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Dolf Dietrich in 'Ep 5 Threel'

Dolf Dietrich - Ep 5 Threel

?THREEL?. Second Wrestlingmale series and the fourth episode of Skye Man?s Adventures! Our hero ?Triple F? is born: ?Fly, fight and fuck!?, that is his motto! Aerial, steampunk, mocking, playful, and insatiably vain, Skye Man is unclassifiable: sometimes Gatsby the Magnificent, sometimes Alexander the Great, sometimes Lola at the cabaret? no genre but a unique style. Skye Man, like all heroes, is as timeless and universal as good and evil. Without mercy, he abuses his hypnotic power. He fully plays with all his guest fighters? Is 3way hotter?? So, this time, Skye Man has 2 guests again? 2 big beefiest indeed: Dolf Dietrich and Antonio Miracle who have very different stats!? Fight, sleeper, fuck, and more fuck and more sleeper? Woof! The nastiest Wrestlingmale Threel ever!?

Micah Martinez in 'Good Behavior: Inmate Joseph Ox Submits to Officer Micah Martinez'

Micah Martinez - Good Behavior: Inmate Joseph Ox Submits to Officer Micah Martinez

Inmate Joseph Ox is performing his supervised yard duty on a blazing hot day. He begs Officer Micah Martinez for a break from the yard work. Knowing the inmate needs good behavior points, Officer Martinez decides to take advantage of the situation for his own pleasure. Joseph is gagged, tied up with rope and marched back into the yard where Officer Martinez puts the inmate on his hands and knees. Micah strips Joseph?s pants off and rips his underwear open, exposing the inmate?s sexy ass. Officer Martinez fingers with his leather gloves and rims the inmate?s hole. Joseph takes a spanking from a leather paddle and is then brought into an isolated holding cell for more punishment. Next, the inmate has his arms, legs, and cock and balls tied to his bed. Officer Martinez dishes out a brutal round of cock and ball torment using a crop, his night stick, and of course his tight leather gloves. Joseph?s massive cock becomes rock hard from the torment and Micah pulls it straight backwards for a taste. The inmate is tormented further with stinging shocks from the tazapper. Officer Martinez decides to use his nightstick to fuck and stretch the inmate?s ass. Finally, Joseph is brought down to knees to suck Officer Martinez?s dick. Joseph gets his hole pounded out and bred by Officer Martinez and then the inmate jerks himself off till he shoots a fat load of cum on the floor of his cell.

Father Gallo in 'Gallo: Secrets of the Priesthood'

Father Gallo - Gallo: Secrets of the Priesthood

Father Gallo has been condemned for his sloppy practices with the boys, but the young priest simply won?t heed the warnings. The Priesthood has many fail-safe methods in place that keep priests from having their indiscretions with the boys of St. Patrick?s discovered. However, the more Gallo ignores these guidelines, the more he puts himself and the entire Priesthood at risk. Some of the higher-ups have suggested that the man be transferred, or seen more severely, excommunicated altogether. But Father Fiore knows how much potential Gallo has. He has seen the man work wonders with the boys, and he feels that losing his talent would be an incredible mistake. So, he fights for the man. On a mission of mercy, he enters Father Gallo?s office to convey the recent news. In Confession, one of the boys has indicated that Gallo has touched him inappropriately. Of course, the priests talk about the transgression using the coded language they are so accustomed to. But there is a tacit understanding that Gallo must be more careful. These boys must be sworn to secrecy or the entire structure could come tumbling down. Gallo is upset, even frightened by the warning, but he quickly comes to realize that Fiore is on his side. Fiore leans in to kiss the man, reassuring him of his safety. Gallo returns the compassion, touching Fiore?s body tenderly. He unzips his pants and pulls out his cock, and Fiore wraps his wet lips around the head of his dick. Fiore gives Gallo a loving blowjob and bends him over his desk to dish out his punishment. Gallo spreads his legs, and Fiore stuffs his butt with his throbbing boner. Then, he climbs on top of Fiore?s member and rocks up and down until he receives a splash of sperm on his ass. Gallo is safe for now.

