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Jesse Zepellin in 'The Talk'

Jesse Zepellin - The Talk

Blonde cutie Ryan has been keeping secrets from his stepdad, and it?s finally time to spill his guts. He?s interested in older men, and he?s been sleeping around with his older neighbor to satisfy his curiosity! Luckily, his stepdad understands the boy?s attraction to older guys, so he invites him to join in on a nasty threesome with the older guy next door. The two experienced hunks feed the boy their stiff dicks and then spitroast him passionately on the couch. Then, they take turns pulverizing the kid?s quivering hole! This should definitely answer a lot of the little guy?s questions about older guys!

Myles Landon in 'Toys for Grown-Ups'

Myles Landon - Toys for Grown-Ups

Handsome Josh thinks his stepdad is out of the house when he sneaks inside his parent?s room to play with his mom?s dildo. The old man catches him trying to hide his secret pleasures, but he doesn?t think the boy should be embarrassed about his curiosity. The big guy licks his boy?s throbbing rim and slips the dildo inside while the kid moans in pleasure. Then, he replaces the toy with his girthy boner, filling the little guy with his veiny cock and thrusting steadily. Finally, the boy jerks himself and gasps as his old man spurts a warm load of cum deep in his hole for a dripping anal creampie!

Gregisthewerd in 'Chopping Wood'

Gregisthewerd - Chopping Wood

Curious Marcus and his naughty stepdad, Greg, can?t take their eyes off sexy Stepgramps as he chops wood in the forest. Greg wants the old man to teach the boy how to properly swing an axe, but the lesson quickly becomes a steamy family affair! The two men take little Marcus back into the cabin for some sweaty action, as the three generations of men line up with their backs arched for a hot-rim train. Marcus is then spit-roasted before he sucks his stepdad and stepfather to completion, taking their warm loads in his hungry mouth!

Shane Jackson in 'Skipping Class'

Shane Jackson - Skipping Class

Shane is usually a great student, but recently he?s hit a bit of a rough patch. To remedy the situation, his teacher calls a meeting with the boy?s stepdad. He reveals that he found a journal filled with explicit sexual fantasies Shane has written about his handsome stepdad. He wants to know exactly what the old man is teaching the boy at home, so Shane and his pop give the inquisitive instructor a hands-on lesson. The boy strips and lets the older men caress his tight body as his cock grows hard. They worship each other?s holes in a sexy rim train before Shane deepthroats his stepdad?s giant dick. Then, Mr. Sargent shoves his cock into his boy?s bubble butt, stretching his hole. The parent-teacher conference comes to a creamy conclusion, with the muscle men filling the boy?s hole with their loads!

Kristofer Weston in 'The Magic Trick'

Kristofer Weston - The Magic Trick

Nerdy Skylar has dreams of becoming a famous magician one day, and to get there, he knows he has to practice, practice, practice! So, today he asks his horny stepdad to help him out with a special new illusion he is trying out. But when the ambitious boy tries to make the old man disappears, the big guy just uses it as an excuse to get butt naked! Skylar can barely keep himself from drooling as he stares at his stepdad?s meaty boner, so the old man teaches him a trick or two, shoving his cock down the kid?s throat for an orgasmic deep throat blowjob. Then, he pipes the boy?s sore asshole and fills him up with hot DNA. Alakazam!

Dakota Lovell in 'Family Dick: BedTime Story'

Dakota Lovell - Family Dick: BedTime Story

Sweet Dakota, is getting ready for bed when his loving stepdad asks to read him a bedtime story for old time?s sake. The little guy thinks he may be a little too old for that kind of thing, but the old man insists! Turns out, the naughty bedtime story gets little Dakota?s cock hard as a rock, and his stepdad definitely takes notice. The old man lies on his side and sixty-nines with the boy, slurping his delicious dick sumptuously. Then, the little guy mounts his stepdad?s thick pole, bouncing up and down as his throbbing rod stretches his sore hole! A Family Dick Original Movie.

