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Buck Richards in 'Pay It Forward'

Buck Richards - Pay It Forward

Johnny Ford wants to get revenge on his frat bro, Buck Richards for the rough hazing he got in college. He invites him to a fireside hangout to catch up and reminisce. Little does Buck know that Johnny has a plan to give him a taste of his own medicine. After recounting all the bad stuff Buck did, Johnny tells him it?s his turn to have fun. Now all tied up and gagged, poor little Buck is at the mercy of Johnny?s angry frat boy aggression. What the fuck Buck? Johnny laughs and gives him several hard-hitting cracks with a wooden paddle on his tender butt. Buck resists and cusses but he can?t do a thing about it so he must suffer. Wearing leather gloves, Johnny slaps Buck around, chokes him and manhandles his helpless plaything. He crams his big hard cock all the way down Buck?s throat making him gag and drool. Still tied up and on his hands and knees by the glowing, flickering fireside, Buck gets a torrent of beatings all over his body including his cock and balls with the crop, leather straps and paddles. Johnny stuffs Bucks ass full of cock and gives him a deep and thorough fucking that Buck seems to love. Flipped over oh his back Buck takes more hardcore pounding in his tight ass until Johnny shoots a hot load of revenge all over his vulnerable little whipping boy. Ah but Johnny isn?t only about revenge because he tells Buck to jerk off so he can watch him cum. Buck says ?yes sir? and strokes his long hard cock until he cums real good. Fuck yeah bro!

Derek Kage in 'Backwoods Butt Bandit: Johnny Ford Takes Derek Kage Rough!'

Derek Kage - Backwoods Butt Bandit: Johnny Ford Takes Derek Kage Rough!

Derek Kage is enjoying a peaceful hike through the backwoods but when he stops to set up camp, his backpack goes missing. A seemingly friendly stranger invites Derek to stay at his site but soon reveals his true intentions after nightfall. Johnny Ford is one hot and horny camper and decides to make Derek his submissive little plaything so while sitting around the campfire he takes him down! Johnny ties him up with rope inside his trailer and has his way all night long. Gagged and bound tight, Derek also has a chastity cage on his cock to keep him from getting hard. Johnny unleashes a series of torments on poor Derek including the crop, lots of slapping, CBT and intense breath play. Derek moans and groans but can?t do a thing about it. He?s bound and gagged in a trailer in the woods at the mercy of his dominating captor. Johnny eats Derek?s ass and then frees him from the rope so he can suck his big cock. Finally bent over the counter with hands bound, Derek gets his ass fucked good. Johnny pounds his little plaything?s hole endlessly until he shoots a huge load all over his ass.

Benvi in 'Stepdad's Closet'

Benvi - Stepdad's Closet

Benvi comes home from college only to find his Stepdad, Christian Wilde, on the phone, and in a meeting. Christian quickly gets off the phone and greets Benvi. Benvi scoffs at Christian?s genuine attempts at having a nice friendly conversation with his stepson. When Christian leaves to get lunch, Benvi can?t help but snoop around in Christian?s bedroom while he?s out. He finds Christian?s cum stained underwear, a bag full of kinky toys, and makes himself comfortable on his parent?s bed. He huffs his stepdad?s underwear, jerks off, and passes out. Christian comes home to find Benvi naked on his bed and wakes him up. Benvi apologizes and Christian uses it as a bonding opportunity so he takes him down off the bed by his face and makes him get on his knees. Christian pulls out his big cock and shoves it in his stepson?s mouth and Benvi sucks it like a good boy. After that, Christian ties Benvi up with rope, face-down and ass-up. Christian beats Benvi?s ass with a wooden paddle and then licks his asshole. In the next scene, Christian has Benvi naked over his lap with his ass in the air. Christian spanks Benvi?s ass hard with his leather gloved hands and then with an even bigger wooden paddle. Christian slides his big dick inside his stepson?s asshole and fucks him raw and hard until they both cum huge loads.

Dante Colle in 'Caught Off Guard: Dante Colle Fucks Prison Guard, Derek Kage'

Dante Colle - Caught Off Guard: Dante Colle Fucks Prison Guard, Derek Kage

Newbie prison guard Derek Kage is already bored and tired of his job and it?s only been a week. Little does he know that when he is tasked to take the high-risk prisoners to the showers his life will be changed forever his boredom will soon be transformed into a hot and savage real life BDSM fantasy.Once Derek gets Dante Colle into the showers, he can?t help but notice this bad boy?s sexy, muscular body and starts fantasizing about giving him head. Ahh but it?s just a dream, it didn?t really happen. Later that night lust filled Derek Kage finds himself in the cell with Dante just wanting to talk but Dante knows why he is really there and gets Derek to admit his desires. Let the fun begin! Soon enough Derek is bound to a chair, stripped down and being paddled and waterboarded.He chokes and gasps for breath as the water tickles his throat, his skin turns beet red as he gets slapped and battered by Dante?s leather paddle. He can barely take it but he does.Next Derek is bound tight with rope in the cell on a prison bed. Dante canes his ass and thighs leaving distinct red marks on his delicate skin. He slides the cane into Derek?s ass and fucks him with it and then graduates to a billy club and fucks him some more. After giving Derek a thorough throat fucking Dante mounts his submissive little plaything and pounds his hole with hard cock. Now gagged and tied to the prison cell bars spread eagle Dante teases and torments Derek?s cock and balls with the paddle and the cane and then fucks his ass deep and hard until he cums. Finally, Dante jerks Derek off and lets him cum then leaves him all alone tied up in the cell. Caught Off Guard!

