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Sarah Simons in 'Hard spanking'

Sarah Simons - Hard spanking

Busty Sarah is back for another spanking treatment. Damm this really turns her on, once she is it tightened up in the right position she gets some rough spanking on her curvy ass!

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Sarah Simons in 'Whipped and fucked hard'

Sarah Simons - Whipped and fucked hard

Sarah sure knows how to please her master. She is giving him some deepthroat before he fucks her pussy. In the meantime, she is receiving some spanking and a huge cumshot.

Sarah Simons in 'Big tits and ball gagged'

Sarah Simons - Big tits and ball gagged

Sarah is getting a ball gag in her mouth before her rough treatment starts. With the strong vibrator on her clit, she wants to scream, but that is simply not possible. Sweet!

Sarah Simons in 'gets her treatment'

Sarah Simons - gets her treatment

Sarah Simons had enormous huge natural tits and Peter is playing them with clamps and whipping. That brings her in the mood for some good proper sucking and fucking. Good girl!

Sarah Simons in 'Letting the machines do the work'

Sarah Simons - Letting the machines do the work

Sarah?s whole body is quavers with enjoyment as the dildo machine penetrates her wet pussy, faster and faster with each thrust. Her breathing immediately stopped as one pussy climax after the other goes through her whole body. Also the cherished thing about getting fucked by a machine is that they don?t get tired.

Sarah Simons in 'Sarah's submissive pleasure'

Sarah Simons - Sarah's submissive pleasure

This master feels pretty important when he hears his boundslave moan. But as you can see that these are not your everyday bondage scenes. In order for Sarah to show her true devotion, she must continue to give her all. Ball gagged or not, being tied up and spanked nothing can be better than this submissive pleasure.

Melany Mendes in 'Melany punished and corrected'

Melany Mendes - Melany punished and corrected

Melany is sexually unsatisfied and has a deep-rooted fantasy of someone punishing and correcting hear, She wants it so bad her mistress Sarah Simons whipping her delicate ass, until it turns a little red, hoping Sarah takes it a step further.