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Radan Flex in 'HOT ASS: Radan Flex'

Radan Flex - HOT ASS: Radan Flex

What a stunner Radan Flex is. In this hot ass shoot we get to see his awesome body and then a very sexy ass. He gives a great show of it, before being joined by a helping hand who proceeds to get right to work on Radan?s ass. He uses a vibrator at first, and then a much larger butt plug that really stretches the hole. Then Radan wanks his cock and delivers a very nice cumshot.

Dominic Pacifico in 'and Daniel Hausser: Home Schooled RAW'

Dominic Pacifico - and Daniel Hausser: Home Schooled RAW

If Daniel Hausser wants to live under Step-Dad Dominic's roof, he'll have to abide by the rules. One of the rules is no video games during school hours. When Daniel breaks this rule, Dominic has no choice but to punish him. He grabs Daniel, strips him down to his underwear, and hogties him on his stomach. He puts a ball gag in Daniel's mouth and flips him over. Dominic tugs at Daniel's cock and pulls his underwear down, revealing his big hard cock. Dominic fills his mouth full with Daniel's cock, deep throating him and rubbing Daniel's hard dick all over his beard. He hits him with a his leather crop, spreads his legs, and jerks his cock until Daniel begs to cum. Dominic has Daniel get to his knees to worship his cock and Daniel gets to work. Dominic turns him around and begins fingering and licking his tight ass, getting it wet and ready for his fat dick. He sinks his cock into Daniel's ass and fucks him hard and raw.

Brad Payton in 'Bad Date RAW'

Brad Payton - Bad Date RAW

George spends his whole evening worried about his boy?s date. He wants him to be free and experience new things, but he can?t help feeling jealous about the guy he?s with. More than anything, he wants to be intimate with his stepson and give him everything he wants. When Ethan comes home heartbroken and distraught, his old man is there ready and willing to make him feel better. Sexy stepdaddy George kisses his boy sweetly and passionately, telling him that no one can fuck him better than an experienced older man like his dear old stepdaddy!

Alex Hawk in 'Alex Hawk: Electrifying Jerk Off Sensation'

Alex Hawk - Alex Hawk: Electrifying Jerk Off Sensation

Alex Hawk likes to feel good and he knows what it takes to make it happen. With nothing on but a black leather cock strap and all the toys he needs to get off Alex starts his kinky pleasure session with the stimulating violet wand. Sizzling purple electricity pulses through the wand as he teases his sensitive nipples, belly, cock and asshole. His dick gets so hard he loves it so he turns it up for more electrifying thrills. Now that Mr. Hawk is super charged he fills his horny ass with a firm dildo and fucks his hole with a fucking machine. He wants more so he tightens a bunch of clothes pins on his nut sack and jerks off as the machine pounds his ass deep and fast until Alex shoots a sensational hot load. Aww yeah, don't you wish it was up your ass?



Tonights the night, we've waited so long, not having sex before our marriage. Now IT'S OUR HONEYMOON. And, does my new wife have some big surprises for me.The first Surprise is that he puts a blindfold on me and tells me I'm going to do lots of sucking! She has me suck on her vibrator, the one she uses to get off. Then she lets me suck on her breasts for the first time.THEN THE BIG SURPRISE. With your blindfold still on She substitutes the vibrator with her ROCK HARD COCK. And I'm shocked, holy 'MY WIFE IS TRANS!'She videotapes all of my Honeymoon cock sucking and if I don't do everything She says she is going to send it to all my friends.'Now look at the camera while you are sucking your wife's cock and say 'Hi Step-Mom and Step-Dad'.' You will suck your Wife's cock. You will watch her fuck other guys while you are tied to a chair and you will enjoy it. Your Wife has the Biggest Clit in the world. You will learn to love swallowing her load, every night.

Cameron Wilson in 'Cameron Fingered and Fucked'

Cameron Wilson - Cameron Fingered and Fucked

On all fours, Cameron Wilson has his balls roped and tied with his legs spread apart, leaving his ass exposed and vulnerable. Crew member Kieron Knight can?t take his eyes of this hot teen?s hole and starts in with toys and a good hard fucking. Kieron opens the lad?s hole and molests him. Unable to protest, Cameron takes his abuse like a man, head pressed into the floor; quietly begging under his breath that this will all come to an end before his hole is unable to take any more.

