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Father Gallo in 'Dakota: Penance'

Father Gallo - Dakota: Penance

Young Dakota is filled with self-doubt. He?s always swaying back and forth, and when the wind blows, it knocks him down. So, he?s unsure of his standing at St. Patrick?s Catholic School. At one moment, he thinks he is a priest?s favorite, a good boy who does his duty and cares about his righteousness and chastity. In the next, he is a no-good, rotten liar, a sinner who is bringing down the boys and men around him. So, when he is asked into Father Gallo?s office for a private meeting, he is unsure of what the man wants. Will he praise him or will he reprimand him? Either way, Dakota is filled with a constant fear that he will be expelled and sent home to his family once and for all. As Father Gallo looks the boy over, he can sense his uncertainty. He uses it to his advantage, drawing out the proceedings as much as he can as the boy trembles inside. He wants Dakota to suffer for revealing the secrets of their intimate affairs. Even if it was in the Confession booth, where honesty is not only expected but required, Dakota is not supposed to open his mouth about what goes on between them. However, Gallo is not interested in a verbal warning. He wants to punish the boy physically. Dakota climbs on the man?s desk and spreads his cheeks to accept what he deserves. The priest pulls out several large dildos and shoves them inside the boy?s asshole, stretching his sphincter until the kid moans in pain and pleasure. He plunges them deep inside as Dakota strokes himself for the priest?s sexual enjoyment. As he brings himself to an orgasmic climax, Father Gallo is sure that the boy will never open his mouth about them again. The system at St. Patrick?s Catholic School never fails?

Carter Ford in 'Carter: Confession'

Carter Ford - Carter: Confession

Young Carter is human, and like all humans, he is fallible. That is what they teach at St. Patrick?s Catholic School, and that is what he believes. But even though it?s easy to accept his imperfections in theory, it is harder to live with them in practice. Over and over again, he has tried to resist the temptation of his own body. He stays up at night, praying that he will be able to keep his hands off his cock. But every night, without fail, his mind drifts to the other boys, the priests, and every other man in his life. Soon, his penis grows stiff, and he can?t control himself. He reaches down and touches himself until he makes a creamy mess in his bed. He wants to clean his conscience of the act, and the only way he knows how is to reveal his sins in Confession. Perhaps if one of the priests hears the remorse in his voice, he can be absolved of his transgressions genuinely. He prays that Father Oaks can help him. The man with the silver hair and the wise voice. In his hands, Carter believes there is hope yet. Inside the darkened Confession booth, Carter reveals his truth. Oaks is not surprised. He wants to know whether the boy has ever included anyone else in his masturbation or his fantasies. Carter tells the man that he hasn?t, creating a solution in Oaks?s head. Perhaps if the boy gives into his temptations with another man once, he will quell the need to masturbate so often. To test his theory, the priest sticks his cock through a slot in the Confession booth. Carter takes the opportunity to taste his erection, and to bring the man he has so long admired pleasure. Then, Oaks joins the boy in his booth and rams his dick deep into his asshole. Carter?s sins are no more.

Father Gallo in 'Gallo: Secrets of the Priesthood'

Father Gallo - Gallo: Secrets of the Priesthood

Father Gallo has been condemned for his sloppy practices with the boys, but the young priest simply won?t heed the warnings. The Priesthood has many fail-safe methods in place that keep priests from having their indiscretions with the boys of St. Patrick?s discovered. However, the more Gallo ignores these guidelines, the more he puts himself and the entire Priesthood at risk. Some of the higher-ups have suggested that the man be transferred, or seen more severely, excommunicated altogether. But Father Fiore knows how much potential Gallo has. He has seen the man work wonders with the boys, and he feels that losing his talent would be an incredible mistake. So, he fights for the man. On a mission of mercy, he enters Father Gallo?s office to convey the recent news. In Confession, one of the boys has indicated that Gallo has touched him inappropriately. Of course, the priests talk about the transgression using the coded language they are so accustomed to. But there is a tacit understanding that Gallo must be more careful. These boys must be sworn to secrecy or the entire structure could come tumbling down. Gallo is upset, even frightened by the warning, but he quickly comes to realize that Fiore is on his side. Fiore leans in to kiss the man, reassuring him of his safety. Gallo returns the compassion, touching Fiore?s body tenderly. He unzips his pants and pulls out his cock, and Fiore wraps his wet lips around the head of his dick. Fiore gives Gallo a loving blowjob and bends him over his desk to dish out his punishment. Gallo spreads his legs, and Fiore stuffs his butt with his throbbing boner. Then, he climbs on top of Fiore?s member and rocks up and down until he receives a splash of sperm on his ass. Gallo is safe for now.