Mr. Garcia in 'The Report Card'

Mr. Garcia - The Report Card

Tomas has been trying to get his grades up, but it?s never enough for his stern stepdad. When he shows his pop his less-than-stellar report card, the old man decides some harsh punishment is needed. He pulls his pants down and grimaces as the old man spanks him. But for some reason, his cock starts getting hard. His stepdaddy notices that the boy is getting turned on, so he takes his punishment to the next level. He eats Tomas? ass hole sloppily, before sticking his fat cock in the boy?s mouth. Then, the boy sits on his stepdaddy?s dick, riding him until Mr. Garcia shoots his load all over Tomas? face. Maybe next time, he will study a little harder!

Calvin Banks in 'Social Pressure Part 2'

Calvin Banks - Social Pressure Part 2

The Social Pressure is on!Influencers Calvin Banks and Paul Cannon go beyond their sexual limits as they compete in the hottest online challenges:Round 1: Blow 2 strangers at once within an hour.Round 2: Bottom for a Daddy in public.Final Round: The rivalry climaxes. It?s Calvin VS. Paul in the Edge Challenge Showdown! Whoever cums first, wins!Hit that Like button!



?I CAN SEE YOUR PRE-CUM OOZING OUT.It?s been a bad week.  You had a stroke and feel terrible, in fact, you can?t even move!  To make matters worse the doctor said that if you Cum there is a strong possibility that you will pass away.  Therefore, in an effort to make sure you don?t get sexually aroused, you have locked yourself in chastity. Unfortunately, your sexy busty Milfy wife, Bella, knows where the key is.  She comes into your bedroom dressed in extremely provocative Lingerie with the key. It turns out that she no longer wants or needs you around. She has a brand-new lover, and your presence is only getting in the way. Also, it turns out that she is the main beneficiary of your will. Now she is going to use her Soft Giant Natural Titties all over your cock, along with her hands and her nice Plump Ass. It is a recipe for your Doom.?

Benvi in 'Gets Payback With Max Adonis's Ass'

Benvi - Gets Payback With Max Adonis's Ass

When Benvi catches Max Adonis skimming the tip pool at work Max has to pay with his ass. First time doming at Kink Benvi takes charge right away to set his friend straight. Tied up, blindfolded and on his knees Max gets the crop on his nipples, clothespins on his tongue and nuts and a mouth full of Benvi?s cock to pay back his debt. Then gagged and suspended Max gets his asshole licked, caned and fucked hard while Benvi laughs and reminds him that he has a lot to pay back. Finally bent over and tied to a table Benvi gives Max a good beating with the paddle and fucks his thievin? ass until he blows his load and then makes Max get off for him.

Ethan Sinn in 'HOT CUM STUD'

Ethan Sinn - HOT CUM STUD

Ethan Sinn is a handyman stud who is working on a kitchen remodel. Van Darkholme and his little buddy Vincent O?Reilly are unskilled day laborers who are about to be laid off. With nothing to lose they decide to have some fun with Ethan before they are escorted off the premises. Ethan finds himself blindfolded and bound in rope. He?s angry that his work has been interrupted, but Vincent?s soft hands rubbing on Ethan?s crotch distract him. Van rips away Ethan?s clothes, cutting away the underwear that conceals Ethan?s majestic cock. Ethan goes quiet as Vincent licks his cock and plays with his big, hairy ballsack. Soon he is rocking his hips to Vince?s masterful strokes. Ready to cum, but instead he?s left alone. They move Ethan to an unfinished back room where nobody will hear anything. Clover clamps on his nipples, his arms bound tightly behind his back. Even his balls are bound by rope. Vincent strokes Ethans cock. It?s hard erect and filled with cum ready to explode. Vincent sucks hard on that cock until Van yanks the clover clamps. Pain before pleasure. A ball gag is stuffed in Ethan?s mouth. He?s too loud. Vincent strokes and licks the giant, rock hard monolith between Ethan?s muscular thighs. His purple balls are tight with cum, ready to explode but not yet. Ethan is tied to the island in the kitchen. Legs held up and apart by rope. His arms tied to the sides. Ass exposed wide. Van and Vincent continue to stroke Ethan?s cock. A dildo is ready to fuck his ass, bringing him to the edge. Van makes Ethan?s cock explode with cum, shooting out across his stomach. Finally, Van and Vincent leave Ethan tied to the kitchen island, knowing other construction workers will find him soon enough.

