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Pierce Paris in 'No Pain No Gain: Vincent O'Reilly Takes Pierce Paris' Monster Cock'

Pierce Paris - No Pain No Gain: Vincent O'Reilly Takes Pierce Paris' Monster Cock

Vincent O'Reilly signed up to work out with trainer Pierce Paris but once he catches a glance at Pierce's massive cock he has other things on his mind. At the start of their session, Pierce is eager to train his latest recruit, but his enthusiasm wanes as he realizes Vincent just isn't interested in putting in the work. Vincent is mouthy and lazy and finally Pierce has enough and throws Vincent over his shoulder to teach him a lesson. He ties Vincent up and torments his sensitive nipples. He flogs Vincent's cute ass until Vincent agrees to behave. Vincent moans as Pierce's cock stretches his tight hole open. Eventually Vincent takes every inch of his trainer's huge dick and begs for more.

Colby Tucker in 'Picture Perfect, Part 1 RAW'

Colby Tucker - Picture Perfect, Part 1 RAW

Cameraman Nick Fitt is amazed by the terrific photography space he has just acquired. However, it comes with a catch; some say it?s haunted, taking on a new ?life? under the darkness of night. Intrigued but not deterred, he carries on with the shoot, only to discover a presence slowly unveiling itself. Soon Nick comes face to face and dick to ass with a stranger in a deliciously sexual dream. Or was it even a dream?

Dominic Pacifico in 'Good Little Bitch Boy: Dominic Pacifico takes Lucas Leon's Hungry Hole'

Dominic Pacifico - Good Little Bitch Boy: Dominic Pacifico takes Lucas Leon's Hungry Hole

Blindfolded, bound and muzzled with a rubber lip gag Lucas Leon is Dominic Pacifico's Good Little Bitch Boy. After copping a feel of Lucas's meaty, hairy chest Dominic attaches nipple clamps and demands this cock hungry whore to suck his dick. Then he sucks Lucas Leon's uncut cock and gives Lucas his first time sounding. Lots of nipple play keeps Lucas hot and willing to give Dominic anything he wants. Tied down on a leather chair Mr Bitch Boy Lucas endures flogging, spanking, ass eating and then straight up hardcore fucking.Then flipped over on his back Dominic stretches Lucas's asshole out with a solid pounding until he cums inside bitch boy's hungry hole and Lucas shoots his hot load.

Les Moore in 'Anything To Make Her Happy'

Les Moore - Anything To Make Her Happy

YOU WILL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE WIFEY HAPPY. So you're going to do whatever she wants because she tells you to. Cuckold Wife Diamond keeps hubby's cock locked up. That way he's more willing to please her. She doesn't let him touch his cock or have sex. In the mean time, She goes out and Fucks Everybody. She brings home a new Stud and if Hubby wants to ever get out of chastity, he's going to have to suck his cock. She pulls out her big tits and rubs her pussy against him and the cock down his throat.

Alexander Syden in 'Alexander Becomes A Bottom Slave'

Alexander Syden - Alexander Becomes A Bottom Slave

Cute little Alexander Syden was found by the crew outside his performing arts college - he?d missed his bus and was keen to accept a lift. Little did he know he was going to get down and dirty with hot new crew member Kenzie Madison, who inflicts punishment upon the shy boy and has him begging for mercy long before the experience is over.

Ari Koyote in 'Bad Bunny: Ari Coyote Is Too Horny For Easter'

Ari Koyote - Bad Bunny: Ari Coyote Is Too Horny For Easter

Ari Koyote is a bad Easter bunny. Instead of preparing for the big day, Ari decides to indulge his hunger for getting fucked. He puts clover clamps on his nipples and positions the fucking machine at perfect height to give him a good hard pounding. He turns up the machine and cums hard. Next he spreads his legs and fucks himself with a vibrator. He's so turned on he squirts all over himself again and again until he's a very sticky, very sated bunny.

Garrett Cooper in 'Elder Lindsay: Chapter 4 - Inspection RAW'

Garrett Cooper - Elder Lindsay: Chapter 4 - Inspection RAW

Elder Lindsay is new to the mission, but he has the confidence of an experienced missionary. With his good looks and charming personality, people are always happy to give him what he wants. Naturally he?s pretty cocky. On his first day as a missionary he brazenly seduces his mission companion and takes the boy?s virginity. Elder Lindsay thinks he can keep this transgression secret, but it?s not long before the two boys are at it again. Only this time, Elder Lindsay?s confidence leads to carelessness and he?s caught. But his church leaders don?t put an end to his erotic exploration - they introduce him to Mormonism?s gay sex cult, sure that the boy has what it takes to be one of them!