Bob Phillips in 'Bound and Gagged: The Video - Three Guys Horsing Around'

Bob Phillips - Bound and Gagged: The Video - Three Guys Horsing Around

Gunther Ties up Kyle Brandon and Bob Philips. He ties them by the wrists to either end of a suspension bar, hoists their arms in the air, gags them first with bandannas, then with socks, and puts butterfly clamps on their nipples.

Peter Pounder in 'Elder Sorensen: Inspection RAW'

Peter Pounder - Elder Sorensen: Inspection RAW

Elder Sorensen is one of the finer specimens of Mormon male youth, and The Order has great plans for the boy? assuming he can successfully pass through the rites that will test his devotion. And for any boy who desires to receive the higher priesthood, he must prove himself worthy to enter into the covenants necessary to join The Order. Elder Sorensen has demonstrated that he is in perfect physical condition, he is good-natured, he is highly affectionate toward his priesthood brethren, and he is completely obedient to authority. Thus he has been invited undergo the initiation rituals that assess a boy?s candidacy for Ordination.

Igor Romani in 'MONTREAL BOUND - RAW'


Derek Bolt is eager for a satisfying vacation, so after researching the friendliest gay cities in North America - and the men they have to offer- he excitedly chooses to visit Montreal. He arrives at his hotel room in the city after a long flight, surprised and delighted to discover that in-room massages are available. He specifically requests the sexiest masseur available, Igor Romani, to help loosen him up. Soon after Igor?s arrival, however, it becomes very apparent to Derek that this will be anything but a regular massage. Igor is all too pleased to show his client what kind of boy he can expect to find in La Belle Province.

Cazden Hunter in 'Cesar Xes and Cazden Hunter: First Surrender'

Cazden Hunter - Cesar Xes and Cazden Hunter: First Surrender

Duct taped and hooded like a gimp to the bed eager newcomer Cazden Hunter struggles to escape his bondage. Hot bad boy Cesar Xes comes in wearing a black leather jacket and sets the record straight that he is in charge and Cazden will do whatever he tells him to do. This bottom bitch has bitten off more than he can chew but that's just how he likes it, submissive and ready to surrender to the savage sexy Dom Cesar Xes. Cesar spanks and crops Hunters firm muscular butt, licks his ass and stuffs his hard cock down Hunters throat. Cazden wiggles and squirms in agony as Cesar takes pleasure in tickling his plaything with no restraint. After jacking his cock off in between Cazden's feet Mr. Xes fucks Hunter's ass with a huge wicked dildo and this horny little newbie wants more and bigger! On his back Cazden gets his ass pumped with a fucking machine equipped with a thick dick that makes him moan with pleasure. Then Cesar fucks Cazden's tight hole with his long hard cock pounding him out on his back, on his knees and then shoots his load all over his grateful, willing sub. Of course Cazden wishes to cum so Cesar fucks the load from Hunters ass with a fat dildo and then tells him to get out!

Darius Ferdynand in 'CINE-X FINALE'

Darius Ferdynand - CINE-X FINALE

Many hot suited and naked men have enjoyed some sordid fun in the Menatplay Cine-X cinema. We?ve seen Ivan Gregory get it on with both Denis Vega and Victor Rom, Dani Robles getting splattered with cum and then fucked by Enzo Rimenez, and Emir Boscatto get rammed by the beautiful young Sunni Colucci. Well in this the 5th and final installment the boy with one of the most ripped hard bodies in porn, Darius Ferdynand, is back to get his holes filled from both ends by Antonio Miracle and the amazing Flex. Yes in ?Cine-X Finale? we have three hot men and 4 shots of their juicy jizz. There?s something for everyone, the butt naked Darius sucking off the impeccably dressed Flex, while sleazy daddy Antonio Miracle watches from a distance and wanks off while Darius rides Flex?s cock as he sits in the cinema seat. Just the sight of that is enough to make Antonio shoot his milk. But that?s not the end for Mr. Miracle as he joins the two to lick out Darius?s hole and then fuck him while Darius continues to suck on Flex as he strips out of his suit, climaxing in the three of them cumming all over Darius?s perfect pecs. Now that?s what you call a Finale!