Tomas Petruj in 'Hot Ass - TOMAS PETRUJ'

Tomas Petruj - Hot Ass - TOMAS PETRUJ

Tomas Petruj is a very sexy guy. He looks wonderful as he lies, naked, on the bed, wanking himself. He keeps wanking as a helping hand arrives and begins to feel over that sexy chest. Then the hands drip oil onto Tomas? cock. The oil is rubbed over the cock and onto Tomas? chest too. The hands rub the cock and the balls too. The stiff cock is wanked as Tomas lays back and enjoys it. Then his legs are raised into the air, showing off his hot ass hole. Tomas holds his legs up as a hand rubs over his tight hole. His cock is wanked too as a finger probes the hot ass hole. That finger fucks deeper into the ass, moving in and out in time with the wanking of his big cock. Then the finger is removed so that hole can be examined again. Soon the fingering is happening again, fucking hard into that hot ass hole. Tomas? cock stays hard as his hole is stretched by one finger, and then by two. The two fingers push into the tight hole, then come out so more oil can be applied. Then those fingers are shoved deep into the ass and they fuck in and out. The fingering fucks hard and fast in that hole, pulling out and shoving all the way in again. A thumb easily slips into the hole too. Tomas? cock is wanked as well as his hole is working so well. Then it is time for a dildo in his ass and it is pushed deep inside, sliding in so easily. That hole opens up to take each notch of the shaped dildo as it fucks in and out. After pulling out the dildo his hole is inspected again and he turns over, onto his knees. That still gives access to the hot ass hole and a much thicker and longer dildo soon slides inside. That hole opens up well to take the big toy as it is fucked into the ass. Tomas? hands spread his ass cheeks as the big dildo works his hot hole. That dildo pushes deep in the ass and fucks it hard. Tomas? cock is wanked between his legs as his hot ass is worked hard. The hole gapes a little as the big dildo pulls out and then shoves inside again. The fucking gets harder and faster, going so deep in the hole. The hands then spread the ass to open the hole for inspection. Then the fingers start working the hole. 4 fingers slip into the ass hole and push in up to the knuckles. Then the gaping hole is shown again with more fingering before Tomas turns over onto his back. His stiff cock is oiled and he grabs it and starts to wank it hard as the hands run over his hot body. As his balls tighten at the base of his thick shaft Tomas wanks hard and shoots a big, creamy, load of cum.

Mason Anderson in 'Yes Father: In The Dormitory'

Mason Anderson - Yes Father: In The Dormitory

As young Dakota experiences the ups and downs of his enrollment at St. Patrick?s Catholic School, he gains exposure to the inner workings of the priests. Thus far, he has seen far past their outward appearances, into their secret desires and dark cravings. He too has explored his own need for their touch, enjoying pleasures that he could never have imagined. In his waking moments, he finds himself fantasizing about the priests, replaying scenarios over and over in his head. They keep him up at night as he longs for the warm embrace of one of the religious men. The comfort of having one of the priests close to him has been unmatched. He will not rest until he knows the touch of another. Today, he interacts with one of his colleagues at the school, young Mason. Mason has also experienced special moments with the priests. Thus far, he has vowed to serve them any way he can, whether that be spiritually, emotionally, or sexually. He tends towards the younger priests, but has also had desires to feel an older man?s embrace. But he has never had sexual interactions with one of his classmates at St. Patrick?s. At least not until today. Whenever Mason looks Dakota?s way, his heart starts to race. The feelings seem to come out of nowhere, but when they surface, they come on strong. Soon, he and Dakota are wrapped in each other?s love, enjoying the intimate moments spent together. Their cocks get stiff as they rub against each other, savoring every second. The orgasmic sensation washes over them as Mason fucks Dakota gently, making sure not to be too loud so as not to get caught. If their secret rendez vous was ever discovered, they are sure they?d be expelled immediately. But as long as they can trust each other, their passion can burn on forever? A Yes Father Original Movie.

Lukas Stone in 'House Arrest'

Lukas Stone - House Arrest

Lukas? stepdad is finally home from a long prison sentence, and the horny boy could not be more excited. After all, he has been fantasizing about his badass stepdad creaming his hole for months now! While Logan is on house arrest, he catches up on father-son bonding time with his sexy son by fucking his face. Then, the kid spreads his legs for his old man to drill his tight hole. The boy moans as his hung daddy fucks deep into his gut, bareback. Finally, the scruffy stud is welcomed home with open arms as he drowns Lukas with his cum! House arrest has never been so fun!

