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Heath Halo in 'Men at Work'

Heath Halo - Men at Work

Muscle-bound stud Johnny Donovan uses the lunch break on a construction site to tie up Heath Halo, a new member of the construction crew. Johnny wants to know if Heath has what it takes to join the crew, which means rope bondage, corporal punishment, suspension, sucking cock, and taking it up the ass. Heath is chained to the ceiling. Donovan, with his leather-gloved hands grope the hunky Halo?s bulging muscles. Donovan cuts away Halo?s clothing to get to his beefy cock. He wastes no time stuffing Halo?s hard cock into his mouth. He worships Halo?s studley muscles but this ain?t all fun and games. Donovan ties various metal tools from the site to Halo?s cock and balls. The heavy weight of the tools pull down on Halo?s ballsack, but Halo is distracted by the pain of the clamps on his nipples. Donovan tugs on these, adding more pain to Halo?s predicament. Donovan takes the crop to Halo?s naked torso and vulnerable cock before moving to the flogger. It?s Donovan?s turn and Halo worships Donovan?s muscled body and torments him with the flogger before eating his sexy ass. Donovan ties Halo again, this time suspended to scaffolding. Donovan face fucks Halo before fucking his ass. Halo gets such a hard ass-fucking he blows his load across his stomach. Once free, Heath Halo greedily sucks Donovan?s cock, eagerly accepting his co-workers fat load of cum.

Lane Colten in 'Professor's Nightmare'

Lane Colten - Professor's Nightmare

Derek Kage is a big shot university professor who has a lot of sway on campus, but disgruntled student Lane Colten sees him for who he really is: a cock-hungry submissive little slut and he plans to take full advantage of the situation to get his grade changed to an ?A?. Lane is very unhappy about the low grade Mr. Kage gave him on a challenging project so he decides to take matters into his own hands by threatening to expose the truth about Derek?s kinky perverted desires. Professor Kage tries to dissuade Lane by saying he will go to the disciplinary board but he is determined to have his way with Derek no matter what. Lane takes total control and demands Derek get on his hands and knees and crawl to him. For the rest of the day Mr. Kage is at the mercy of Lane Colten?s outrageous sexual demands. Tied up tight with rope, Derek must worship Lane and do whatever he says. Turns out Mr. Kage is a cock hungry slut and craves his big meaty cock however he can get it. Lane teases him by letting Derek smell his leather pants and after, making him beg for it finally unsheathes his thick dick for Derek to devour. Lane?s cock grows bigger and harder as he crams it deep down Derek?s throat, making him choke and gag. Then Lane discovers Derek?s pathetic flaccid dick and delivers some treacherous humiliation and CBT. To keep Derek?s mind off of his sad little cock, Lane encases it in a chastity cage and beats him with the crop to keep him humble then fucks his mouth some more. Now standing up tied to his desk, Mr. Kage is gagged and drooling like a helpless bitch. Lane whips him with the flogger on his back, belly, ass, and thighs and orders him to stick his tiny chastity cage covered cock out so he can strike it down. He groans and moans and his skin turns red with marks and welts but all the while Mr. Kage seems to like all this suffering. In the next scene Derek is tied up and bent over the desk ready for some hot action. Lane fucks Derek?s tight ass thoroughly over the desk, against the wall, and then tosses him like a ragdoll onto the floor and pounds his ass harder with that meaty cock until he shoots a huge load all over his face. As Lane is leaving poor Professor Kage begs to cum too but Lane says no and reminds him to change his grade to an ?A? or else! Alone in his office, Mr. Kage jerks off while grasping the rope that bound him earlier until he cums all over himself.

Pierce Paris in 'Please Use Me, Sir!'

Pierce Paris - Please Use Me, Sir!

Today is Danny Wilcoxx?s day in the dungeon. He has been given the name 375 and the task of pleasing Pierce Paris. Does he truly understand what will be expected from him today? Pierce greets him with the flogger. An eager Danny responds by kissing and licking his armpits. Pierce orders him to strip naked. The flogger stings across Danny?s bare, pink hairless chest. Danny?s round ass also gets the treatment. Pierce orders Danny to bend over, he wants to see that hole. He spreads Danny?s ass cheeks wide to see Danny?s tight little hole. Pierce can?t help himself, he licks Danny?s butthole, pushing his tongue inside. Pierce regains his composure and orders his slave on to his knees to suck his cock. Pierce?s meaty member fills Danny?s little mouth. Suck it harder! Danny feels the flogger stinging his back, but he keeps sucking. Pierce?s cock is rock hard now and he orders Danny to sit on it. Danny slides his ass down on the cock like he?s been doing it his whole life and gyrates his ass on Pierce?s lap. Before he can satisfy his master, Danny makes the mistake of looking into Pierce?s eyes. He gets ass-fucked from behind and whipped with the flogger. Next. Danny is bound by rope while Pierce works him over with the crop and even has some fun with clover clamps on Danny?s soft, pale skin. Finally Danny is suspended with rope at the perfect height for Pierce to stuff his cock in Danny?s sweet mouth before he fucks Danny in the ass.