Lukas Stone in 'Pissed Off'

Lukas Stone - Pissed Off

Wayward Lukas is feeling a little rebellious when he decides to take a piss in the backyard of his mom?s house! His ex-con stepdad wants to make sure the boy doesn?t act out while he?s around the house, so he gives the little guy a stern talking-to. To make sure the lesson sticks, the old man lets his giant cock hang out for the boy to see. The kid tickles his dick and then swirls his tongue around it, giving the old man a sopping wet blowjob! Then the big guy plunges his cock into his stepson?s butthole, drilling him raw dog before spurting a wad of hot jizz!

Dakota Lovell in 'Stuffed Animal'

Dakota Lovell - Stuffed Animal

Sweet Dakota is bummed that his stepdad is leaving on a business trip and he just can?t hide it. To make sure the boy doesn?t feel alone while he?s gone, his old man gives him a gift? it?s a teddy bear with a pocket bussy built right in! The boy?s stepdad teaches him how to stick his cock inside the teddy bear?s secret compartment, and soon the little guy is stroking away. He gets so turned on that he chokes on his old man?s stiff boner while he fucks the toy. Then, he gets his inexperienced butthole turned out by his loving stepdad in an intense bareback dick down. That?s one way to say goodbye!

Johnny Ford in 'Virtual Presentation'

Johnny Ford - Virtual Presentation

Learning how to work from home has been a tough adjustment for everyone, and I?m no exception. But when I try to have a productive meeting with my team from the comfort of my own couch, my annoying younger stepbrother refuses to leave me alone. The whole time, he?s showing off his bubble butt and his toned body, and I can?t concentrate at all. Pretty soon, I put the virtual meeting on mute and let him suck my cock while I work. Then, I climb on top of his hot rod and sit on it for some deep bareback pleasure. I guess working from home has its perks.

Isaac Parker in 'All Grown Up'

Isaac Parker - All Grown Up

Whenever my older stepbrother is around, he likes to bring up the old days. More specifically, he likes to remind me about all the ways we used to fool around when no one was watching. I wonder what his wife would think about all these fond memories we share. I guess he doesn?t seem to care since he?s so eager to wrap his lips around my cock. And when he slides inside my sore hole, it brings back all the nostalgia from when we were growing up. I love when my older stepbro fucks me - I only wish we did it more often.

Jace Madden in 'It's Clone O'Clock'

Jace Madden - It's Clone O'Clock

When my mom goes on a trip, my loving stepdad wants to surprise her with a special gift - a mold of his hard cock. I?m not surprised by his overt sexuality any more, I just hope he asks me to help. Luckily, he does, so I kneel down and work his dick until it?s rock solid. I slobber on the head of his boner and suck hard until it?s completely swollen and ready for my asshole. I sit on his big dick, and it fills me up completely. Then, I lap up a dollop of his creamy semen.

Jace Madden in 'Mom is Away'

Jace Madden - Mom is Away

Sometimes I can be a little nosy, and today it pays off. I snoop around my stepdad?s room opening up drawers until I find his pocket pussy hidden away. The thought of him fucking his toy gets me so hard that I lay down and slide my fat cock inside his pocket pussy right on his bed. After a while, he stumbles in on me pleasuring myself, and a big smile spreads across his face. He wants to feel my boner inside his ass while his cock slides in and out of his favorite toy, and I definitely want to make his fantasies come true?

Ashton Garner in 'Commanding My StepDad'

Ashton Garner - Commanding My StepDad

When curious Ashton stumbles upon an ancient-looking pocket watch, he asks his super-built stepdad what it is. The old man answers that it?s his old pocket watch which has very serious power, but he doesn?t go into further detail. Ashton manages to figure out how to work the watch because the next thing he knows his stepdad is in a very suggestible state, which gives Ashton some dirty ideas. He asks his old man to pull out his thick boner and let him kiss it. Then, he sits on his stepdad?s cock and demands that he fuck his asshole raw before shooting a load of cum on his young body!