Mason Anderson in 'Yes Father: In The Dormitory'

Mason Anderson - Yes Father: In The Dormitory

As young Dakota experiences the ups and downs of his enrollment at St. Patrick?s Catholic School, he gains exposure to the inner workings of the priests. Thus far, he has seen far past their outward appearances, into their secret desires and dark cravings. He too has explored his own need for their touch, enjoying pleasures that he could never have imagined. In his waking moments, he finds himself fantasizing about the priests, replaying scenarios over and over in his head. They keep him up at night as he longs for the warm embrace of one of the religious men. The comfort of having one of the priests close to him has been unmatched. He will not rest until he knows the touch of another. Today, he interacts with one of his colleagues at the school, young Mason. Mason has also experienced special moments with the priests. Thus far, he has vowed to serve them any way he can, whether that be spiritually, emotionally, or sexually. He tends towards the younger priests, but has also had desires to feel an older man?s embrace. But he has never had sexual interactions with one of his classmates at St. Patrick?s. At least not until today. Whenever Mason looks Dakota?s way, his heart starts to race. The feelings seem to come out of nowhere, but when they surface, they come on strong. Soon, he and Dakota are wrapped in each other?s love, enjoying the intimate moments spent together. Their cocks get stiff as they rub against each other, savoring every second. The orgasmic sensation washes over them as Mason fucks Dakota gently, making sure not to be too loud so as not to get caught. If their secret rendez vous was ever discovered, they are sure they?d be expelled immediately. But as long as they can trust each other, their passion can burn on forever? A Yes Father Original Movie.

Father Fiore in 'YesFather: Confession'

Father Fiore - YesFather: Confession

Since young Dakota has been having secret sexual affairs with the priests at St. Thomas Catholic School, he has become more and more confused. On the one hand, they teach that chastity is the path to righteousness and that any boy who commits the sin of sex before marriage must ask for forgiveness from the Almighty. However, time and time again, the priests have seduced him into wicked sexual acts. And while he loves every second of the lascivious encounters, afterward he is left in a cloud of confusion, unsure of himself and his purity. To curtail his guilt, the boy confesses to Father Fiore in the church. In the darkness of the Confession booth, he feels safe enough to confront himself with his actions. He admits that he?s had sex with the priests and that he is likely to do it again. This is music to Father Fiore?s ears. The pervy old man pulls out his uncut boner and begins to stroke himself in the privacy of his own Confession booth. But he can tell the boy is in the midst of a spiritual struggle, so he offers a bit of a distraction. Venturing into the world of physical pleasures is sometimes the best medicine for a lost soul. Fiore sticks his cock through a slot in the confession booth, instructing Dakota to bend down and suck it. Dakota does so, savoring the flavor of Father Fiore?s meaty dick. Then, the boy takes a turn, delivering his dick through the slot so the older man can lick and suck to his heart?s content. Finally, Fiore joins the boy in his booth and stuffs his throbbing penis in Dakota?s eager asshole. The boy sits on the holy man?s boner and bounces until the man is ready to burst. Then, he gets a warm injection of cum in his aching rim. It appears Dakota has, even more, to mull over, now?

Father Romeo in 'Marcus: Penance'

Father Romeo - Marcus: Penance

When Father Romeo looks at sweet Marcus, he gets a warm sensation in his chest. Something about the boy reminds him of himself when he was younger. He struggled with his identity and had a hard time keeping his entire inner life a secret from his family and friends. Even by the time he was old enough to live his own life and make his own decisions, he had been so accustomed to hiding his true identity that he simply could not let it surface. That is why he entered the priesthood, hoping to serve as a good Catholic and a beacon unto the lord. At the same time, the rules of the priesthood would prevent him from ever having to explain why he never brings women home to his parents. He can tell that the same internal conflict that drove him towards religion is storming inside of young Marcus, and he hopes to provide him some comfort in his struggles. He wants to lead the boy to greener pastures, to help him prosper at St. Patrick?s Catholic School, but no matter how I favor the young man, he cannot allow the boy to break the rules. So, when he calls Marcus in for a meeting regarding his candidacy to become an altar boy, he has to be honest and direct with him. News of Marcus?s transgressions has traveled fast amongst the higher-ups at the school. At this point, it is widely understood that the boy stole the altar wine and used it for less-than-holy purposes. This is a major offense and a great disrespect to the sanctity of the Church. The only way that Marcus can redeem himself after such an act is to give himself fully to the tutelage of Father Romeo. Only Romeo can guide the boy toward repentance. The first step is corporal punishment. Romeo bends the boy over his knee and gives him some sharp spanks to engrain the lesson into his mind and body. He then shoves a toy down the boy?s throat, making him choke and gag. He plugs the boy?s sweet asshole with the dildo and then replaces it with his thick, pulsing boner. The boy moans and squeals as his virgin asshole is penetrated for the first time. Romeo then spits in Marcus?s face to make sure this is a lesson he never forgets! It seems that with Father Romeo?s help, Marcus will be able to move past his mistakes after all.