Carter Collins in 'The Missionary: Johnny Ford and Carter Collins'

Carter Collins - The Missionary: Johnny Ford and Carter Collins

Getting his house looking romantic and ready, Johnny Ford gets a call from his partner on Valentine?s Day just to get dumped. He hears a knock at the door and it?s a missionary named Carter Collins who?s come to spread the good word. Johnny invites him in and makes him a deal. He?ll hear what he has to say, if he gives Johnny the thing that he?s missing on Valentine?s Day. His holes. Johnny makes him get on his knees and whips out his big hard cock. He shoves his dick all the way down Carter?s throat and face-fucks him. He puts a leather collar around Carter?s neck, a ball-gag in his mouth, and ties his hands behind his back with rope. Johnny pulls out Carter?s already rock-hard cock and slaps it with his leather gloved hands, making Carter?s dick even harder with every slap. He bends Carter over his couch, licks his asshole, and spanks his ass hard. After that, Johnny sinks his big dick deep inside Carter?s asshole and fucks him raw and hard. Carter gets tied up in rope bondage, hanging from the ceiling. Johnny hits Carter?s dick with a leather crop and then puts a bunch of red clothespins on his ballsack. He hits him with a leather paddle and torments Carter?s nipples with metal clamps. After that, Carter is bound with rope to a black coffee table with his legs spread apart. Johnny spreads Carter?s hole with a multitude of giant toys and then fucks him hard with his cock until Carter gets painted with both of their loads.

Rodrigo Amor in 'Your Fault: Johnny Donovan Delivers Fierce Revenge Fuck on Killer Rodrigo Amor'

Rodrigo Amor - Your Fault: Johnny Donovan Delivers Fierce Revenge Fuck on Killer Rodrigo Amor

On his way home from a stressful day at work tired and droopy eyed Rodrigo accidentally hits an unsuspecting pedestrian on the side of the road. Panicked and not sure what to do Rodrigo makes the fateful decision to leave his victim behind and drives away. Racked with guilt Rodrigo tries to shake it off but is soon visited by the ghost of Johnny Donovan who has come to get fierce revenge on his killer. In bed resting peacefully, Rodrigo gets a rude awakening when Johnny appears and makes him suck his ghost dick. With deep and relentless pounding Johnny chokes and gags Rodrigo with hard cock as he berates his killer about being so negligent. Wearing black leather gloves Johnny flips Rodrigo over and fucks his ass hard while paddling, slapping and manhandling his little bitch. Rodrigo apologizes profusely and begs for him to stop but it just makes spiteful Johnny go harder. Now spread eagle with ankles bound to his wrists Rodrigo gets more unrestrained wrath of Johnny?s vengeance with savage ass beating and hardcore fucking that he will never forget. Twisting and turning and trying with all his might to resist Johnny?s ferocious paddling and pounding all he can do is take it until Mr. Donovan shoots his hot ghost load all over Rodrigo?s thoroughly fucked ass. After all Rodrigo it was Your Fault!

Dalton Riley in 'Swingers: Christian Wilde and Dalton Riley dominate Tristan West and Jesse Stone'

Dalton Riley - Swingers: Christian Wilde and Dalton Riley dominate Tristan West and Jesse Stone

Tristan West wants hubby Christian Wilde to meet his new friend Jesse Stone so they invite Jesse over along with his boyfriend Dalton Riley. Christian and Dalton are actually old friends and they both plot to tie up and fuck each other?s guy.Christian and Dalton excuse themselves and come back wearing leather. They sneak up on Jesse and Tristan and take them down. With ball gags in their mouths and tied up with rope to the chairs they?re in, Christian and Dalton hit them hard with with their gloved hands. They switch to a crop, and a leather paddle, turning Tristan and Jesse?s skin bright red.In the next scene, Jesse and Tristan are both on their knees, ass to ass, tied up in rope bondage. Christian slides a huge double-ended dildo in their assholes and they bounce their asses together, fucking each other. Christian and Dalton whip out their big hard dicks and take turns using their mouths.In the final scene, Christian and Dalton flog Jesse and Tristan hard. Christian slides his fat cock inside Jesse and Dalton pounds Tristan?s asshole deep and raw until they both blow their huge loads all over their asses.