Colby Jansen in 'and Dillon Diaz: Stud Fucker'

Colby Jansen - and Dillon Diaz: Stud Fucker

Dillon Diaz is naked on his back with his legs spread. He's blindfolded with his hands and thighs bound to a steel frame. Beefcake, Colby Jansen steps into the scene and grabs Dillon's hard cock and pulls on his tight balls. After that, Colby grabs his big leather flogger and goes to town on Dillon's meaty ass. Then he lights a candle and drips hot wax all over Dillon's chest and cock until he begs for mercy. Colby unleashes his hard cock and spreads Dillon's hole and sinks his cock deep inside and pounds the cum right out of him.

Xavier St-Jude in 'SUBMIT: Xavier St Jude and Ethan Hudson'

Xavier St-Jude - SUBMIT: Xavier St Jude and Ethan Hudson

Hairy-chested Xavier St Jude, blindfolded in a red bandana, kneels in jeans and boots before Ethan Hudson, deep-throating the top?s thick pipe. Ethan, in rubber chaps that hug his muscled thighs, confidently yanks the bottom?s chain collar, guiding Xavier?s mouth from his cock to his balls to his hole. Ethan pushes Xavier onto a wooden chair and ties his hands behind him with rope, kissing him and playing rough with Xavier?s nips. . Then Ethan lubes up a silicone sleeve and slides it down over Xavier?s hard cock. jacking him, alternating quick and slow strokes and bringing the bound bottom to the edge over and over as he whispers a stream of filth into Xavier?s ears. Ethan slowly pushes it in deeper, the toy?s girth thickening in sections, Xavier?s long, constant moan letting Ethan know his gratitude. Ethan plays with Xavier?s greedy hole, then jacks him again with the silicone sleeve until the bottom?s cries turn violent, jets of cum bursting from his cock, his entire bound body convulsing in ecstasy. But Ethan?s nowhere near finished, and he ties Xavier bent over the chair, then aims a full geyser of piss all over Xavier?s back and ass, soaking his hole like a stallion before pushing the wet cock into Xavier?s mouth, then slamming it up Xavier?s primed hole, pounding him and reveling in the bottom?s loud groans of pleasure. Xavier, still blinfolded and bound to the chair, his legs shuddering, can do nothing but take the cock plowing relentlessly in and out of his hole. Ethan jacks himself with the lubed sleeve until he sprays his cum all over the floor, then finally pulls the bandana off Xavier so they can swap spit, both sweaty, spent, and satisfied.

Draven Navarro in 'Desert Captive: Ricky Larkin Fucks Draven Navarro Raw'

Draven Navarro - Desert Captive: Ricky Larkin Fucks Draven Navarro Raw

Hot hairy beefcake Draven Navarro is trapped in the middle of the desert and subject to the whims of his sadistic captor Ricky Larkin. Ricky pulls a bound Draven from his cell. Draven struggles, pleading with Ricky to let him go. Ricky isn't about to free his muscled toy just yet but promises if Draven is good, he'll let him go.He makes Draven smell his junk through his dirty jeans before pulling out his hard cock and telling Draven to suck. Draven obeys and once Ricky has his fill he pushes Draven into an abandoned tower. Ricky strings Draven up and pulls his body flush against a plastic street. Draven struggles to breathe as Ricky holds him by the face and admires his work.He takes his time running his hands all over his boy and smelling his hairy armpits before feeding Draven his cock. Draven moans as Ricky fucks his mouth. He knows once Ricky is done with his mouth, he'll want his ass.Ricky comes up behind Draven and pushes his cock into Draven's well-used hole. Draven gasps as Ricky penetrates him and rides his ass. Draven's little cries only make Ricky's cock harder and he brings Draven to his knees to suck his cock and lick his balls. Draven soon gets a mouth full of Ricky's cum and holds it in his open mouth for inspection. Ricky laughs and holds Draven's mouth shut until he swallows all of it.

Alex Killian in 'Big Boy Underwear - RAW'

Alex Killian - Big Boy Underwear - RAW

It can be hard for a dad to see his little stepson grow up, but he knows he must soon take his first steps into adulthood. This stepdad takes the opportunity to show him how something as simple as big boy underwear can transform him from a boy to a man.