Logan McCree in 'The One and Only Logan McCree'

Logan McCree - The One and Only Logan McCree

The world famous Logan McCree has taken a break from videos and he?s living a quiet life in Europe. We?re in Berlin and our German producer happens to be friends with Logan. By pure chance and incredible luck, we have Logan for MOE and BG. As stated in the interview, Logan doesn?t take BDSM lightly. He practices it in real life and we are the first company that he trusts with this genre. Logan is in bondage for the first time on video. It was simply magical on the set with him. Enjoy!

Paul Cannon in 'Social Pressure Part 1'

Paul Cannon - Social Pressure Part 1

The Social Pressure is on!Influencers Calvin Banks and Paul Cannon go beyond their sexual limits as they compete in the hottest online challenges:Round 1: Blow 2 strangers at once within an hour.Round 2: Bottom for a Daddy in public.Final Round: The rivalry climaxes. It?s Calvin VS. Paul in the Edge Challenge Showdown! Whoever cums first, wins!Hit that Like button!

Cliff Jensen in 'To Love, Honor and Obey'

Cliff Jensen - To Love, Honor and Obey

Christian Wilde adds new meaning to the sentiment ?To Love, Honor and Obey? when he and Derek Kage tie the knot and consumate their marriage with Cliff Jensen in a super hot three-way. Derek thinks now that he and Christian are married there will be no more gangbangs and no more sex parties, just the two of them ?til death do us part ? but Mr. Wilde has other ideas about their union. Time to play! Derek finds himself tied up and gagged with a cage on his cock as Cliff and Christian tease and torment their little plaything with verbal humiliation, flogging, spanking and electro-play. Even though he didnt know what he was getting into cock hungry slut Derek is secretly thrilled about this new arrangement where he gets all the attention and all the dick he can handle. Tied up in several fetching positions Derek suffers and obeys as Christian and Cliff use his holes for their pleasure. With wax play, paddling, cock-sucking, harrdcore sex, DP and three loads of cum!

Etienne Erik in 'First To Top'

Etienne Erik - First To Top

Etienne and John face each other in the return match from Paris Rough House Assault 18 ?Finger in the Ass?!?. The rule of submission is particularly vicious and unedited again: the wrestler who submits does not win the sexual trophy? On the contrary, the first one who manages to penetrate his opponent wins the fight!? This combat is fully oiled!? Here, the fight and Fuck are definitely? 2inOne!

Roman Todd in 'Adventure Oasis: Roman Todd and Rodrigo Amore'

Roman Todd - Adventure Oasis: Roman Todd and Rodrigo Amore

Roman Todd takes a much needed vacation to a tropical resort that advertises that anyone can fulfil their fantasies there. Upon arrival, Roman checks in and meets the owner, Rodrigo Amore. Rodrigo welcomes Roman and assures him that all his stress will melt away. Rodrigo shows him around. They flirt and Rodrigo reveals that he?s into being roughed-up a little during sex. At the pool, Roman slips on leather gloves, creeps up from behind Rodrigo, and takes him down. Rodrigo gets blindfolded and tied to pool-side lounge-chair. Roman zaps Rodrigo?s body with electricity and it gets Rodrigo?s big dick rock-hard. Roman gets naked and sits on Rodrigo?s fat cock and fucks himself with it. He hits Rodrigo with a leather paddle and makes him get on all fours to get fucked. Roman whips his body with a flogger while he fucks Rodrigo?s ass raw. After that, Roman beats his ass with a wooden paddle and shoves his cock down Rodrigo?s throat. In the final scene, Roman ties up Rodrigo on his back with his legs spread. Roman pounds Rodrigo?s ass deep and hard while he hits him with a crop, and unleashes his load.