Max Lorde in 'Winter Break: Michael Jackman and Max Lorde'

Max Lorde - Winter Break: Michael Jackman and Max Lorde

Max Lorde shares an apartment with his football teammate, Michael Jackman. Max goes through Michael?s duffle bag one day and finds assorted BDSM tools and toys. Michael catches him in the act and takes him down. Max says that he can take it and so he gets tied up with rope to the top rails of their bunkbed. An athletic cup is tied to his face. Michael takes Max?s belt and pulls his pants down. He smacks Max?s pale ass with the belt, and then a paddle, until it gets covered in pink stripes. After that, Michael whips out his stiff cock and fucks Max?s ass raw and hard. In the next scene, Max gets tied up in rope bondage on his knees with his hands behind his back. Michael face-fucks Max until drool pours from his mouth. In the final scene, Max gets bound on his back on the bottom bunk and Michael fucks his ass through the ladder. They both blow their loads, and Max proves to his teammate that he can take it.

Zacc Andrews in 'The Barback: Gunnar Stone Takes Zacc Andrews Rough!'

Zacc Andrews - The Barback: Gunnar Stone Takes Zacc Andrews Rough!

Zacc Andrews is a complete and total asshole to people out in public, but today he crosses the wrong fella and now he is going to pay. That fella happens to be a bartender in the form of a big, bald, muscular tattooed dude named Gunnar Stone who has no tolerance for bitch boy Zacc when he comes into the bar demanding drinks and criticizing Gunnar?s bartending skills. Weeks later, when Zacc comes looking for a job at Gunnar?s bar, Mr Stone is more than ready to hire this little prick as his barback to teach him a lesson. Gunnar likes good boys and Zacc has been a very bad boy, so he takes him down rough, gags him, throws a burlap sack over his head and ties him up to a chair to let him know who?s boss. Poor little Zacc struggles to get out of this predicament but to no avail. Gunnar unleashes a slew of intense punishment tactics and humiliation on Zacc starting with slapping, choking and paddling. After turning his tender skin bright pink and red with all of the lashing Gunnar stuffs his hard cock in Zacc?s mouth and gives him a deep throat face fuck causing him to gag and drool. Then Gunnar bends Zacc over a work bench and slams his ass with hardcore fucking. Manhandling Zacc like a little ragdoll, he pounds this little asshole?s ass making him more submissive with every thrust. Then, tied up on his back with legs spread wide open Zacc gets another full throttle ass fucking from Gunnar and his stiff dick until Mr Stone shoots his load all over his new employee. But Gunnar offers employee benefits so he jerks Zacc off real good until he busts a nut all over himself. What a fine barback Zacc will be!

Benvi in 'The Party Favor: Benvi Offers Up His Holes For Unruly Gangbangers'

Benvi - The Party Favor: Benvi Offers Up His Holes For Unruly Gangbangers

Benvi is working alone at a beautiful vacation resort when four loud and obnoxious dudes start causing a ruckus in the pool. He gently asks them to keep it down but that?s not going to happen. They are on vacation, and nothing is getting in their way of having a good time. Benvi does not want to lose his job so he says he will do anything for them if they just shut up. Anything? Well then let the fun begin! Christian Wilde, Gunnar Stone, Brian Bonds and Jeremiah Cruze are the hunky gangbangers who let it rip on Benvi and his unsuspecting ass. First, they tie his hands together and put a long rope around his neck like a leash so they can control him. Number one priority is to make their cocks feel good, so Benvi devours each hard dick with his little slut mouth sucking, slobbering, gagging to deliver top notch customer service. Then they dunk his head under water repeatedly. Bent over a wooden box they tenderize the meat with wooden and leather paddles turning his butt beet red while admiring Benvi?s tight hole. With a throbbing cock down his throat and one in his ass Benvi is airtight and taking a pounding. Flipped over on his back and still tied up tight Benvi spreads his legs to let all these hungry hunks fuck his slutty hole. As the night continues Benvi is bestowed with endless cock. He straddles them all and rides every man-sized cock deep and hard giving it all up when he gets his ass double stuffed with two hard cocks at once sending him over the top with wild pleasure until finally, he is covered with 3 hot loads of cum all over his face and one shot up his ass.

Zak Bishop in 'Caught Cruising: Zak Bishop and Tryp Bates'

Zak Bishop - Caught Cruising: Zak Bishop and Tryp Bates

When Zak Bishop is cruising in the park for some dick, he tries to hook up with undercover cop, Tryp Bates. Tryp handcuffs Zak and shows him his badge. Zak gets on his knees and begs to be let go. Tryp pulls Zak?s head into his crotch and makes him smell his already hard cock though his tight jeans.Tryp pulls out his dick and shoves it in Zak?s mouth and makes him gag on it. He has Zak get to his feet. Tryp ties his arms around a tree and then fucks his ass raw and hard. He beats Zak?s ass with a leather paddle and then fucks him with his nightstick.In the next scene, Zak is tied up in rope bondage on his back with a gag in his mouth. Tryp spreads his legs and fucks him deep until Zak blows a huge load all over himself and Tryp delivers a fresh creampie inside of Zak.