Michael Red in 'Bradley Cook vs Michael Red WRESTLING'

Michael Red - Bradley Cook vs Michael Red WRESTLING

We have a great pairing in a wrestling match. Bradley Cook and Michael Red are both very well built guys. Then start off with some warming up. Then it is onto the match, with the guys quickly down on the mats grappling to gain an advantage. It is Bradley who prevails and wins the first point. Then the underwear comes off before they resume the match. Bare-assed they get to grips with each other again, as cocks flair too. Bradley. Bradely?s massive cock flops around a lot as Michael tries to get his first score on the board. He does just that in round three. After Bradley has won another round we get a great view of Michael as he lays on top of Bradley, with both guys asses spread beautifully, particularly showing Michael?s hot hole. With Bradley building a big lead Michael resorts to some underhand tactics to ensure that he scores again. After Bradley wins another round though they take a break to oil each all over. They resume the match with Bradley extending his lead despite Michael still employing the cock pulling techiniques. Bradley takes a well deserved victory and they settle down for a wank off. They wank each other for a few seconds too, despite Michael?s reservations. Then it is back to wanking themselves and Bradley quickly shoots the cum from his massive cock, all over the mats. Michael keeps wanking himself and soon delivers his own cumshot, squirting the hot juice all over the mats as well. Then it is off to the showers to clean up!

Timotheus Berlin in 'Timotheus Berlin'

Timotheus Berlin - Timotheus Berlin

Timotheus Berlin knows how to get himself off real good. Wearing a shiny black latex suit he stretches a cock ring around his nuts and gets his dick rock hard. He puts tight clips on his nipples and balls to add stinging pain to his pleasure. Spit and lube make his cock nice and slippery so he can jerk his junk to the edge again and again until he shoots a hot load and then pisses all over himself.




Brez Wild in 'Brez Gets Shaved and Stroked'

Brez Wild - Brez Gets Shaved and Stroked

Shaving is such a humiliating thing to do, but Sebastian loves to degrade our hot teens. Brez Wild is his latest victim at the Boynapped warehouse, with an untidy bush and left bold. Watch as Brez becomes aroused by the slow, sexual shave and Sebastian has to move the lad?s hard cock around as the shaving continues. Naked and smooth, Sebastian takes Brez to the edge - it?s not long before Brez releases a hot cum load onto his freshly shaven skin.

Michael DelRay in 'Elder Sorensen: Check-Up RAW'

Michael DelRay - Elder Sorensen: Check-Up RAW

Elder Sorensen is flattered and excited that his crush trusts him and eagerly promises he?ll never tell. But it?s hard to speak with Ence?s hardness pushing against his backside and his full, soft lips so close to his. When Ence goes in for a kiss, Sorensen can barely believe his luck. The boys tongues hungrily fill each other?s mouths. Ence whispers that they should take their clothes off. Sorensen?s dick throbs as he watches Ence?s smooth hot body appear before him. He aches for his companion but he is nervous about going too fast. Sorensen needn?t worry, though, as Ence immediately wraps his lips around Sorensen?s hot 18 year old cock and takes it all the way to the back of his throat.

Ryan Bones in 'THE LAST MEN: PART 3 - RAW'

Ryan Bones - THE LAST MEN: PART 3 - RAW

In an apocalyptic new world, the last and few men on earth have to fend for themselves for survival. While roaming the woods, Ryan Bones stumbles upon? what resembles to be a trap. A half-naked and dirty Andrew Green, with a sign around his neck that reads: ?Protect Me. I Will Be Ur Slave?.Ryan teaches Andrew what slavery means? first by having him suck on his thick cock and then by turning him over and fucking him until he cums.No longer the last man, Ryan endures with his slave Andrew by his side. The Last Men.