Pierre Alexander in 'ADDITIONAL SERVICES'


Andy Star has just inherited a mansion and comes to the house with his notary, Pierre Alexander, to look around and sign the official paperwork. After signing, Andy asks if Pierre offers any additional services ? like accounting and perhaps some extra ?work?. While Pierre may seem reserved at first, Andy knows that he?ll be up for it. And, the raw fucking and cum facial that ensues proves it.

Dillon Diaz in 'Harder, Sir: Part One'

Dillon Diaz - Harder, Sir: Part One

Sensory deprivation, heavy bondage and pain make Tony Orlando a happy boy. Tony Orlando is wrapped up and bound in heavy metal chains with just his feet, cock, and nose exposed. Clad in leather with his muscles rippling, Dillon Diaz strides up to Tony and inspects his cock. It's hard already and dribbling thick sticky strands of precum. Dillon edges Tony before bringing out the crop. He spares no mercy cropping Tony's cock, balls, chest, and ass. Tony cries for more even as he twists away from the sting of his Sir's crop. Dillon rips open the plastic wrap covering Tony's ass and gives his boy a firm bare-handed spanking before edging Tony to an explosive orgasm. Tony cleans Dillon's cum-covered fingers and gets promised a good hard fuck. To be continued…

Nathaniel Bronze in 'Str8 Nathaniel Gets Waxed'

Nathaniel Bronze - Str8 Nathaniel Gets Waxed

Nathaniel is helpless to fight back when Leroy Dale sets upon him. This time its hot candle wax dripped from only inches above Nathaniel?s buff, muscular body. Held down by Leroy, Nathaniel is only just able to flinch each time the hot wax stings his naked skin. Sadistic Leroy can?t leave the waxing to just Nathaniel?s upper body and is determined to see whether the straight hunk can deal with more pain. Leroy lowers his sights and starts dripping the red hot wax on Nathaniel?s vulnerable cock head and balls.ADDITIONAL IMAGES INCLUDED IN THE ZIP DOWNLOAD

Adam Knox in 'FILTHY FUCKERS: Adam Knox and Sean Stavos'

Adam Knox - FILTHY FUCKERS: Adam Knox and Sean Stavos

Dark-haired Sean Stavos has had enough kissing: ?Suck that cock!? he demands to smooth and tattooed Adam Knox, a boy-next-door with a high-and-tight haircut. As Sean feeds his big dick to Adam, spit drips down the sucker?s chin. He gets wetter as the verbal Sean pisses on his chestbefore feeding him again (?Swallow my cock!?). As the eager sucker works Sean?s dick into a slick mess, his own boner throbs. Adam eats Sean before sucking him some more, his face getting a dick whip. Now bending Adam over a leather box, Sean grinds his rock-hard shaft on his bud?ssmooth hole. His hot tongue stretched from his sultry lips, Sean eats Adam before fucking him. With his own boner splayed out on the edge of the box, Adam gets a deep ramming. ?Squeeze my cock!? demands the top, who turns Adam on his back for more and pulls him up for a kiss.Sean soon mounts the box and grinds his hole on Adam?s slippery dick?then sits down on it. The two prove they?re experts in both positions, taking turns doing the work in a fast fuck where Adam?s cock disappears. A stunning shot captures Sean?s hard shaft bouncing up and down offAdam?s stomach as the top rams him from below. Sean squirts on Adam?s chest, then strokes his bud while fucking him with a dildo. Adam?s abs tighten as the two stare at each other?leading to another sweet load that soaks him even more, a kiss fading us to black.

Chris Damned in 'Raw Indulgence: Chris Damned and Johnny B.'

Chris Damned - Raw Indulgence: Chris Damned and Johnny B.

Tattooed hottie, Chris Damned has the handsome and lean Johnny B. lying on his back, bound with rope to an all black table. Both wearing only black jocks. Chris shoves an apple in his mouth to shut him up. Chris smacks Johnny's balls and puts clothes-pins on his arms, nipples, and his sack. Chris smacks him with a cane and climbs on top of the table for a sixty-nine suck off. Johnny's throat gets stuffed with Chris' girthy cock while Chris helps himself to a mouthful of Johnny's delicious dick. After that, Johnny gets soaked in piss and then fucked raw from behind. Chris flips him over and fucks the cum right out of Johnny.