Dante Colle in 'sCREAM: A Kinky Halloween Parody with Dante Colle and Michael Jackman'

Dante Colle - sCREAM: A Kinky Halloween Parody with Dante Colle and Michael Jackman

Ghostface is back and up to his old tricks in this kinky Halloween homage to the classic horror film. Michael Jackman wants to get into the Halloween spirit so he has plans to make popcorn and watch a scary movie but his plans are derailed when horny boyfriend Dante Colle wants to play a sick game.After an exhilarating and terrifying take down, Michael ends up bound to a chair and gagged with duct tape under the night sky. Wearing black leather gloves Dante teases and torments his captured prey by slapping, choking and filling his mouth with cock. Then inside on the couch Dante beats Michael?s tender flesh with the crop before stuffing his manhole with dick. Dante fucks his ass every which way until they both shoot their hot loads. Now what about that scary movie?Happy Halloween!

Gunnar Stone in 'and Des Irez: No One Can Hear You Scream'

Gunnar Stone - and Des Irez: No One Can Hear You Scream

When Des Irez?s car breaks down out in the desert in the middle of nowhere there is no help in sight and no cell phone reception. Suddenly his knight in shining armor in the form of Gunnar Stone appears to save him from impending doom. Or does he? Gunnar is so friendly and comforting, he offers Des a ride back to his place to use the phone where he soon learns the tow truck can?t make it out till morning. Not sure what to do or where to go, Des nervously accepts an offer to stay the night at Gunnar?s dilapidated trailer. He climbs into a sticky, stained and dirty old mattress and in the middle of the night Gunnar sneaks into his room and takes Des down, way down into his depraved and kinky world of hardcore sex and BDSM. He covers Des?s mouth and says ?I know why boys like you come around this part of the desert and I?m going to give you exactly what you want?. Des resists and tries to fight back but Gunnar is strong and meaty and can overpower Des in an instant. He slaps him around, manhandles him and throat fucks Des with his hard dick. Then Gunnar ties him up, bends Des across the table and fucks his ass good. With leather gloves on his hands Gunnar slaps and spanks Des?s sensitive butt and beats him with several wicked paddles until his ass is bright red. Des screams and moans in torment and Gunnar says ?scream all you want boy, no one can hear you out here, it?s just you and me.? Gunnar?s sweaty muscular body glistens in the dim light of the trailer as he pounds poor little Des?s ass out even harder than before. Next, in the bedroom on that nasty old mattress Des sucks Gunnar?s cock making him choke and his eyes water. Now gagged and up on his hands and knees Des gets the leather paddle on his ass, he squirms and moans but can?t escape the relentless blows of Gunnar?s twisted game. ?Weren?t you ever taught not to trust strangers boy?? He laughs, grabs hold of the rope around Des?s waist and fucks him deep and hard until he shoots his load all over his ass.

Zed Sheng in 'The Puzzle Box: Marco Napoli Dominates Zed Sheng Into Another Dimension'

Zed Sheng - The Puzzle Box: Marco Napoli Dominates Zed Sheng Into Another Dimension

Newcomer Zed Sheng finds a mysterious puzzle box in his bathroom, but he doesn?t know what to do with it?Intrigued, he plays with it for a while. Finally, it opens and transports him to a whole new dimension where leather-clad Marco Napoli awaits and is more than willing to show Zed the ropes of BDSM as he takes him on a journey wherein he will experience all kinds of pleasure, pain, and other outrageous physical and emotional sensations in the dungeon.Disoriented, Zed finds himself in a strange place, gagged, bound with rope, and his cock trapped in a chastity cage. Zed welcomes his submissive slut into the dungeon and immediately begins to dominate him and use Zed as he wishes. First, the paddle, then the flogger; Marco doesn?t hold back whipping, beating, and striking his innocent, delicate little plaything. Then tied up, gagged with a bit, and bent over a padded bench, Zed gets the zapper and the violet wand as Marco shocks his ass, inner thighs, balls?all the most sensitive places. Zed whimpers and cries out in pain, but he never says stop. Meanwhile, Marco?s cock is getting rock hard, watching his sexy sub tremble and drool from all of the punishment he inflicts. Marco spanks Zed?s smooth, firm ass and orders him to stay put, then the crop and an intense beating with a big, hard wooden paddle that leaves Zed?s ass dark red and bruised. Finally, Marco face fucks Zed with his hard dick and then pounds his ass out until he shoots a hot load.

