markus and Igor return to their hotel for some rest. Once Igor falls asleep, Markus decides to whip out his dick and jerk off before nap time. But Igor?s definitely not asleep, and he can?t stop himself after seeing his bro stroking that big cock. After a bit of convincing, Markus agrees to a blowjob, but things naturally escalate between the two - they are only step bros after all.

Dakota Payne in 'Picture Perfect, Part 3 RAW'

Dakota Payne - Picture Perfect, Part 3 RAW

It?s time for all three players to cum together - Nick Fitt, Dakota Payne, and Colby Tucker. Part 3 culminates in photographer, model, and the sexy apparition enjoying a bareback three-way. As it turns out, however, the ghostly presence has some unfinished business. This is more than just a hot romp - it?s an offering.

Dakota Payne in 'Picture Perfect, Part 2 RAW'

Dakota Payne - Picture Perfect, Part 2 RAW

After vacating yesterday?s photoshoot, Dakota Payne returns to complete his session with Nick Fitt. This time, the young model unexpectedly strips down to his birthday suit. Nick, surprised but hardly offended, did not plan for this to be a nude shoot. Dakota proposes that a pre-shoot ?warmup? could help inspire both model and photographer.

Colby Tucker in 'Picture Perfect, Part 1 RAW'

Colby Tucker - Picture Perfect, Part 1 RAW

Cameraman Nick Fitt is amazed by the terrific photography space he has just acquired. However, it comes with a catch; some say it?s haunted, taking on a new ?life? under the darkness of night. Intrigued but not deterred, he carries on with the shoot, only to discover a presence slowly unveiling itself. Soon Nick comes face to face and dick to ass with a stranger in a deliciously sexual dream. Or was it even a dream?

Igor Romani in 'FERTILE GROUND - RAW'


Igor Romani is looking to finally start a family with his wife. He pays a visit to a fertility clinic to make sure that everything is still in working order. The clinic has come highly recommended by a buddy of his who has assured him he?ll be very well taken care of. Igor soon discovers that this will be an experience he won?t soon forget? Thanks, in part, to Manuel Skye.

Gabriel Clark in 'The Live-In: Part 3 RAW'

Gabriel Clark - The Live-In: Part 3 RAW

House Boy Shane Jackson has decided that it?s time to invite Manuel Skye and Gabriel Clark into his mysterious living space for the third part of ?The Live-In? series. The couple is pleased to find that their house boy enjoys comfortable quarters with an exceptional view. Shane wastes no time in showing his extreme gratitude toward the couple, and the trio finally indulges in an epic threesome fuck fest.

Gabriel Clark in 'The Live-in: Part 2 RAW'

Gabriel Clark - The Live-in: Part 2 RAW

In the second part of The Live In, Gabriel Clark and Manuel Skye discuss their newly-acquired house boy Shane Jackson, and Manuel is slow to warm up to the arrangement. Once they are left alone, however, Shane proves to Manuel just how useful he can really be.

Gabriel Clark in 'The Live-In: Part 1 RAW'

Gabriel Clark - The Live-In: Part 1 RAW

Married studs Manuel Skye and Gabriel Clark are elated to be receiving the keys to their new home, purchased from another lovely gay couple (they?ve even included the furniture!). The next morning, Manuel kisses Gabriel goodbye as he heads off to work, leaving his spouse to sleep in. But this house comes with another unexpected perk! As sexy Shane Jackson emerges from the basement, Gabriel soon discovers a ?tenant? who pays his way using both traditional and nontraditional methods.

Colby Tucker in 'The Office: Part 1 RAW'

Colby Tucker - The Office: Part 1 RAW

Bossman Manuel Skye keeps a close eye on his employees, particularly on their crotches. Unbeknownst to them, he has hidden cameras placed under the desks of all of his male employees. He enjoys the various views from his own desk while discreetly stroking his rod, but today he?s in for a real show; compliments of his sexy employees Damon Heart and Teddy Torres.