Timotheus Berlin in 'High Impact: Timotheus Berlin Pounds Jamal Phoenix'

Timotheus Berlin - High Impact: Timotheus Berlin Pounds Jamal Phoenix

Timotheus Berlin and Jamal Phoenix bring the hotness in this kinky update. While Jamal is gagged and bound by his wrists to a St Andrew's cross Timotheus makes his entrance wearing shiny black latex to dominate his restrained play thing. Facing the wall Jamal gets his ass spanked and slapped with a leather strap until it turns a deep rosy red. Then the quick sharp hits of a crop make Jamal squirm and writhe with pain and anticipation. Timotheus pulls Jamals tight latex corset to the side and eats his ass as Jamal moans with pleasure. After a good beating Mr Berlin throws his submissive onto the bed and Jamal's hunger for cock is unleashed. Cock sucking turns to hardcore fucking and Jamal gets his pussy pounded left and right until Timotheus shoots his hot load all over Jamal's chest.

Hector De Silva in 'UNRIGHTEOUS: Hector Da Silva, Axel Max'

Hector De Silva - UNRIGHTEOUS: Hector Da Silva, Axel Max

The men with the most hang-ups about man-on-man sex are usually the ones who crave cock the most. It?s a fact among gay and bi men that?s practically scripture. And as Hector De Silva and Axel Max prove, a big cock and a relentless fuck are the best way to convert nonbelievers. Axel allows himself to get led into temptation when he shows up at Hector?s door hoping to proselytize him by teaching him the ways of the righteous. Yet the tables are turned once Hector kisses him passionately and whips out his thick dick. Axel, unable to resist, opens his mouth wide for Hector?s meat. Axel worships Hector?s cock like a willing disciple, making it clear to Hector that despite his beliefs, his craving for cock in his mouth and up his guts is too strong for scripture. As an expert, aggressive top, Hector is a god in his own right. He flips Axel over, pulls his pants down just enough to expose his firm butt, and gives Axel?s hole the fuck he?s been praying for before he anoints him with a shower of hot cum. Unrighteous will make you a true believer.

Chance Summerlin in 'Chance Summerlin: Thank You Santa'

Chance Summerlin - Chance Summerlin: Thank You Santa

Chance Summerlin has a present waiting for him on his pillow when he wakes up. He opens it and finds a variety of BDSM toys to play with. He takes out a paddle and spanks his bare ass with it. After that he hits himself with a small leather crop. He puts a gag in his mouth, clamps on his nipples, and strokes his cock until he cums.

Ashton Bradley in 'Golden Showered and Made To Cum'

Ashton Bradley - Golden Showered and Made To Cum

With Jack Blaze tied to the floor, Sebastian Kane can once again have his wicked way with this blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy. Seb begins by flogging poor Jack until he is red all over. He then invites Ashton Bradley to join him in the humiliation. Ashton and Seb Kane then proceed to piss all over Jack before wanking and sucking him. Ashton then bites down Jack?s body while Seb gives him a cum facial. Ashton finishes off Jack by jerking him off until climax.

Bud in 'FIST DOGS (4 of 4)'

Bud - FIST DOGS (4 of 4)

Produced and directed by two of its stars, muscle daddies, Keith Webb and Harold Creg, the action centers on muscled subs Mark Masterson and Core Andrews, who are chained up, stripped, and then abused by Keith, Harold and another cigar-smoking, Muir cap-wearing daddy, Mike Roberts. Tattooed and pierced fist pig Bud also joins in on the action to abuse the captive subs. Fist Dogs was filmed in 1999, in the playroom dungeon at The Sling club in San Francisco, and begins with struggling subs Mark and Core chained before being shaved, stripped, and whipped by the three baying daddies. Soon the two whimpering men are carried off and hog-tied and get their puckered holes greased up before the three tough daddies begin their brutal abuse. Huge dildos, fat dicks followed by meaty fists are all plunged mercilessly into the soon sloppy holes of Mark and Core and, once fist pig Bud joins the party, double fists, size 12 feet and gallons of piss drench the subs and fill every open hole. Fist Dogs is EXTREME HARDCORE and strictly for the nasty boys!

Leo Forte in 'Bonded: Leo Forte and Brian Bonds'

Leo Forte - Bonded: Leo Forte and Brian Bonds

Leo Forte and Brian Bonds share an intimate scene with you. They first met on a Kink set ten years ago. Both seated, Brian's back rests in Leo's chest with Leo's arms and legs wrapped around Brian's. Leo pulls his hair and smells his armpit musk. He holds Brian's hands behind his back and squeezes his shoulders with his strong arms. Leo puts Brian into a multitude of tight squeezes, stretches, and rope predicaments, showing how a real bdsm couple do it and that bdsm can be enjoyed slowly and sensually just as it can be when it's rough and exciting.