Davin Strong in 'The Spice of Pain: Jake Klerin, Davin Strong, and Sean Xavier'

Davin Strong - The Spice of Pain: Jake Klerin, Davin Strong, and Sean Xavier

While enjoying a movie together, Sean Xavier sends Jake Klerin to the store to get drinks. While away, Davin Strong shows up to their house, hired by Sean as a surprise to spice things up. When Jake returns, he finds Sean tied up in rope, with a ball-gag in his mouth. Just then, Davin sneaks up from behind and takes him down. Jake gets tied up in rope bondage with one foot on the floor, and the other in a frog-tie. Davin slaps his pale skin with his leather gloved hands until Jake?s skin turns bright red. Davin switches to the flogger and repeatedly hits Jake?s ass. Jake gets clothespins placed all over his body and Davin hits them all off with a crop. Sean tells Jake that it?s all for fun, and the two bend Jake over a wooden stool. Davin shows Sean how to use the flogger, and then the paddle. Sean shoves his enormous cock down Jake?s throat while Davin hits Jake with the leather paddle. Sean crams his massive meat inside Jake?s asshole and fucks him deep, hard, and raw. Davin shoves his hard cock in Jake?s mouth while he gets fucked and Davin and Sean blow their loads all over his body.

Jay Tee in 'Never Have I Ever: Chris Damned and Jay Tee'

Jay Tee - Never Have I Ever: Chris Damned and Jay Tee

Chris Damned and Jay Tee head inside to escape the hot weather. Bored, they play a game called ?Never Have I Ever?, and the loser has to do whatever the winner says. Jay loses the game and Chris makes Jay follow him into the bedroom.Chris ties Jay up with rope, puts a blindfold over his eyes, and positions him on his knees. Chris hits Jay?s ass with a crop, a wooden paddle, a flogger, and his bare hands. Chris shoves his big hard cock down Jays throat and Jay sucks it with enthusiasm.Jay gets flipped over onto his back and Chris pounds his hairless pink asshole raw. Back on his hands and knees, Jay gets his asshole fucked hard until Chris shoots a huge load across Jay?s back.

Brock Kniles in 'Step-Brothers' Secrets: Brock Kniles and Derek Kage'

Brock Kniles - Step-Brothers' Secrets: Brock Kniles and Derek Kage

The happy honeymooners Derek Kage and Sophia arrive home, but to their surprise find Derek?s stepbrother Brock Kniles waiting for them. Clearly there is some history between them, But Sophia believes family is important, so she decides to leave and let the brothers hash out their issues in private. After Sophia leaves, Derek apologizes for not inviting Brock to their wedding. As Derek tries to leave Brock takes him down, wrestles him into submission, and restrains his arms with rope. Derek licks Brocks balls and soon uses every inch of his tongue in Brock?s ass. This makes Brock rock hard so he shoves his cock in Derek?s mouth and face fucks him. Brock grabs a mouth gag and puts it in on Derek, and then uses a riding crop to punish him with brutal smacks. Brock then moves onto a large wood paddle and starts to smack Derek?s butt cheeks until they turn pink from the hard impacts. Derek gets bent over the couch and is put into submission with a foot on his face. Brock switches out the wood paddle for a black leather paddle and continues to spank Dereks ass harder and harder. He decides to loosen up Dereks tight asshole with his fingers. Brock pounds Derek?s tight ass as Derek groans with pleasure. Derek has his hands tied to his legs as Brock fucks him missionary style while grabbing his neck. Using the riding crop, Brock smacks Derek?s chest and legs while fingering his ass and rimming him. Brock bastinados Derek?s feet and soles with a paddle and then stretches out his hungry ass again and dumps a huge creampie in it. Derek gets his cock stroked by his stepbrother until he explodes in a much-needed release.

Theo Brady in 'Exes: Theo Brady and Kane Fox'

Theo Brady - Exes: Theo Brady and Kane Fox

Theo Brady and Kane Fox recently broke up. When Theo shows up to Kane?s house unexpectedly, Kane can?t deny the strong chemistry they still have.Theo confesses that he misses him and wants him back. Kane says that he?s actually expecting company soon so Theo jumps into action and establishes his dominance. Kane gets tied up with rope, on his knees, with a bit in his mouth. Theo hits Kane with his leather crop and covers his body in clothespins. Theo pulls out his big cock and shoves it in Kane?s mouth. He bends Kane over and spanks his ass with a leather paddle, hits him with a leather flogger, and then pounds his asshole raw with his fat cock until they both shoot their massive loads.