Father Fiore in 'YesFather: Confession'

Father Fiore - YesFather: Confession

Since young Dakota has been having secret sexual affairs with the priests at St. Thomas Catholic School, he has become more and more confused. On the one hand, they teach that chastity is the path to righteousness and that any boy who commits the sin of sex before marriage must ask for forgiveness from the Almighty. However, time and time again, the priests have seduced him into wicked sexual acts. And while he loves every second of the lascivious encounters, afterward he is left in a cloud of confusion, unsure of himself and his purity. To curtail his guilt, the boy confesses to Father Fiore in the church. In the darkness of the Confession booth, he feels safe enough to confront himself with his actions. He admits that he?s had sex with the priests and that he is likely to do it again. This is music to Father Fiore?s ears. The pervy old man pulls out his uncut boner and begins to stroke himself in the privacy of his own Confession booth. But he can tell the boy is in the midst of a spiritual struggle, so he offers a bit of a distraction. Venturing into the world of physical pleasures is sometimes the best medicine for a lost soul. Fiore sticks his cock through a slot in the confession booth, instructing Dakota to bend down and suck it. Dakota does so, savoring the flavor of Father Fiore?s meaty dick. Then, the boy takes a turn, delivering his dick through the slot so the older man can lick and suck to his heart?s content. Finally, Fiore joins the boy in his booth and stuffs his throbbing penis in Dakota?s eager asshole. The boy sits on the holy man?s boner and bounces until the man is ready to burst. Then, he gets a warm injection of cum in his aching rim. It appears Dakota has, even more, to mull over, now?

Jesse Stone in 'EXCITED TO SERVE'


Today Jesse Stone will be known only as Eight-Zero-Seven. Derek Cage is not impressed with 807 and his tiny penis locked away in a chastity cage (all slaves must wear them in the compound). 807 licks Derek?s boots. Derek is not impressed, he has some training to do today. Derek peppers 807?s ass with a crop. That pale pink ass is going to get red today. Derek presses his vibrator against the chastity cage and 807s balls. 807 squirms under the intense vibration. His cock has nowhere to go, no way to expand beyond it?s plastic confinement. Derek finds 807?s dick sucking skills pathetic. Derek is hard to please, even when his cock is balls deep down 807?s narrow throat. Derek applies the crop, demanding to see 807?s cocksucking skills. The crop lands across 807?s bare back. Derek spanks his slave?s ass red before sliding his cock in 807?s puckered asshole. Grab your ankles! 807 is bound in rope, arms tied behind his back and mouth gagged. Derek advances with two floggers. He removes the chastity cage, freeing 807?s soft, moist penis. Derek?s strong man hands stroke 807?s dick until it?s a full, hard cock and ready to explode with cum. Derek stops. Now it?s time for the floggers. Even 807?s hard cock is not spared the sting of the floggers. Now 807 is tied face down on a bench, ass exposed for Derek?s pleasure. A rope holds 807s head up so Derek can face fuck him. Derek compliments his guest on how well he suffered today before plunging his thick cock into 807s tender, pink butt. Derek kindly strokes 807s cock, allowing him to cum while being assfucked. Derek saves his own load for 807?s mouth. 807 swallows it all, grateful for the attention Derek has shown him today.

Apollo Fates in 'Christian Wilde and Apollo Fates: I Know What You Need'

Apollo Fates - Christian Wilde and Apollo Fates: I Know What You Need

Apollo Fates is a CEO in his day-to-day life and is constantly making decisions and ordering people around. He seeks an escape from these entrapments and to turn over all control of himself to another man. Luckily, Apollo is able to schedule a last-minute appointment to see Dom Christian Wilde. Once they meet, Apollo is nervous and unable to articulate the specifics of what he is seeking beyond total submission. But Christian, with his years of experience, knows exactly what someone like Apollo needs. In the first part of their session, Christian gags and ties Apollo up, cutting off the CEO?s business clothes to further strip him from that reality. He explains that Apollo is going to be nothing more than a cock-craving sex-object to be used. With his tight leather gloves, Christian smacks Apollo?s toned body to warm-up his skin. Apollo?s cock is rock-hard as Christian crops the sub?s body with precise strikes. Christian pinches Apollo?s skin with clothespins that he knocks off one by one with the crop. He graciously allows the sub to sniff and taste his cock. In the next part of their session, Apollo is standing blindfolded and bound in rope, balancing on one leg with the other in a frog tie. Christian gives the sub?s ass a solid flogging and then stretches Apollo?s hole out with a dildo to get it ready for some real dick. He pulls out his thick cock from his leather pants and rails the sub?s tight hole. In the final part, Apollo is bent over and tied down to a spanking-horse. After another round of flogging, Christian fucks Apollo till he shoots an immense load of cum all over the sub?s ass. Christian milks the sub?s cock with his leather gloves and completely drains his balls. Apollo is in ecstasy after being served everything he didn?t know he needed from Christian.