Mr. Garcia in 'The Report Card'

Mr. Garcia - The Report Card

Tomas has been trying to get his grades up, but it?s never enough for his stern stepdad. When he shows his pop his less-than-stellar report card, the old man decides some harsh punishment is needed. He pulls his pants down and grimaces as the old man spanks him. But for some reason, his cock starts getting hard. His stepdaddy notices that the boy is getting turned on, so he takes his punishment to the next level. He eats Tomas? ass hole sloppily, before sticking his fat cock in the boy?s mouth. Then, the boy sits on his stepdaddy?s dick, riding him until Mr. Garcia shoots his load all over Tomas? face. Maybe next time, he will study a little harder!

Lukas Stone in 'House Arrest'

Lukas Stone - House Arrest

Lukas? stepdad is finally home from a long prison sentence, and the horny boy could not be more excited. After all, he has been fantasizing about his badass stepdad creaming his hole for months now! While Logan is on house arrest, he catches up on father-son bonding time with his sexy son by fucking his face. Then, the kid spreads his legs for his old man to drill his tight hole. The boy moans as his hung daddy fucks deep into his gut, bareback. Finally, the scruffy stud is welcomed home with open arms as he drowns Lukas with his cum! House arrest has never been so fun!

Julian Waits in 'Good Form'

Julian Waits - Good Form

Sweet Julian wants to build some muscle so he can look more like his beefy stepdad, but he has no experience in the gym. To make sure the little guy doesn?t embarrass himself, his old man teaches him a few things about good form. He watches his stepson do some squats, keeping a hungry eye on the kid?s cute butt. When he notices the boy?s cock is pressing against the inside of his shorts, the old man fondles his boner and spreads his eager asscheeks. Then, he slides his cock inside the boy?s tight asshole, fucking him raw while he grunts aggressively. Finally, the kid teases a juicy nut from his stepdad?s girthy rod!

Mason Anderson in 'Talk Therapy'

Mason Anderson - Talk Therapy

Little Anderson is filled with questions about his growing body, and who better to turn to for answers than his loving stepdad? He tells his muscular old man about the boners he has been getting at night, and his pop reassures him that it?s perfectly normal. To make sure the boy doesn?t feel alone, he pulls out his own rock-hard cock for the kid to play with. Anderson licks his stepdad?s dick like a lollipop, savoring every inch. Then, he bounces on the old man?s girthy rod for a bareback cock ride! Hopefully, this deeply intimate talk answers all of Anderson?s questions?

Julian Waits in 'The Childhood Memory Book'

Julian Waits - The Childhood Memory Book

When sexy daddy, Matthew, finds an old drawing his stepson made of him from kindergarten, the two take a cute trip down memory lane together. Soon, the horny old man has a rock-hard boner that he simply cannot hide. The boy plays with his stepdad?s uncut cock, sucking and slobbering on his girthy shaft while his pop moans with pleasure. Then, Matthew stuffs his cock inside the boy?s ass, barebacking him passionately. To top off the steamy action, the beefy guy laps up his boy?s cum from the tip of his throbbing dick. Now, that is some intimate bonding!

President Oaks in 'Cold Feet'

President Oaks - Cold Feet

Harlen?s wedding night was supposed to be a magical evening that he would never forget, but he is bummed out when his new bride gets cold feet about consummating the marriage! He confides in his stepdad, who tells the handsome young man that it is not too late for him to have sex on his wedding night. The old man rubs his boy?s dick until he has a raging boner. Then, he eats the boy?s ass, swirling his tongue around his pretty, pink hole. Once he?s nice and wet, Bill shoves his meaty cock in his son?s bubble butt and fucks the cum out of him! Now that?s a hallmark wedding!

President Oaks in 'Wedding Jitters'

President Oaks - Wedding Jitters

As Harlen gets ready to tie the knot with his beautiful bride-to-be, his handsome stepdad fills him in on an age-old family tradition. For generations now, it has been customary for the groom to go to bed with his stepfather before he makes love to his new wife. Harlen is a little baffled by the secret, but with a little encouragement from his loving stepdad, the boy eases into it. He slips his old man?s hard cock between his wet lips and works the tip with his tongue. Then, he offers his virgin hole to his horny pop, bending over for a rough bareback pounding. Surely, that?ll cure any cold feet the groom may have before his big day!