Greg Riley in 'Superfan: Roman Todd Takes Greg Riley's Infatuated Ass'

Greg Riley - Superfan: Roman Todd Takes Greg Riley's Infatuated Ass

Greg Riley gets more than he bargained for when he wins a ?meet and greet? with favorite action star Roman Todd. During their meet up Greg lets Roman know what a huge fan he is of all his movies and that he would do absolutely anything for him anytime, anything! Roman is grateful to have such an exuberant fan but seems a little overwhelmed by how obsessive and unrestrained he is. Things take an unexpected turn when Roman follows Greg out to his car, takes him down and drags him to the dungeon to have his way. Greg did say he would do anything after all so now he is tied up, chained to a platform and begging his muscular and toned master Roman to spank him. Spanking, flogging, nipple torment and deepthroat cock sucking ensue.Then with Greg tied up tight on hands and knees Roman slams him with the punishing leather paddle and unleashes an intense course of electricity on his smitten little plaything. First, he gets shocked with the zapper, then the relentless sizzle of the violet wand all over his body. Finally, Roman pounds Greg?s hole raw and shoots his hot load all over his ass.

Jesse Stone in 'The Call Back: Tony Genius Overwhelms Jesse Stone with a Dominating Performance'

Jesse Stone - The Call Back: Tony Genius Overwhelms Jesse Stone with a Dominating Performance

Tony Genius is excited to get a call back audition for an important film. He?s worked hardpreparing for this role of a lifetime, but casting director Jesse Stone is more interested in playingwith his phone than watching poor Tony. Tony is a method actor and knows how to get Jesse?sattention. Jesse is subdued, gagged and bound in rope. Jesse?s arms and wrists are tied firmlyto his thighs, making him unable to resist Tony?s advances. Tony strokes and slaps Jesse?s cockbefore flogging his pink, round ass. That ass is so sweet it deserves a leather paddle to heat itup before Tony slides his big cock in Jesse?s tender asshole. Tony removes the gag so Jessecan suck and deep throat Tony?s cock before giving Jesse more deep ass fucking. You can betthis performance is one that Jesse Stone will never forget.

Yinnie DeDom in 'Dante Colle and Yinne DeDom: The Replacement'

Yinnie DeDom - Dante Colle and Yinne DeDom: The Replacement

Dante Colle breaks into Yinnie Dedom?s house and takes him down. Yinnie gets tied up with rope on his knees with his wrists bound and attached to the floor. Dante wastes no time warming Yinnie up and hits him hard with a big wooden paddle. He gropes at his body with his leather gloved hands and then works him over with the leather crop. He grabs Yinnie by the braids and shoves his fat cock down his thoat. Next, Dante flips him over and fucks his tight hairy asshole raw and hard. He hits Yinnie with a leather crop and then brings back the vicious wooden paddle. He hits Yinnie into a shaking, convulsing fit which makes Yinnie want to cum. Dante unleashes his load in Yinnie?s mouth and then allows Yinnie to cum.

Max Konnor in 'Whatever it Takes: Max Konnor and Jake Waters'

Max Konnor - Whatever it Takes: Max Konnor and Jake Waters

Jake Waters is unemployed and will do whatever it takes to provide for his family. He notices a classified ad written by Max Konnor, and decides to call him.Desperate for work, Jake agrees to become a house servant for Max and do anything he wants, whenever and whatever. Max has Jake strip down and clean himself in the shower. Max rubs his hard cock while he watches Jake. He presses Jake against the tiled wall and spanks his wet ass hard. He moves Jake to his bedroom, where he?s blindfolded and tied up in rope bondage. Max slaps his legs with a big leather paddle and then moves on to the electric zapper. Max whips out his massive meat and shoves it all the way down Jakes throat. Max puts Jakes ass in the air and slides his cock inside Jake?s asshole and fucks him deep, hard, and raw.

Quin Quire in 'Brian Bonds and Quin Quire: The Recruit'

Quin Quire - Brian Bonds and Quin Quire: The Recruit

Sexy recruit Quin Quire slept in and missed a round of physical training with his squad because he was dreaming about getting his dick sucked by his hot drill sergeant, Brian Bonds. But Sergeant Bonds abruptly interrupts Quin?s fantasy dream and orders him to do an excessive amount of drills to make up for it. After being verbally chewed out, Quin is surprised when his Sergeant aggressively kisses him. He seizes the opportunity to turn their power exchange around and takes Brian down. Now at the mercy of the recruit, Sergeant Bonds is bound, gagged, and gets pinched with clothespins all over his body. Quin grabs a flogger and knocks the clothespins off one by one before grabbing a second flogger and punishing his Sergeant with a vicious lashing. Next, the Sergeant is stripped out of his pants and tied up to balance on only one leg. The recruit uses a leather and wooden paddle to work over Sergeant Bond?s ass, leaving it with deep red marks. Quin then proceeds to drill his Sergeant?s mouth and ass deep with his rock hard cock. Finally, Brian is on his back with his wrists restrained to his legs with rope. After fucking his Sergeant?s ass some more, Quin gets a good whiff of Brian?s feet and decides to punish him with some bastinado. Quin plunges his dick back into Sergeant Bond?s ass and fucks him hard till he shoots his creamy load. Not quite finished with the torment, Quin works his whole fist into Brian?s greedy hole and milks his Sergeant?s dick.