Igor Romani in 'FERTILE GROUND - RAW'


Igor Romani is looking to finally start a family with his wife. He pays a visit to a fertility clinic to make sure that everything is still in working order. The clinic has come highly recommended by a buddy of his who has assured him he?ll be very well taken care of. Igor soon discovers that this will be an experience he won?t soon forget? Thanks, in part, to Manuel Skye.

Zack Mint in 'Matthew Grande and Zack Mint - RAW'

Zack Mint - Matthew Grande and Zack Mint - RAW

Zip down your pants because you?re gonna need instant access to your throbbing cock when you see these two tatted studs get dirty. They start by lovingly kiss before Zack gets down to business. Matthew face fucks his buddy hard until his big dick is ready for more. He slides into Zack and pumps away, ready to blow at any moment. Zack can?t get enough dick and when it?s all said and done, Zack gets all the cum he can handle!

Zak Bishop in 'Greedy Boy: Zak Bishop Fucked RAW by Daddy Trent Summers'

Zak Bishop - Greedy Boy: Zak Bishop Fucked RAW by Daddy Trent Summers

Bound and blindfolded, Zak Bishop is all but helpless when his hot Daddy Trent Summer arrives home. Trent's had a long day and is eager to get his hands on his boy. He pulls on his leather gloves and runs his hands all over Zak's body before ripping off his pants. Zak moans, eager for his Daddy's touch after being locked in chastity all day. Trent teases his cock and soon Zak is begging to cum. Next, Zak gets pissed on and then gets his ass spanked cherry red. Finally Trent sinks into his boy's hole and gives him a good pounding first in doggy and then in wheelbarrow. Zak blows a huge load all over himself and Trent soon follows. Trent runs his fingers through their mess and feeds it to his eager boy.



HOT BITCH WIFE HAS BEEN GOING TO A DOCTOR FOR THERAPY AND NOW IT'S TIME FOR THE CONFRONTATION. The Doctor comes for a house call to make Hubby pay for his cheating. The hubby to suck the doctor's cock while Wifey gets her pussy and ass licked out by the counselor. The only way to save you marriage is to get on your knees and suck the doctors dick. Phoenix grabs hubby by the ears and his mouth down, choking on the dick. WIFE HARD COCK SUCKING TO SHOW YOUR WIFE HOW SORRY YOU ARE. SHE WANTS IT. - YOU DO IT! -CHOKE ON IT LIKE A WHORE! UNTIL HE CUMS IN YOUR MOUTH.

Leo James in 'Leo Gets Fingered and Wanked'

Leo James - Leo Gets Fingered and Wanked

Ashton Bradley, after taking a liking to his first Boynapped experience, is back for more and this time he?s filled with vengeance. He takes his frustration out on poor Leo James. Covering him in cling film and abusing his hole whilst spitting down his throat - this is what love?s all about. Leo is sure to experience an immense orgasm of hot and cold as Ashton first applies deep heat and then cold lube on Leo?s beautiful cock.

Sharp in 'Spreadeagle 2 Max and Dan - Scene 1'

Sharp - Spreadeagle 2 Max and Dan - Scene 1

Max, a cop stands Dan against the wall, throws him down, makes him stand and gety searched. Dan sytruggles. Max gets him down on the cop and pulls his sarms behind his back and gets his booted feet up and crossed at the ankles. He cuffs his wrists behind his back. He also buts ankle cuffs on Dan?s upper arms. He puts a leather strap around Dan?s ankles. He removes the cuffs and replaces them with bondage mitts.

Casey Everett in 'Cum Dump Slut: Johnny Ford and Casey Everett'

Casey Everett - Cum Dump Slut: Johnny Ford and Casey Everett

Casey Everett is bent over and gagged in bondage stocks as Johnny Ford explores Casey's tight body and wet little asshole. Johnny punishes his helpless plaything with some slapping and flogging and then rewards him by face fucking his mouth with his rock hard uncut meat. Johnny stuffs weighted anal beads deep inside Casey's hole and then fucks his tight slutty ass. These two hot boys have chemistry and love getting it on. With toe sucking, piss play, hardcore anal and loads of cum!

Peter Pounder in 'Elder Sorensen Companionship Study RAW'

Peter Pounder - Elder Sorensen Companionship Study RAW

Elder Sorensen is one of the finer specimens of Mormon male youth, and The Order has great plans for the boy?assuming he can successfully pass through the rites that will test his devotion. And for any boy who desires to receive the higher priesthood, he must prove himself worthy to enter into the covenants necessary to join The Order. Elder Sorensen has demonstrated that he is in perfect physical condition, he is good natured, he is highly affectionate toward his priesthood brethren, and he is completely obedient to authority. Thus he has been invited undergo the initiation rituals that assess a boy?s candidacy for Ordination.