Brogan in 'Takes Logan Aarons'

Brogan - Takes Logan Aarons

Brogan is polishing his favorite leather boots when the doorbell unexpectedly rings. He tries to ignore it but there is another loud rapping at the door. When he goes to answer it, he?s faced with a persistent and annoying salesman, Logan Aarons, who won?t take no for an answer even when Brogan said it wasn?t a good time to talk. He invites the pesky visitor inside and pushes him up against the wall to let him know he is going to teach him a lesson in taking no for an answer. Brogan drags Logan down to the dungeon, ties him up, blindfolds him, and begins his kinky BDSM lesson. Decked out in black leather straps and buckles, boots and gloves, Brogan manhandles his fresh little piece of meat and claims Logan?s cock and all of Logan?s holes for himself. Nipple pinching, twisting, biting, and intense cock and ball torment ensue. Brogan tears Logan?s clothes off and demands he clean his leather boots and pants using only his tongue. Logan is a good boy as he follows every order and furiously licks the boots clean. The next job is for Logan to suck coc,k so Brogan crams his hard dick down Logan?s throat and fucks his face while hitting him with the crop. He chokes and gags and drools and takes it like a good slut. Then Logan is standing, tied up tight in rope bondage while Brogan edges his cock and whips him with the flogger. Finally Brogan bends Logan over and fucks his ass, causing him to moan and beg for more. In full suspension, Brogan pounds his ass harder. Logan needs more punishment to really learn his lesson, and so his flesh must be tenderized before getting fucked again. First Logan is on his knees tied up and gagged in predicament bondage with clothespins on his upper body, attached to long strands of string that reach the floor. Big meaty Brogan stomps through each strand of string ripping the clothespins off his tender flesh, one by one, making Logan wince in pain. Then more relentless CBT and a hardcore session with the crop to really remind him who is boss. Brogan face-fucks his plaything and then hammers his ass until he shoots a hot load all over Logan?s pretty face. But Brogan still needs a good shine on his leather boots since he was so rudely interrupted earlier, so he lets Logan jerk off onto his boots and use the jizz as polish.

Carter Collins in 'Jailbreak'

Carter Collins - Jailbreak

Officer Johnny Donovan is overpowered by inmate, Carter Collins and his accomplice Van Darkholme. Donovan endures a day of edging, being blindfolded, fondled, blow jobs, nipple clamps, rope bondage, vibrators and a dick-on-a-stick. The morning started like any other at the County Jail. Due to budget cuts, Johnny Donovan is the only one working this side of the jail. Inmate Carter Collins waits in his orange jumpsuit for a visit from his buddy, Van Darkholme. Before long, Officer Donovan finds himself handcuffed to the cell bars and blindfolded. Carter fondles his muscular legs and groin. Donvan?s clothes are removed and despite being overpowered and humiliated, he also can?t resist Carter?s sweet mouth on his expanding cock. Next, Donovan?s naked, muscular body is tightly bound by rope to a chair. Carter sucks on his toes, licks his feet, then sucks on his hard cock. Carter and Van press vibrators against the sensitive tip of Donovan?s cock, nipples, and taint. Donovan realizes there is no appeasing his tormentors. Next he is bound tight with rope to a dirty mattress where Carter plays with his cock, licks his butthole, and then he sits on Donovan?s rock hard cock. Donovan tries to maintain his dignity and not cum but Carter Collins? tight asshole milks every last drop.