Julian Waits in 'Good Form'

Julian Waits - Good Form

Sweet Julian wants to build some muscle so he can look more like his beefy stepdad, but he has no experience in the gym. To make sure the little guy doesn?t embarrass himself, his old man teaches him a few things about good form. He watches his stepson do some squats, keeping a hungry eye on the kid?s cute butt. When he notices the boy?s cock is pressing against the inside of his shorts, the old man fondles his boner and spreads his eager asscheeks. Then, he slides his cock inside the boy?s tight asshole, fucking him raw while he grunts aggressively. Finally, the kid teases a juicy nut from his stepdad?s girthy rod!

Morgan Black in 'The Cabin Series 4 - Bound and Fucked in the Woods'

Morgan Black - The Cabin Series 4 - Bound and Fucked in the Woods

Unaware that madman Ricky Sinz has been prowling outside their cabin, Tyler Alexander and his late father?s best friend, Morgan Black, head up the ridge on a long hike in the woods. Ricky is stalking them along the way. When Tyler goes to take a piss, Ricky senses his chance. He takes both men down and ties them to stakes on top of the ridge. Morgan is helpless as he?s made to watch Tyler suck Ricky?s cock. Ricky drags them down out of the hot sun and tied to a forked tree begins flogging them. Morgan asks to take Tyler?s pain so Ricky flogs him hard then fucks both their asses. With Tyler tied to a branch Ricky makes Morgan fuck him until he reluctantly cums all over Tyler?s ass. Will Tyler and Morgan be the same after their trip to the cabin?

Alpha Wolfe in 'Whatever It Takes: Alpha Wolfe and Sage Roux'

Alpha Wolfe - Whatever It Takes: Alpha Wolfe and Sage Roux

Sage Roux has enlisted in Alpha Wolfe?s training on how to be a man. Alpha has one rule and it?s ?You do whatever it takes!?. Alpha makes him roll spools of wire all day and when he finally asks for a break, Alpha takes him to the ground. After that, Sage finds himself standing naked, bound to a metal frame outside in the hot sun. Alpha clips clothespins all over Sage?s pale hairless body and slaps them off with a leather paddle. After that, Alpha whips out his hog and fucks Sage?s tight ass right there out in the open.

Aiden Langston in 'The Beginning: Christian Wilde and Aiden Langston'

Aiden Langston - The Beginning: Christian Wilde and Aiden Langston

House dom Christian Wilde retires to his living quarters where he unexpectedly finds youngAiden Langston, the new House Servant. Christian is not impressed. Aiden shall be known fromnow on as Slave no. 437. Time to inspect the slut. No experience, but he claims to know how touse his mouth. 437 is ordered to undress. On his knees, hands behind his back, eyes forward.Christian holds the crop and uses it on 437. Next he grips 437?s shaved balls. Stretched andslapped with the crop. This little sub has sensitive balls. All of Christian?s slaves must havestrong balls. Christian brings out the Humbler, a large device that holds 437?s balls in a tightclamp. Then, with a collar around his neck, 437 is led away on all fours like a dog. In thekitchen, Christian spreads 437?s ass cheeks wide, admiring his sub?s gaping butt hole.Christian shoves his hard cock deep into that whore hole and butt fucks his little sub. Now 437is in rope bondage, tied up in the bedroom. Christian takes the flogger to 437?s soft, tenderflesh. 437 survives the flogger and is rewarded with Christian?s cock. Throat fucking followed bymore flogging, until 437?s ass is bright pink. Next his balls are gripped tight and the flogger isaimed at his cock. Brutal flogging on his cock and balls. No escape! 437 finds himself tied to thebed, cock and balls wound tight with rope. Christian drips hot wax on 437?s chest, belly, cockand balls. His purple balls are now coated black with wax. Now 437 is rewarded with more facefucking. Christian spreads 437?s legs wide and fucks his ass. He cums all over 437?s ass hole,before allowing the sub to clean off Christian?s cock with his mouth.