Igor Romani in 'MONTREAL BOUND - RAW'


Derek Bolt is eager for a satisfying vacation, so after researching the friendliest gay cities in North America - and the men they have to offer- he excitedly chooses to visit Montreal. He arrives at his hotel room in the city after a long flight, surprised and delighted to discover that in-room massages are available. He specifically requests the sexiest masseur available, Igor Romani, to help loosen him up. Soon after Igor?s arrival, however, it becomes very apparent to Derek that this will be anything but a regular massage. Igor is all too pleased to show his client what kind of boy he can expect to find in La Belle Province.

Ryan Bones in 'THE LAST MEN: PART 3 - RAW'

Ryan Bones - THE LAST MEN: PART 3 - RAW

In an apocalyptic new world, the last and few men on earth have to fend for themselves for survival. While roaming the woods, Ryan Bones stumbles upon? what resembles to be a trap. A half-naked and dirty Andrew Green, with a sign around his neck that reads: ?Protect Me. I Will Be Ur Slave?.Ryan teaches Andrew what slavery means? first by having him suck on his thick cock and then by turning him over and fucking him until he cums.No longer the last man, Ryan endures with his slave Andrew by his side. The Last Men.

Ryan Bones in 'THE LAST MEN: PART 2 - RAW'

Ryan Bones - THE LAST MEN: PART 2 - RAW

After letting his guard down, Ryan Bones awakens in the abandoned house with a headache and his gun missing. Recovering in a daze, he soon hears shots? being fired from outside.From the window of the house, he notices a body laying on the ground and cautiously steps outside to investigate. He can barely believe his luck when he not only finds a young man, shirtless and unconscious but a loaded handgun right next to him! This time, Ryan isn?t taking any chances. He swipes the gun and handcuffs the young man, bringing him inside the house.Upon regaining consciousness, the young man, Shane Jackson, reveals that a group of people tried to kill him. But Ryan wants more information, and he is more than willing to rough up his captive when he senses hesitation. If a mouthful of cock doesn?t loosen his tongue, an assful surely will

Ryan Bones in 'THE LAST MEN: PART 1 - RAW'

Ryan Bones - THE LAST MEN: PART 1 - RAW

It?s been 5 years since a global nuclear fallout. And, it?s been 5 years since Ryan Bones has seen or spoken to another human being. Despite his strong instinct for survival, traversing through a post-apocalyptic world in total isolation has affected the man significantly. Consistently armed, on-edge, and in search of supplies, he explores a dilapidated house. He is astonished to discover a young man named Drew Dixon hiding within. Initially untrustworthy, the presence of another human after so many years eventually lowers his guard - then his pants. The opportunity to once again indulge in sins of the flesh is far too powerful to deny.

Igor Romani in 'Fuckerbate, Part 4 RAW'

Igor Romani - Fuckerbate, Part 4 RAW

In the finale of the Fuckerbate series, Thyle Knox is reunited with all of his previous partners (Dante Colle, Igor Romani, and Jack Kross) and this next challenge is really going to stretch his limits ?.Double Penetration!!!

Thyle Knoxx in 'Fuckerbate, Part 3 RAW'

Thyle Knoxx - Fuckerbate, Part 3 RAW

Part 3 of the Fuckerbate series finds Thyle center stage with a small audience and one demand? ?Dance Monkey?!!Thyle tries his best to show off his moves but truthfully fucking is much more his forte. Up steps Dante Colle to help Thyle complete his next challenge.

Jack Kross in 'Fuckerbate, Part 2 RAW'

Jack Kross - Fuckerbate, Part 2 RAW

Part 2 of the Fuckerbate series begins right where Part 1 leaves off with the countdown on Thyles phone counting down, giving him minutes to begin his next challenge.This time it is Thyle?s turn on the receiving end and he is paired with one of the biggest cocks in gay porn - Jack Kross.Is Thyle?s ass up to the challenge?

Igor Romani in 'Fuckerbate - Part 1 RAW'

Igor Romani - Fuckerbate - Part 1 RAW

Popular social media personality, Thyle Knox, has always dreamed of going to New Zealand. He puts a plea out to his loyal followers to help him fund his dream vacation in hopes he?ll eventually raise enough to make his dream a reality.Upon arriving home one day, Thyle receives an anonymous letter at his front door? inside the letter is a challenge. If he chooses to accept the challenge and successfully complete the task, his anonymous fan promises an immediate financial contribution towards his goal.What lengths is Thyle willing to go to make this all happen?