Cliff Jensen in 'To Love, Honor and Obey'

Cliff Jensen - To Love, Honor and Obey

Christian Wilde adds new meaning to the sentiment ?To Love, Honor and Obey? when he and Derek Kage tie the knot and consumate their marriage with Cliff Jensen in a super hot three-way. Derek thinks now that he and Christian are married there will be no more gangbangs and no more sex parties, just the two of them ?til death do us part ? but Mr. Wilde has other ideas about their union. Time to play! Derek finds himself tied up and gagged with a cage on his cock as Cliff and Christian tease and torment their little plaything with verbal humiliation, flogging, spanking and electro-play. Even though he didnt know what he was getting into cock hungry slut Derek is secretly thrilled about this new arrangement where he gets all the attention and all the dick he can handle. Tied up in several fetching positions Derek suffers and obeys as Christian and Cliff use his holes for their pleasure. With wax play, paddling, cock-sucking, harrdcore sex, DP and three loads of cum!

Roman Todd in 'Adventure Oasis: Roman Todd and Rodrigo Amore'

Roman Todd - Adventure Oasis: Roman Todd and Rodrigo Amore

Roman Todd takes a much needed vacation to a tropical resort that advertises that anyone can fulfil their fantasies there. Upon arrival, Roman checks in and meets the owner, Rodrigo Amore. Rodrigo welcomes Roman and assures him that all his stress will melt away. Rodrigo shows him around. They flirt and Rodrigo reveals that he?s into being roughed-up a little during sex. At the pool, Roman slips on leather gloves, creeps up from behind Rodrigo, and takes him down. Rodrigo gets blindfolded and tied to pool-side lounge-chair. Roman zaps Rodrigo?s body with electricity and it gets Rodrigo?s big dick rock-hard. Roman gets naked and sits on Rodrigo?s fat cock and fucks himself with it. He hits Rodrigo with a leather paddle and makes him get on all fours to get fucked. Roman whips his body with a flogger while he fucks Rodrigo?s ass raw. After that, Roman beats his ass with a wooden paddle and shoves his cock down Rodrigo?s throat. In the final scene, Roman ties up Rodrigo on his back with his legs spread. Roman pounds Rodrigo?s ass deep and hard while he hits him with a crop, and unleashes his load.

Alpha Wolfe in 'Whatever It Takes: Alpha Wolfe and Sage Roux'

Alpha Wolfe - Whatever It Takes: Alpha Wolfe and Sage Roux

Sage Roux has enlisted in Alpha Wolfe?s training on how to be a man. Alpha has one rule and it?s ?You do whatever it takes!?. Alpha makes him roll spools of wire all day and when he finally asks for a break, Alpha takes him to the ground. After that, Sage finds himself standing naked, bound to a metal frame outside in the hot sun. Alpha clips clothespins all over Sage?s pale hairless body and slaps them off with a leather paddle. After that, Alpha whips out his hog and fucks Sage?s tight ass right there out in the open.

Jeremiah Jones in 'Welcome to the Big Leagues: Jeremiah Jones and Zacc Andrews'

Jeremiah Jones - Welcome to the Big Leagues: Jeremiah Jones and Zacc Andrews

When rookie athlete Zacc Andrews struggles with his workout, Coach Jeremiah Jones suggests they meet in his office after practice. He tells the rookie that he has a special development program that he only offers special players. With unwavering dedication to be at the top of the team, Zacc agrees to submit himself to the training. The rookie finds himself bent over the coach?s desk, bound at the wrists with rope. Coach Jeremiah exposes his player?s ass and works it over with smacks from a leather paddle. Unable to resist, he gets a taste of his rookie?s cock and ass before moving onto the next phase of the training. Zacc is subjected to shocks from the zapper and violet wand while being groped and kissed from his Coach. Jeremiah then grabs a flogger and tenderizes his player?s skin with a solid lashing. Still determined to be a star on the team, Zacc sucks his Coach?s thick, meaty dick. Jeremiah then fucks Zacc?s ass until they both blow their loads and taste each other?s cum.

Sean Duran in 'Make Him Talk: Detective Sean Duran's Brutal Interrogation of Jason Emre'

Sean Duran - Make Him Talk: Detective Sean Duran's Brutal Interrogation of Jason Emre

After being arrested, gangster Jason Emre is nervously sitting in the interrogation room of the police station. Detective Sean Duran enters and demands that Jason give up the rest of his crew. Jason refuses to snitch out of fear of what will happen to him. Sean informs him they have ways to make him talk but Jason still doesn?t comply. Sean decides to take matters into his own hands and use some non-regulation interrogation techniques. First, Jason is bound to a chair with rope and wearing a blindfold and gag. Sean works Jason?s toned body over with hard smacks from a paddle. To increase the pain level, Detective Duran grabs clothespins to pinch Jason?s skin tight. Jason remains vigilant and doesn?t spill his secrets. Since Jason won?t talk, Sean shoves his cock down the perp?s throat and fucks his mouth. Sean then utilizes jolts from the zapper but all Jason gives him are screams of pain. Next, Sean has the criminal handcuffed and bent over the table. After a brutal paddling and flogging on Jason?s butt, Detective Duran still isn?t getting the information he desires. He determines that he needs to try a different approach to getting Jason to open up. Sean grabs a dildo and plunges it into Jason?s anal cavity. Finally, Sean pulls out his hard cock and fucks the perp until they both blow their loads and Jason agrees to give the Detective what he wants.

