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Felix Harris in 'Jerk-Off Training'

Felix Harris - Jerk-Off Training

Felix and Gabriel train with each other, but this military drill is a little more taboo. Together the guys learn to be more muscular by holding in their hot jizz.

Sly Conan in 'A Hot Cool-Down'

Sly Conan - A Hot Cool-Down

Soldiers Nathan and Sly give each other a helping hand in keeping their bodies in tip-top shape. All hard work deserves a grand reward, and the duo finds a way to mutually award their difficult workout.

Joris Leonard in 'Punish Me, Sergeant'

Joris Leonard - Punish Me, Sergeant

When young cadet Felix Harris is late for his inspection, Sergeant Joris Leonard scolds him for being late and disorganized. Cadet Harris knows he?s about to be punished, but he never imagined the punishment would involve sucking the sergeant?s cock!

Claude Laurent in 'Heavy Load'

Claude Laurent - Heavy Load

Claude Laurent treks through the jungle carrying a heavy load of supplies when he is suddenly intercepted by his leader, Joris Leonard. Joris instructs Claude to rest, and as a reward for his tenacity, fucks him then and there. Afterward, the two men make their way back to Joris?s tent to finish what they started.

Antu Burghos in 'Folding With My Sergeant'

Antu Burghos - Folding With My Sergeant

Sergeant Diego Cerrutti is teaching soldier Antu Burghos how to properly fold his garments. In the process, the Sargeant decides to reward the soldier by pounding his hole hard.

Daniel Trebol in 'Personal Punishment'

Daniel Trebol - Personal Punishment

Sargent Daniel Trebol oversees cadet Tommy Ameal?s physical training, but when his results are poor he must proceed to punish the young soldier. Tommy learns pretty quickly that punishments are very personal here, as Sargent Trebol drills his hole with his huge cock!

Rick Lennon in 'The Cadet's Goodbye'

Rick Lennon - The Cadet's Goodbye

Cadet Daniel Trebol meets with Sergeant Rick Lennon to tell him that he?s made the decision to leave the troops. Sergeant Lennon says that he can help Cadet Trebol get out, but only if he does everything that he says starting with sucking his cock!

Joris Leonard in 'A Naughty Cadet'

Joris Leonard - A Naughty Cadet

When Sergeant Joris Leonard goes to check up on cadet Vincent Landi he finds him still sleeping in his cot, so he wakes him up immediately. Sergeant Leonard finds some used tissues under his covers along with his phone playing gay porn. Cadet Landi knows that pornography is not allowed on the base so Sergeant Leonard punishes him by fully pounding his hole!