Pietro Duarte in 'HARD TIMES'

Pietro Duarte - HARD TIMES

When a man is hard up for cash and has no options, he?s willing to do anything. Just ask Pietro Duarte. Working in Hector de Silva?s bar just isn?t paying the bills, so he decides to help himself to cash from the till. But what he doesn?t know is that Hector saw him steal the money on CCTV, and now he wants to get paid back. But he?s only accepting one form of payment?sex. Hard Times give us Hector?s hard cock?busting out of his expensive suit?shoved up Pietro?s flawless round ass. As a studly, no-nonsense business owner, Hector uses Pietro?s sweet hole all he likes, bending him against the bar, hiking up his juicy ass, and pounding him for every dollar he stole. And Pietro loves it: his moans, groans, and the splashy cum he shoots all over the bar made stealing Hector?s cash worth the punishment. Hector shoots his own explosive cum fountain all over Pietro and the bar as well. These may be hard times for our studs but they make for a horny time for you!

Luke Hudson in 'Showered in Gold: Johnny Hill and Luke Hudson'

Luke Hudson - Showered in Gold: Johnny Hill and Luke Hudson

Johnny Hill has captured the mischievous leprechaun, Luke Hudson. Luke balances on one leg, bound in rope, blindfolded. Johnny hits him with his leather paddle. He comes from behind and rips Luke's shirt open. He slaps Luke's naked chest with the paddle and sticks his leather gloved fingers in his mouth. He rips open Leprechaun Luke's pants and slaps his big clit with the leather paddle. Luke gets bent over and his ass spanked with it next. Johnny pulls out his big hard cock and shoves it down Luke's throat. After that, Johnny gets clothes pins and puts them on Luke's labia, then goes back to fucking his face. Next, Luke is put in a full rope suspension and gets his pussy fucked deep and hard .

Leo Foxx in 'Leo Gets His Cum Stolen'

Leo Foxx - Leo Gets His Cum Stolen

Relaxed on the doctor?s bench, Leo Foxx lies waiting to discover his fate. Hoping to the turn Leo into a regular at the Mill Factory, Sebastian plans to give him the massage of a life time. As Leo and Sebastian enjoy a long smoke, Sebastian brings Leo?s dick alive with a tormenting, slow cock massage which has Leo moaning with pleasure. Fag after fag, Sebastian brings Leo to the edge time and again before slowing almost to a stop. It brings Leo to an intense climax which results is stream after stream of the straight lad?s cum shooting over his face and body.

Sam Lane in 'ANAL ASSAULT: Tony Buff with Sam Lane'

Sam Lane - ANAL ASSAULT: Tony Buff with Sam Lane

?Lick those fuckin? nuts, boy!? says mohawked Tony Buff, whose huge cock is getting expert attention from light-skinned smoothie Sam Lane, a boy-next-door jock with a nasty side. Tony spits down before unleashing huge streams of piss that land in Sam?s mouth. Tony flashes a wicked smile as he marks his territory, then spurts some piss up into his own mouth before spitting it back down on Sam. Tony shoves his dick inside Sam?s mouth again, soon pushing him to the mat as he faces fucks him balls deep. Sam then unleashes his piss into an empty bottle?which he empties into his own mouth as piss streams down his silky skin. Sam soon gets on all fours as Tony eats and fingers his hole. Tony spreads Sam?s cheeks and grinds his fingers inside, then shoves a huge dildo in his ass. Sam sits down on it, his blond, lube-soaked ass hairs glistening as they hug the thick tool. Tony feeds Sam?s mouth again before pissing and spitting on Sam, finally fucking him. Sam finds himself pinned to the floor, a leather boot planted in the middle of his back as he gets rammed. Soon on his back, the bottom gets covered in cum as an out-of-breath Tony smiles and laughs while collapsing over his conquest.

Alex Killian in 'Camping Scary Stories - RAW'

Alex Killian - Camping Scary Stories - RAW

Austin has been begging his dad to take him camping for weeks! As soon as they?re together and alone, they can barely keep their hands off each other. As night settles and they cuddle up by the fire, the young boy is eager to hear some scary stories from his old man.