Austin Young in 'Big Stepbrother's Nut - RAW'

Austin Young - Big Stepbrother's Nut - RAW

Little Austin doesn?t see his stepbrother all that much. He lives with his stepdad?s ex-wife, but on occasion, he comes to stay when she?s out of town. It?s been a while since they?ve last seen each other and the big guy has fully grown! He?s a real man now with a broad chest and square jaw? and he smells just like his stepdad! When Austin catches a glimpse of him getting out of the shower, the horny little boy can hardly wait to pull out his cock and stroke it, thinking of his big stepbro?s meaty cock. The older stepbrother hears what?s going on, knowing well that his little stepbrother has always had a crush on him. The freshly showered stepbrother walks in on Austin, offering to give him a hand for some service in return. Before you know it, these two boys are tugging at each other?s cocks and sucking each other off? all before little Austin opens his hole for his big stepbrother?s load. I bet their stepdad will be happy to see them getting along so well!

Luke Hudson in 'Bound Boy: Luke Hudson Ties Himself Up and Puts On A Show'

Luke Hudson - Bound Boy: Luke Hudson Ties Himself Up and Puts On A Show

Luke Hudson is lubed up and ready to go – are you? To start, Luke uses rope to tie up his legs, ensuring he won't be going anywhere. Then he pulls aside his jock to review his cock and rubs it along the length of the rope. The feeling of rope has Luke so turned on, he plunges two fingers inside his pussy and gets himself off. Next, he pours hot oil all over his torso and rubs it across his chest and down his stomach. He moans as the oil hits his nipples. Then he leans back and pours some along his thighs and cock. At this point, Luke is so turned on he needs something in his pussy. He grabs a dildo and pushes it inside his hole. Moaning, he fucks himself with it before switching positions to ride that cock. You better get ready–you're next!

Talia Monet in 'SUCK COCK IF YOU WANT THE JOB (Round 2)'

Talia Monet - SUCK COCK IF YOU WANT THE JOB (Round 2)

THIS COMPANY IS RUN BY WOMEN, AND IF YOU WANT THE JOB YOU BETTER BE ABLE TO SUCK. It's time for round 2. This time Wolf has to suck Gabreil's cock. Who is going to get the job? Who is the better cock sucker between the 2 men? Wolf had better be able suck off Gabriel and make him blast a load all over his face or no job for him! (Check out Round 1)

Nathaniel Bronze in 'First Anal For Straight Nathaniel'

Nathaniel Bronze - First Anal For Straight Nathaniel

Nathaniel Bronze might be buff, but heavily-tied down he becomes submissive and vulnerable. Watch as crew member Leroy Dale takes full advantage of this helpless stud, massaging Nathaniel?s cock until the helpless lad is unable to control himself; hardening until it?s solid enough for Leroy to mount and ride it hard.

Bud in 'FIST DOGS (3 of 4)'

Bud - FIST DOGS (3 of 4)

Produced and directed by two of its stars, muscle daddies, Keith Webb and Harold Creg, the action centers on muscled subs Mark Masterson and Core Andrews, who are chained up, stripped, and then abused by Keith, Harold and another cigar-smoking, Muir cap-wearing daddy, Mike Roberts. Tattooed and pierced fist pig Bud also joins in on the action to abuse the captive subs. Fist Dogs was filmed in 1999, in the playroom dungeon at The Sling club in San Francisco, and begins with struggling subs Mark and Core chained before being shaved, stripped, and whipped by the three baying daddies. Soon the two whimpering men are carried off and hog-tied and get their puckered holes greased up before the three tough daddies begin their brutal abuse. Huge dildos, fat dicks followed by meaty fists are all plunged mercilessly into the soon sloppy holes of Mark and Core and, once fist pig Bud joins the party, double fists, size 12 feet and gallons of piss drench the subs and fill every open hole. Fist Dogs is EXTREME HARDCORE and strictly for the nasty boys!