Guillem Ramos in 'Half Final 2'

Guillem Ramos - Half Final 2

First Wrestlingmale series and ninth episode of Michael Roman and Seth Santoro?s adventures! Etienne Erik needs a fuckandfight coach for his fighter?s team. Michael and Seth want the job but there is only one place to fill? Etienne offers them to compete against each other: each will be in charge of coaching 6 wrestlers from the wrestling male team. At the end of this competition, the coach of the winning team will be hired? Etienne is very satisfied with Michael and Seth?s respective performances in episode 1? The coaches each performed a training match in episodes 2 and 3. Then, they proceeded to 2 eliminations within their own respective team. Now, it is time again for competition in the second Half Final though only one fighter will go to the final competition!? Which guy from which team will win this access with his coach??

Markus Kage in 'The Daddy Sitter Scene 3'

Markus Kage - The Daddy Sitter Scene 3

Hot twink Jake Nobello is The Daddy-Sitter! Part 3 - Poker night with the guys, and Jake is the butt of a Daddy Gangbang!

Mason Anderson in 'Talk Therapy'

Mason Anderson - Talk Therapy

Little Anderson is filled with questions about his growing body, and who better to turn to for answers than his loving stepdad? He tells his muscular old man about the boners he has been getting at night, and his pop reassures him that it?s perfectly normal. To make sure the boy doesn?t feel alone, he pulls out his own rock-hard cock for the kid to play with. Anderson licks his stepdad?s dick like a lollipop, savoring every inch. Then, he bounces on the old man?s girthy rod for a bareback cock ride! Hopefully, this deeply intimate talk answers all of Anderson?s questions?

Yinnie DeDom in 'Meet Me In The Backroom'

Yinnie DeDom - Meet Me In The Backroom

Yinnie DeDom is as his name suggests usually the one to give out the punishment but today we get to share with you this super hot scene where Yinnie completely submits to Chris Damned. Yinnie is prowling the club looking for a hook up when he gets bored and decides to make his way to the pool area to have a smoke. Chris Damned comes over and sits in the chair across from him and lights up. It only takes seconds for the guys to lock eyes with one another and start getting horny stroking their cocks. Yinnie is there to get slutted out and cant control himself he walks over and starts sucking Chris?s huge cock right there on the side of the pool. Chris eats Yinnie?s ass until he pops up and whispers in Yinnie?s ear ?Meet me in the backroom.? When Chris gets Yinnie to the dungeon the punishment begins with Yinnie tied up to the wall with his arms to his sides and Chris uses his cane on Yinnie to soften him up. It becomes clear quickly that Yinnie DeDom can give out pain but no one is a bigger pain slut than himself. Begging Chris for more and thanking him with each crack of his flogger across his chest. Chris brings Yinnie to the point of having a paingasm. Shaking and panting Chris passionately kisses Yinnie before moving him to his next position. Yinnie is suspended from his legs and arms with his head hanging freely backwards the perfect position for Chris to work him over with his crop while fucking Yinnie?s throat like a cock hungry slut. Chris takes the spit from the back of Yinnies throat and uses it as lube to get a quick footjob. Yinnie gets his tight asshole stretched out by Chris?s massive cock until Chris pulls out and shoots a huge load all over Yinnie?s ass. Finally Chris unties Yinny and chokes him while Yinnie jerks himself off and sprays cum everywhere.

Derek Kage in 'Silent Hill Delirium: Part 4'

Derek Kage - Silent Hill Delirium: Part 4

With a snap of his fingers, Christian Wilde has Derek Kage bound in rope to a suspended chain-link fence. In order for Derek to find his truth, he must endure the torment and bondage. Christian covers Derek?s body in clothespins and hits him hard with a leather paddle. Derek?s cries make Christian?s dick hard and so he fucks Derek?s whining mouth. Christian zaps him with electricity and then hangs him in a one-legged rope suspension. Christian stretches his hole with a dragon dildo and then slides his big fat cock deep inside, fucking the cum right out of him. Christian beats Derek with a cane and then blows his massive load, concluding the transition.Silent Hill Delirium SERIES MAIN PAGESilent Hill Delirium Part 1Silent Hill Delirium Part 2Silent Hill Delirium Part 3

Father Romeo in 'Marcus: Penance'