Sage Roux in 'The Body Shop: Sage Roux Gets Brutalized by Heath Halo'

Sage Roux - The Body Shop: Sage Roux Gets Brutalized by Heath Halo

Sage Roux needs his repair done now but mechanic Heath Halo doesn?t have the time of day or interest in pleasing his customers. In fact he wants the total opposite - for his customer to please him by indulging his most kinky, perverse desires. So today Sage has a rude awakening when he realizes he is fucking with the wrong guy! Plus Sage has no situational awareness or he would have noticed all the kinky toys laying around the shop. He should have left when Heath told him to but now he is trapped in the clutches of a sadistic man. This is Heath?s first time on Kink and he has no mercy on Sage as he ties him up with rope, tears his clothes off and torments him with the crop and verbal humiliation. With a heavy chain looped around his neck and the Humbler squeezing tight on his balls Sage is led to the tool bench where he gets a deep and dirty throat-fucking with Heath?s throbbing cock. Then leaning over the tool bench Sage begs for Heath to stop as he gets his ass drilled with the fucksaw. But Heath is just getting warmed up and wants some of that tight hole for himself so he fucks Sage?s ass and zaps him into submission with electricity. Next, Sage is gagged and bound with arms up while Heath flogs him relentlessly all over his pale vulnerable body and then puts him in a full suspension with legs straight up and his hole exposed. Sage gets a fast and furious ass-pounding. After Heath gets a good amount of hardcore ass-fucking, he wants to be worshiped so Sage rubs oil all over his muscles and cock in a very sensual way in order to please his Dom. Heath is full of pleasure and power and commands Sage to finish the job so Sage eagerly sucks Heath?s cock with wide eyes and gets a hot load of jizz all over his face. Finally Mr. Halo wants to see his little toy cum too, so he jerks Sage off until he can?t help himself and shoots his load for his master.

Rio 9rande in 'Locked Up'

Rio 9rande - Locked Up

During an intense firefight battle, Buck Richards runs into an old chicken coop to reload his weapon but immediately gets captured by Rio 9rande. Rio takes him back to his HQ and ties him to a chair. He slaps him, spits in his face, and chokes him, trying to get intel as to where his battalion is hiding. When Buck won?t talk, Rio steps it up and flattens him out across his desk. He yanks Buck?s pants down and spanks his bare ass. After that he hits him with a paddle and then shoves his fat cock in his mouth. He fucks Buck?s face and then plunges his big dick inside his ass and fucks him raw and hard. In the next scene, Rio has Buck bound in rope bondage on his stomach with his legs up and a metal hook buried in his ass. Rio beats his feet with a wooden paddle, a cane, and then he shoves a huge dildo in his ass. After that, he puts Buck on a dirty mattress inside a jail cell and places a leather mask over his face. He leaves him there for a while and comes back with his dick hard. Rio beats Buck?s ass with a wooden paddle and then licks his asshole. He shoves his big dick in Buck?s ass and then fucks him deep and hard until they both blow their huge loads.

Jax Phoenix in 'Master's Hole: Jax Phoenix and Ethan Sinns'

Jax Phoenix - Master's Hole: Jax Phoenix and Ethan Sinns

Jax Phoenix is back in the dungeon, horny and ready to dominate his bound submissive, Ethan Sinns. Jax enters wearing black leather pants and gloves, he inspects the goods and finds a big meaty cock on his slave. Ethan?s head is completely covered so he can?t see what Jax looks like or what he is about to do, every second is a surprise as Jax slaps him around, punches his chest and jerks him off. Next, Jax demands Ethan crawl across the floor to clean and worship his black leather boots. Ethan eagerly licks his boots and shines them up with his tongue desperate to please his Dom, but that?s not good enough. Ethan has come to the dungeon with dirty feet and must be punished. Jax humiliates his little cum slut whore while cropping his tender arches and then lets Ethan suck his hard cock as he moans in pleasure. Now Ethan is in a bit of a predicament, gagged, strapped, and restrained in a metal device-bondage chair that gives him no way to move comfortably. Jax covers his torso, nipples and balls with metal clamps and then zaps him over and over with sparks of electricity causing Ethan to drool and moan, sending him over the edge. Ethan is a good slave and can take a lot of pain so it?s time to give him a little relief in the form of a big cock in his ass. Flipped around in the device bondage with eyes covered, Ethan gets his ass fucked good and hard until it?s time for more discipline and punishment. Standing naked and chained, Ethan is at the mercy of his Master?s flogger. Jax starts with gentle whips on Ethan?s chest and back and then ramps up to a relentless furious lashing all over his body. Not only does Ethan take it like a good sub, he has to keep his mouth shut while enduring the pain. Finally after suffering through a hardcore whipping, Ethan gets his ass stuffed again. Jax fucks Ethan?s obedient ass and leaves him with a hot cream-pie dripping out of his hole. Now that Jax is satisfied, Ethan can jerk himself off and shoots a load of cum all over his Master?s boot which of course he must clean off, so he licks it clean leaving his Dom?s boots looking shiny and new.