Gabriel Clark in 'The Live-In: Part 3 RAW'

Gabriel Clark - The Live-In: Part 3 RAW

House Boy Shane Jackson has decided that it?s time to invite Manuel Skye and Gabriel Clark into his mysterious living space for the third part of ?The Live-In? series. The couple is pleased to find that their house boy enjoys comfortable quarters with an exceptional view. Shane wastes no time in showing his extreme gratitude toward the couple, and the trio finally indulges in an epic threesome fuck fest.

Leo Forte in 'Mind Fucker: Leo Forte, Ricky Larkin, and Brian Bonds'

Leo Forte - Mind Fucker: Leo Forte, Ricky Larkin, and Brian Bonds

Leo Forte has Ricky Larkin bound to a big circular leather device. Across from and facing him sits a naked Brian Bonds, bound with rope to an awkward wooden bench. Leo opens his knife and cuts the clothes from Ricky. He grabs a cattle prod and teases Ricky with it making him scream and squirm. Leo flips Ricky upside-down, grabs his big hard hog and slaps it with a leather paddle. After that, Leo wraps rope around Ricky's cock and balls and ties the other end around Brian's head. Leo grabs a big leather flogger and hits Brian's back, making his head pull on Ricky's bound bulge. Next comes the cat-of-nine-tails and Leo whips it across Brian's back. After that, Ricky is then bound in rope to the wooden device, and Brian is on his knees sucking his cock while Leo fucks his ass deep and hard.



Your whole life can be ruined by one night. You meet a girl, she makes you hard fast. Jerks you off and makes you cum. Then feeds your cum to you, before she shows you her cock!!!. By then it is too late to go back. You have to suck COCK. Aubrey films it all to show your wife unless you buy her and give her everything She wants.

Bailey Onice in 'Bailey Gets Drained Of Cum'

Bailey Onice - Bailey Gets Drained Of Cum

Crew member Kenzie Madison stretches Bailey Onlice?s body until the lad is pleading not to be ripped apart. But he can?t help showing that he finds Kenzie attractive - amidst his pain, his cock remains hard as rock and dripping pre-cum as it begs for some attention. Heartless Kenzie teases the lad, stripping his own shirt off and rubbing Bailey?s naked body and cock. So turned on, Bailey requires almost no attention to be able to release a powerful cum load which shoots a meter or more from his swollen cock head. Drained, Bailey is then made to suck Kenzie?s cock. Kenzie finishes him off by pissing over him as he kneels like a pet at his feet.

Leo Forte in 'and Draven Navarro: Pretty Please Fuck My Butt and Make Me Cum'

Leo Forte - and Draven Navarro: Pretty Please Fuck My Butt and Make Me Cum

Equipped with a variety of big, thick dildos, crops and paddles Leo Forte delivers some playful but unapologetic torment to his bound play thing Draven Navarro. Draven is wearing nothing but leather boots while his muscular body is accented with sleek black leather straps and buckles framing his firm ass and chest. He is tied up to an industrial contraption while Leo buries his face in Draven's butt crack and crops his sensitive ass until it turns red. Forte slides a butt plug in Draven's tight slut hole and makes him writhe and cry cry cry. He may be bawling and moaning but he is also thanking Leo for giving him just what he needs. After the butt plug Leo stuffs Draven's asshole with another long black dildo and pounds his hole until he's quaking and whimpering for more. 'Pretty please fuck my butt and make me cum', he begs. In the next position Navarro is on his back with his arms and legs tied back so everything is exposed. Mr Forte fucks and stretches Draven's butt with another fat dildo until he shoots his load. Thank you sir.

Brandon Moore in 'Elder White: Initiation RAW'

Brandon Moore - Elder White: Initiation RAW

Covered in his own cum, Elder White needs to be washed clean. President Oaks will perform his washing and anointing, an intimate massage that builds trust between man and boy. To complete the ritual, Oaks will anoint the boy?s raw hole with cum.

Ken Summers in 'ON SHOW: Antonio Miracle, Ken Summers'

Ken Summers - ON SHOW: Antonio Miracle, Ken Summers

This week, Antonio Miracle and Ken Summers mix business with pleasure in On Show. As a well-dressed bar owner, Antonio is interviewing worthy candidates to be his new bartender. Anybody can pour drinks and put beers on the counter, but Antonio is looking for a guy with special assets, someone who can deliver. Antonio calls the shots, so Ken does what he?s told. Strip. Turn around. Show your sweet ass. Slide some fingers in. Antonio doesn?t bother to take off his fine suit; his cock practically busts out of his trousers. With Ken on his knees and eager, Antonio rams him from behind. Things get sweaty and nasty for these guys quick before they each cum hard. Check it out!Additional images are included in the ZIP download