Father Fiore in 'Mason: Penance'

Father Fiore - Mason: Penance

As handsome Mason enters Father Fiore?s office, he can sense anger in the air. Fiore is known to wear a serious face at all times. His sense of humor is nonexistent, and every boy at the school knows how foolish it is to cross him. But the memo didn?t seem to get to Mason, and after letting a laugh slip during daily mass, no amount of charm will spare him the serious disciplinary action that awaits. ?You wanted to see me?? Mason asks as he waits for Fiore to look in his direction. The priest makes him stand at attention as he finishes his studies. Then, he addresses the boy curtly. ?Do you like being at this school?? he asks Mason, staring directly into his eyes. Mason is caught off guard. He doesn?t exactly love attending the strict Catholic school. He was sent as a last-ditch effort to keep him out of trouble in his small hometown. But he knows better than to reveal any of his misgivings to Father Fiore. ?I do,? he lies unconvincingly. Fiore isn?t fooled by the charade, but instead of addressing the dishonesty, he pushes forward to the real reason for summoning Mason to his office. ?It?s pretty clear that? I could hear you laughing at mass,? he informs the boy. And while Mason explains that it was unintentional, such an act is highly frowned upon. In fact, Fiore takes it as a direct insult to him and the faith altogether. Such disrespect cannot be tolerated, and Fiore is the type of man who likes to take it upon himself to show an uncouth boy like Mason that he is not above the rules. ?You do understand that I?m going to have to discipline you,? he states dryly. Without any other options, Mason accepts his fate. He bends over the priest?s knees and feels a chill run over his body as his bare ass is exposed. The priest raises his hand, and Mason braces himself. He waits for the short, sharp shock that will accompany Fiore?s palm coming down on his cheeks. Sure enough, the pain fills him with adrenaline, but strangely, the rush of sensation makes his cock grow. He counts the spanks as the angry priest continues to punish him. Then, Fiore moves on to the second phase of disciplinary action. He plugs the boy?s butt with a dildo, loosening his asshole as he rests on the priest?s desk with his legs spread. Mason moans orgasmically. He cannot believe what Fiore is doing to him, but he is willing to obey any of the commands that he?s given. Finally, the priest unsheathes his thick boner and shoves it inside the insolent boy?s tight asshole. He fucks Mason raw on his desk as the boy strokes his uncut cock. Then, he covers the boy?s butt with hot sperm. Mason has learned his lesson to be reverent during mass and always show respect to Father Fiore.

President Oaks in 'Carter: Altar Training'

President Oaks - Carter: Altar Training

As young Carter prepares to serve at the Altar with Father Oaks, he learns that he must be purified of all his mortal sins first. These include his sexual transgressions, as the boy has slipped multiple times during his education at St. Patrick?s Catholic School. It?s common knowledge amongst the Priesthood and his classmates that the boy has a dirty mind and is willing to explore every corner of sexual depravity with a smile on his face. To curtail the boy?s unadulterated lustfulness, the priests have come together and formulated a plan. They would normally reserve service at the Altar for the most chaste and pure boys the school has to offer. But they believe that giving Carter the opportunity to become an Altar Boy may just be the medicine he needs to cure his insatiable hunger for cock. So, when he meets with Father Oaks in his office, Carter is ready to surrender his old ways. He does not want to disappoint the Priesthood, especially after they have made such an incredible gesture of faith in his righteousness and ability to change. But as Oaks looks over the young man?s beautiful face and fit body, he can?t help but feel his loins stir. He understands why this boy has been so wayward in his sexual escapades. He has an undeniable sexual energy, and when he walks into the room, everyone can feel it. The only way to help the boy change is to confront his sexuality head-on, so Oaks takes on the responsibility himself. He unsheathes his girthy dick and lets the boy suck on it lovingly in his office. He squeezes the young man?s ass cheeks and then moans as the boy sits on his hard cock, bouncing orgasmically as his cock waves. Deep inside young Carter, Oaks feels he can help change him for the better.