Brogan in 'Brogan's Bondage Dream'

Brogan - Brogan's Bondage Dream

Johnny Ford and Brogan are two buddies working on a film set of a horror movie. Today nobody is shooting, which is a lucky break for Brogan since he didn?t get much sleep last night. Ford leaves to go eat lunch while Brogan quickly falls asleep at his work bench. Instead of getting some much needed rest, Brogan abruptly wakes up, tied to a chair. The burlap sack on his head makes it hard to know what is happening. He can feel his wrists and ankles are bound by rope to the arms and legs of the chair. A stranger?s hands roughly caress his chest, then his crotch. Brogan feels his cock grow hard despite his protests. He frees Brogan?s cock from his pants and sucks it. Brogan protests but his cock only grows harder and fatter with Ford?s slapping and teasing. Ford?s tongue delicately licking the tip of his cock sends shivers up his back. Finally the burlap hood is removed and Brogan?s humiliation is complete. His buddy Johnny Ford is the one who brought him to the edge of sexual ecstasy. Ford uses a crop on Brogan?s tender nipples and ball sack, the pain leaves Brogan no time to dwell on his humiliation. Brogan?s clothes are torn off, the crop bites into his naked thighs. Next, clover clamps are placed on his balls, stomach, and nipples. Ford sucks on Brogan?s hard cock and then rips off the clamps. The pain, pleasure, and embarrassment are almost too much for one man to handle. Brogan is ready for his torment to end, only to realize the ropes are being loosened so his head can be guided by Ford?s leather gloved hands down to Ford?s cock which fills Brogan?s mouth. Brogan takes the hard cock surprisingly deep to the back of his throat. A little breath play is added to the face-fucking. Arms still bound by rope, Brogan is moved to a dirty mattress where he is ass-fucked long and hard by Ford. Satisfied that Brogan has been broken and submitted to Ford?s devious desires, Brogan is untied and allowed to worship Ford?s feet. Brogan licks the dirty soles of Ford?s feet and kisses and sucks on his toes. Ford can?t resist plowing that big ass of Brogan?s, stretching out his tight asshole. Instead of being satisfied, Ford demands more from his fuck-toy. Brogan will be suspended and flogged and endure more face-fucking. Is this Brogan?s fate, or will he get revenge on Johnny Ford?s tight ass with his own hard cock?

Benvi in 'Debt Collector: Ian Holmes and Benvi'

Benvi - Debt Collector: Ian Holmes and Benvi

Benvi owes a debt. Ian Holmes pays him a visit to collect what he owes. When Ian finds out that Benvi doesnt have the money, he makes him a deal. For every day that Benvi doesn?t have the money, Ian will torment and fuck him in bondage. He makes Benvi get on his knees and lick his boots. He shoves his fat cock down his throat and then makes him strip down naked. Ian shoves a nightstick in Benvi?s ass and then fucks his asshole deep and hard with his big dick. In the next scene, Benvi is tied up in rope bondage to a chair. His legs are spread and his asshole is front and center. Ian smacks Benvi?s ass with his leather paddle. Then he shoves his dick inside his reluctant hole and fucks him while Benvi is trapped in bondage. After that, Benvi is tied up with rope in a standing position with one leg in the air. Ian penetrates him once again with his nightstick and pulls him around by the handle. Ian adds clamps to Benvi?s nipples and then hits him hard with his leather flooger. Ian slides his cock in Benvi?s asshole and fucks him until they both blow their loads.

Buck Richards in 'Pay It Forward'

Buck Richards - Pay It Forward

Johnny Ford wants to get revenge on his frat bro, Buck Richards for the rough hazing he got in college. He invites him to a fireside hangout to catch up and reminisce. Little does Buck know that Johnny has a plan to give him a taste of his own medicine. After recounting all the bad stuff Buck did, Johnny tells him it?s his turn to have fun. Now all tied up and gagged, poor little Buck is at the mercy of Johnny?s angry frat boy aggression. What the fuck Buck? Johnny laughs and gives him several hard-hitting cracks with a wooden paddle on his tender butt. Buck resists and cusses but he can?t do a thing about it so he must suffer. Wearing leather gloves, Johnny slaps Buck around, chokes him and manhandles his helpless plaything. He crams his big hard cock all the way down Buck?s throat making him gag and drool. Still tied up and on his hands and knees by the glowing, flickering fireside, Buck gets a torrent of beatings all over his body including his cock and balls with the crop, leather straps and paddles. Johnny stuffs Bucks ass full of cock and gives him a deep and thorough fucking that Buck seems to love. Flipped over oh his back Buck takes more hardcore pounding in his tight ass until Johnny shoots a hot load of revenge all over his vulnerable little whipping boy. Ah but Johnny isn?t only about revenge because he tells Buck to jerk off so he can watch him cum. Buck says ?yes sir? and strokes his long hard cock until he cums real good. Fuck yeah bro!