Father Romeo - Marcus: Penance

When Father Romeo looks at sweet Marcus, he gets a warm sensation in his chest. Something about the boy reminds him of himself when he was younger. He struggled with his identity and had a hard time keeping his entire inner life a secret from his family and friends. Even by the time he was old enough to live his own life and make his own decisions, he had been so accustomed to hiding his true identity that he simply could not let it surface. That is why he entered the priesthood, hoping to serve as a good Catholic and a beacon unto the lord. At the same time, the rules of the priesthood would prevent him from ever having to explain why he never brings women home to his parents. He can tell that the same internal conflict that drove him towards religion is storming inside of young Marcus, and he hopes to provide him some comfort in his struggles. He wants to lead the boy to greener pastures, to help him prosper at St. Patrick?s Catholic School, but no matter how I favor the young man, he cannot allow the boy to break the rules. So, when he calls Marcus in for a meeting regarding his candidacy to become an altar boy, he has to be honest and direct with him. News of Marcus?s transgressions has traveled fast amongst the higher-ups at the school. At this point, it is widely understood that the boy stole the altar wine and used it for less-than-holy purposes. This is a major offense and a great disrespect to the sanctity of the Church. The only way that Marcus can redeem himself after such an act is to give himself fully to the tutelage of Father Romeo. Only Romeo can guide the boy toward repentance. The first step is corporal punishment. Romeo bends the boy over his knee and gives him some sharp spanks to engrain the lesson into his mind and body. He then shoves a toy down the boy?s throat, making him choke and gag. He plugs the boy?s sweet asshole with the dildo and then replaces it with his thick, pulsing boner. The boy moans and squeals as his virgin asshole is penetrated for the first time. Romeo then spits in Marcus?s face to make sure this is a lesson he never forgets! It seems that with Father Romeo?s help, Marcus will be able to move past his mistakes after all.

Devin Franco in 'JUST A NUMBER'

Devin Franco - JUST A NUMBER

Devin Franco has bound his new sub Logan Aarons with rope, put a hood on his head and placed him on a tree stump. Today Logan will only be known by his number. One-two-zero. 120?s arms are bound behind his back. He cannot do anything when Devin grabs his cock. Devin fondles, gropes and slaps this cock. The hood comes off and 120 must recite the Cock Creed. Devin busies himself placing clothespins on his sub?s testicles and nipples. Then he uses a crop to knock off those clothespins, causing considerable pain to the one known as 120. Now this sub is on his back, still bound in rope. His legs are suspended up in the air, exposing his tender anus to any and all disturbances. Devin takes advantage of the situation by sliding his hard cock deep into 120?s ass. It feels amazing but Devin will inflict more pain before any more pleasure. 120 must now stand. His mouth is gagged to stifle any screams, his hands tied over his head, his cock bound tight in rope. Devin uses his flogger against this sub?s soft flesh. He loves to see the poor lad struggle to absorb the pain without breaking. Devin relaxes on the tree stump, allowing 120 to suck his cock. Next 120 is allowed to straddle his master and Devin fucks him again. Devin amuses himself with a zapper, making sure 120 doesn?t enjoy himself too much. Devin shoots his load. 120 is allowed to jack himself off at the feet of his master, being careful to lick the cum off his master?s boots.

Kieron Ryan in 'Please Let Me Take His Pain, Sir'

Kieron Ryan - Please Let Me Take His Pain, Sir

Sebastian and Kieron are both experienced on Bound In Public so they?re brought down to the dungeon to see what they can take from Master Avery and the demands of over 100 members in the chat. The boys confess to their deepest fears and Van puts Kieron to the test with the single tail. After Kieron is too afraid to continue Sebastian steps up and takes the brunt of the whip?s punishment. Then, hooded and tied to the electric ball crusher, Master Avery shocks their balls and holes as he fucks their mouths with his hard cock. Van flogs Sebastian into submission helping him to realize why he loves BDSM, and finally the boys are fucked hard in tight bondage and lick the Masters? loads off of each others bodies.

Ryan Bones in 'The Daddy Sitter Scene 2'

Ryan Bones - The Daddy Sitter Scene 2

Hot twink Jake Nobello is The Daddy-Sitter! Part 2 - Looking for a stiff drink, Jake gets a stiff dick from Daddy instead!