Kristofer Weston in 'Training Day'

Kristofer Weston - Training Day

Curious Michael and his little stepbrother always enjoy watching sexy videos together and stroking side-by-side. But when their loving stepdad walks in on their jerk session, the teens are totally embarrassed. Michael whines at his stepdaddy to get out, but the hairy hunk just wants a piece of the action. He sits between the hormonal boys and sucks Michael?s massive cock while his younger stepson eagerly awaits his turn. Michael wraps his legs around the muscular guy and sits on his veiny dick, taking it deep in his bubble butt. Then, he teams up with his old man to spit-roast his little stepbrother and use him as a cum dump. How?s that for family bonding?

Kristofer Weston in 'Daddy's Favorite'

Kristofer Weston - Daddy's Favorite

It?s not uncommon for boys to compete over a parent?s love. When handsome Michael sees his pop kissing his younger stepbrother, he gets green with envy. When confronted, Mr. Weston assures Michael that he loves both of his boys just the same?But to prove which boy loves their stepdad the most, he holds a little contest: Whoever can please his cock the best is the winner! The old man pulls out his dick and teases the boys with it. Then, they get on their knees and lick all over cock, each boy slobbering on his girthy shaft. Hard as a rock, the old man fucks his younger stepson doggy style, while the little guy blows his big stepbro. After filling young Oliver?s hole with warm cum, the old man announces a tie! How?s that for warm and fuzzy?

Kurt Niles in 'Arm Wrestling'

Kurt Niles - Arm Wrestling

Chapter 4- Arm Wrestling Watching his stepson flex his biceps and chest under a heavy iron rod has Joel extremely proud and horny in no time. For some fun, he challenges his little buddy to an arm-wrestling match. The winner gets to penetrate the person?s tight hole, and of course, Joel defeats the boy handily and claims his prize. He bends the boy over and slides his big stepdaddy dick in and out of the boy?s hole until the boy busts a creamy load all over his stomach. What a workout!

Joel Someone in 'Sharing the Shower'

Joel Someone - Sharing the Shower

Chapter 3- Sharing the Shower My bathroom when I was a kid was really crappy ? I loved sneaking into my parents? bathroom when they were gone (and fantasizing about my old man washing his dick and balls). So I was delighted when Mr. Morris sent me this video of his boy sneaking into his shower when he thought he was alone. The man heard the water running and found his boy, buck naked and all soaped up. He couldn?t be made. In fact, this clever pop dropped to his knees and sucked a load out of his dear teen?s thick cock, before bending the skinny guy over and working out a load in his sweet tight ass. Brings back memories!

Joel Someone in 'A Special Massage'

Joel Someone - A Special Massage

Chapter 2- A Special Massage Holidays and vacation always means kids hanging around the house with nothing to do. It?s heartwarming when the little innocent try to get attention from stepdad. When schoolboy Kurt comes in complaining of shoulder pain, his old man knows it?s a cry for attention. Mr. Morris lovingly caresses his boy, his strong hands pushing deep into his supple skin and young muscles. Mr. Morris makes the boy take his shirt off, and that?s when the boys story falls apart ? he can?t even remember where the pain supposedly was! But Mr. Morris isn?t mad. He takes the opportunity to rub every inch of the teen?s body. Stepdaddy especially enjoys massaging and fingering his inexperienced pink hole, before pounding his sweet boy raw and breeding him.

Joel Someone in 'Stepdad's Man Cave'

Joel Someone - Stepdad's Man Cave

Chapter 1 - Stepdad?s Man Cave A man cave is not for boys: it?s for men. It?s a place for daddies to get away, relax, and have their own private time. For this handsome stepdaddy, this sanctuary is where he can go to sit back, pour a drink, and get caught in some good reading. When his curious boy knocks to come in, he realizes perhaps it?s time for him to see how grown ups play. He lets his stepson look around a bit, even into the drawer with his secret stash of gay porn! The boy is shocked at first, but his old man can see the obvious rise in his pants! The older stepdaddy is happy to show him firsthand what the men in the magazines are doing, and just how to do it. He teaches his horny young boy how to deep throat his thick dick before prying it between his tight, virgin, bare ass!