Dakota Lovell in 'Dakota: Altar Training'

Dakota Lovell - Dakota: Altar Training

You know only the best boys get chosen to be altar boys, you?re very lucky,? Father Gallo says to young Dakota. But even as he holds his smile steady and maintains an even countenance, Dakota can barely contain himself inside. He is overjoyed to have been selected as an Altar Boy, especially considering the difficult path he has had before showing up on the steps of St. Patrick Catholic School. There was a time when he thought his parents would never speak to him again, which meant that he would be on his own on the streets of his tiny hometown. There would be no salvation for him, not even a meal on his way to his lonesome demise. Where would it be, he often wondered? In some back alley, on someone?s porch, trying to scrounge for a scrap of bread? But then one day, he found his way to the steps of St. Patrick, and the priests there let him in. They fed him, clothed him, and they showed him the light of their teachings and all it means to become closer to a higher power. Since then, Dakota has launched himself full force into the teachings that are handed to him every day. He learns every story, memorizes all the dogmatic rules, and makes sure to execute them elegantly every single day. There is never a moment that is wasted, never an occasion where he lets himself slip. For if he was to go back to his old life, he certainly could not survive. Today, his hard work comes to fruition as he is informed of his selection as an altar boy. He is aware of what an honor it is and is especially excited to be learning at the hands of Father Gallo. The man has always made him feel welcome with his long stares and tender touches. Now, as he learns the ceremonies, he braces himself for a new level of intimacy with the Priesthood. Father Gallo unsheathes his cock and pulls his robe up, exposing his member to the eager boy. Dakota fills his mouth with it, licking the man?s shaft from balls to tip without hesitation. Then, he turns around and lets his eyes roll back in his head as the hungry priest licks his sweet boy hole. He then gasps as Father Gallo slides inside his puckering butt, stroking deeply to form an intense bond with the boy he will never forget.

Father Oaks in 'Marcus: Confession'

Father Oaks - Marcus: Confession

Marcus is absolutely terrified of his own feelings. Ever since he was caught kissing a boy under the bleachers at his last school, he has been scared to reveal his feelings about men to anyone. After all, last time he was expelled from his boarding school altogether and sent away to a strict religious school in hopes that it would cleanse him of his impure thoughts. How could he avoid being traumatized but such a scarring experience? So, as he steps into the tight, dimly lit Confession booth, he is unsure what will come out of his mouth. At first, he is almost certain that he will avoid the truth at all costs. There is no way that he will reveal his feelings towards other boys to another soul, especially an authority figure at the school. If he is kicked out again, there?s no telling what his parents will do to him. Maybe next time it will be the streets! But as he opens his mouth in the holy booth, a strange feeling of being watched comes over him. Maybe all the prayer and teaching have gotten to him. Whatever it is, dishonesty simply doesn?t feel right to him. Father Oaks waits patiently for the boy to come to his senses and confess. He already has a strong feeling about the nature of the boy?s sins, but he wants to hear them come off his lips. The words are delectable to his ears, as he knows they can only lead to one thing. The boy?s absolute sexual surrender, his full trust put in the arms of the eager priest, and a secret bond formed that will lead to satisfaction beyond worldly belief. Such taboo joys can only be shared between a lecherous priest like Oaks and a young, strong boy like Marcus. As Marcus finally confesses that he has desirous feelings towards other boys, Oaks reaches down and rubs his own cock through his garb. The boy has finally crossed the point of no return. Oaks offers his sympathy, telling the boy that he has nothing to worry about. He unzips his pants and wraps his fingers around his thick boner, jerking as he discusses the erotic feelings Marcus is struggling with. Every bit of information he receives makes his blood rush faster and hotter, filling his engorged cock with a sexual energy that he needs to release. After receiving the confession, Oaks makes his move. He asks if he can reveal a secret to the boy, something that cannot be shared outside of the Confession booth with anyone. Marcus agrees. Oaks slide open a hidden compartment in the booth, revealing his stiff cock as it waits for the horny boy?s attention. Marcus can hardly believe his eyes, but he is so overwhelmed with joy at acceptance from this respected man that he does not skip a beat. He bends down to stroke Oaks?s savory erection, pleasing every inch before discovering the full extent of Father Oaks?s love?