Theo Brady in 'SELL THIS HOUSE'


Theo Brady is desperate to sell this house. If he does not close the deal by the end of the week he is going to lose the listing. The problem is this house comes with a bit of a catch, it has a full functioning sex dungeon in it. Theo thinks his luck has finally came through when Ray Diesel seems interested in the home, sex dungeon and all. Ray tells him theres just one thing? He needs to try the dungeon first before he will agree to buy. Ray ties Theo up and starts by stroking his huge cock, taking a moment to put on some black leather gloves. Once Theo is nice and hard Ray starts going to town on Theo?s hard cock with a pump toy, edging Theo so close to orgasm but then stopping him and denying him. Ray flogs the boy and teases his hard cock with the flogger making him beg for more. Horny and eager Theo starts sucking Rays massive cock, deepthroating it and shoving it down as far as he can down his throat. Ray pounds Theo?s tight asshole till he pulls out and cums all over Theo?s hole. Finally he unties Theo so he can jerk himself off and spray his cum all over the dungeon bench.

Christian Wilde in 'The Rest Stop'

Christian Wilde - The Rest Stop

Brock Kniles stumbles in to the wrong truck stop bathroom. He is taking a piss when he notices one of the bathroom?s amenities. A glory hole in the bathroom stall, he quickly gets in and starts stroking his cock waiting for the first stranger to arrive and want to be serviced. Little does Brock know that the cock he is sucking is Christian Wilde?s and this is one of his favorite spots to pick up unsuspecting new toys. Christian ties Brock up and covers his body in clothespins while flogging him and appreciating Brock?s well sculpted muscles. After his corporal punishment Christian starts getting Brock?s holes warmed up and ready for him shoving massive dildos inside of his tight asshole and using a massage gun to drive it in. Brock is begging for cock now so Christian facefucks him and slams his cock down Brocks throat. Christian finally gives Brock what he is begging for and pounds his ass filling his hole with cum. Not about to leave with out seeing Brock blow his load Christian unties him and caresses him as Brock strokes his cock and sprays cum all over.

Gunnar Stone in 'and AJ Sloan: The Man In The Mask'

Gunnar Stone - and AJ Sloan: The Man In The Mask

There are stories going around town about a masked man who is lurking in the woods. He grabs innocent, unsuspecting people and fucks them so good they can never have normal sex again. That is what the townspeople say and now Gunnar Stone is sharing this tale with his mate AJ Sloan who doesn?t believe a word of it. Soon enough while chopping wood AJ is approached by a masked man, taken down and fucked so good he can never have normal sex again! (whatever that is!) Gunnar ties AJ up with rope, whips his ass with a flogger, a paddle, a crop and then fucks him good until they both shoot their hot loads.

Johnny Ford in 'Be Careful What You Read: Johnny Ford Fucks the Demon Out of Brock Kniles'

Johnny Ford - Be Careful What You Read: Johnny Ford Fucks the Demon Out of Brock Kniles

After reading from an ancient book of the dead, Johnny Ford accidently unleashes a demon that takes possession of his friend and roommate Brock Kniles. Johnny is able to take Brock down and tie him in bondage to figure out how to save him. The demon claims if it is satisfied it will leave Brock?s body. Johnny is ready to do whatever it takes, so he starts with dishing out pain. With the demon bound to a chair, Johnny hits it with shocks from the zapper over and over. He moves onto a flogger and after a series of hard smacks, the demon seems to fade away. But it tricks Johnny into untying it and almost escapes. Johnny increases the intensity of the bondage by tying the demon to a ladder. He continues to try pain through flogging and cropping to get rid of the demon, but nothing seems to be working. Desperate, he decides to fuck the demon out of Brock. Johnny grabs a dildo and goes to work on Brock?s possessed ass, but it isn?t quite enough. Next, the demon is tied down to a table and Johnny starts with a device that allows him to shock Brock with just a touch of his fingers. After some more torment, Johnny grabs a thick dildo and stretches his friend?s ass in the hopes that the demon will be released. Determined to save his friend, Johnny ties Brock one last time bent over on a spanking bench and fucks the demon with his massive cock. After shooting his load on Brock?s ass and fucking it back into his friend, it would appear as though Johnny saved his friend?or did he?!