Myles Landon in 'A Dirty Trick - RAW'

Myles Landon - A Dirty Trick - RAW

A Dirty Trick Charlie is always nervous with strangers, but his old man really knows that he needs to open up and meet new people. Mr. Anderson has been telling his good friend about how tight his boy?s hole is, so to trick little Charlie into giving it up he blindfolds him and sneaks his friend in to bareback his boy. Charlie trusts his pops to keep him safe ? he?d never expect him to whore his little boy hole out! Mr. Skye has a cock as big as Mr. Anderson?s; do you think the kid will be able to tell the difference? As the proud man watches his boy get used, he moans and groans to make him think it?s his own dick doing the pounding. Both studs breed the boy?s tight pink hole, but Charlie thinks Mr. Anderson came twice, and the man is happy to take full credit for gaping the boy open!

Ariano in 'A Lesson in Love - RAW'

Ariano - A Lesson in Love - RAW

It?s hard to know what to do when you like another boy. Especially when you?re young and inexperienced, it?s not always clear if he likes you back. Luckily for this foreign exchange student, he has a wise and patient mentor in the ways of love and sex. This handsome older stepdaddy shows his sensual boy just what to do to make his crush fall for him? starting with a tender kiss, plenty of body contact, and a big, hard, raw cock! I would travel across the world to find such a thorough teacher. Luckily, we have a sexy video of him giving a masterclass in how to please a man!

Alex Killian in 'Drawing Straws - RAW'

Alex Killian - Drawing Straws - RAW

When Jacob comes home after a long day, he?s amazed to find the place an absolute mess! With his stepson and step-nephew sitting on the couch, he has no choice but to step in and remind them who?s in charge. Despite his disappointment, he feels his crotch swell at the mere sight of his handsome young studs, eager to dip his bare cock back inside their tight holes. Needing both to have a clean house and to breed boy butt, he has his boys draw straws to decide what each will do. One will be stuck cleaning and the other will get to ride his big, raw dick!

Bishop Angus in 'Ice Cream Truck - RAW'

Bishop Angus - Ice Cream Truck - RAW

Ice Cream Truck The Angus boys love to play video games on long hot summer days, but when an ice cream truck drives by their tiny apartment, little Barron can hardly contain his excitement! Mr. Angus returns with ice cream for his darling boy, but he expects something in return? a long sloppy blow job. Barron sucks first on his ice cream cone and then his old man?s thick cock, and Mr. Angus plans to fill the growing boy with some extra special heavy cream once he?s had his treat!

Brendan Patrick in 'I Have to Finish My Homework - RAW'

Brendan Patrick - I Have to Finish My Homework - RAW

I never could get my mind off of stepdaddy dick when I was in school. It took every ounce of energy I had to focus on my homework and not on finding some hot, hairy stepdaddy to take me hard. For this young guy, he has the opposite problem! While he?s working on a school essay, his horny, aggressive stepdad sneaks into his room. The sexy guy says he?s looking for a quickie and, as he so perfectly puts it, ?to bust a nut!? The young stepson knows he should stay focused, but it?s impossible to do so with his old man?s persistent cock pressing up against his mouth and hole! Seeing that his stepdad won?t take no for an answer, the young guy has no choice but to give up his tight, smooth hole to his hungry stepdaddy, taking every inch of throbbing cock!

Ariano in 'Like One of Our Own - RAW'

Ariano - Like One of Our Own - RAW

Sometimes daddies need to dole out punishment as well as affection. And sometimes, the best way to show a boy you love him is to fuck him like it?s punishment. When this sexy stepdaddy finds out that his stepson has been stealing from their Latin guest, he bends the troublemaker over his knee to spank some sense into him. When the foreign exchange student sees this, the young guy can?t help but be turned on. Watching the older man display such strength and power gets his heart racing and his cock hard, desperate to feel his host?s big hand smack his smooth, tan behind. The horny stepdaddy is more than happy to give him a taste of his rough side, bending him over and fucking him hard and raw!