Derek Kage in 'Backwoods Butt Bandit: Johnny Ford Takes Derek Kage Rough!'

Derek Kage - Backwoods Butt Bandit: Johnny Ford Takes Derek Kage Rough!

Derek Kage is enjoying a peaceful hike through the backwoods but when he stops to set up camp, his backpack goes missing. A seemingly friendly stranger invites Derek to stay at his site but soon reveals his true intentions after nightfall. Johnny Ford is one hot and horny camper and decides to make Derek his submissive little plaything so while sitting around the campfire he takes him down! Johnny ties him up with rope inside his trailer and has his way all night long. Gagged and bound tight, Derek also has a chastity cage on his cock to keep him from getting hard. Johnny unleashes a series of torments on poor Derek including the crop, lots of slapping, CBT and intense breath play. Derek moans and groans but can?t do a thing about it. He?s bound and gagged in a trailer in the woods at the mercy of his dominating captor. Johnny eats Derek?s ass and then frees him from the rope so he can suck his big cock. Finally bent over the counter with hands bound, Derek gets his ass fucked good. Johnny pounds his little plaything?s hole endlessly until he shoots a huge load all over his ass.

Carter Collins in 'is Chris Damned's Fun Little Fuckhole'

Carter Collins - is Chris Damned's Fun Little Fuckhole

Carter Collins is Chris Damned?s fun little fuck-hole today. Carter is all tied up in the dungeon and ready to be completely dominated by the sexy, tattoo covered Chris Damned who is going to do all kinds of nasty, twisted things to test out his new play toy. Mr. Damned is decked out in black leather chaps and gloves as he inspects his fresh meat, first his firm, smooth chest then his wet supple mouth before he lets Carter worship his cock. Carter is more than eager to please so gets right to it, sucking and choking on Chris?s hard dick. Then on all fours Chris cracks the riding crop on Carter?s tender flesh, his ass, back and thighs leaving stinging red marks all over him. As a little reward, Chris rims Carter?s asshole to fill him with pleasure after taking such punishment. Carter is then bound to a St. Andrew?s cross, wearing only his jockstrap. Chris attaches a zipper of clothespins along Carter?s chest and belly and then proceeds to tease and torment his cock and balls with slapping, sucking, flicking, stroking and edging. Mr. Damned knows how to push his sub to the limit and then deny him the pleasure he so desperately wants. He edges him over and over, driving Carter wild until finally Chris straps him up on the cross with legs spread wide open and fucks his ass good. Next, Carter is tied up standing while Chris unleashes an intense 360 degree flogging session on his vulnerable play-toy. Circling him from back to front, Chris whips him everywhere including his sensitive cock, making Carter scream and groan but he takes it like a champ. Finally, with Carter on his back, tied up and gagged, Chris fucks his tight ass with a hot and hardcore rhythmic pounding until he shoots a huge load of cum all over his fun little fuck-hole.

Benvi in 'Stepdad's Closet'

Benvi - Stepdad's Closet

Benvi comes home from college only to find his Stepdad, Christian Wilde, on the phone, and in a meeting. Christian quickly gets off the phone and greets Benvi. Benvi scoffs at Christian?s genuine attempts at having a nice friendly conversation with his stepson. When Christian leaves to get lunch, Benvi can?t help but snoop around in Christian?s bedroom while he?s out. He finds Christian?s cum stained underwear, a bag full of kinky toys, and makes himself comfortable on his parent?s bed. He huffs his stepdad?s underwear, jerks off, and passes out. Christian comes home to find Benvi naked on his bed and wakes him up. Benvi apologizes and Christian uses it as a bonding opportunity so he takes him down off the bed by his face and makes him get on his knees. Christian pulls out his big cock and shoves it in his stepson?s mouth and Benvi sucks it like a good boy. After that, Christian ties Benvi up with rope, face-down and ass-up. Christian beats Benvi?s ass with a wooden paddle and then licks his asshole. In the next scene, Christian has Benvi naked over his lap with his ass in the air. Christian spanks Benvi?s ass hard with his leather gloved hands and then with an even bigger wooden paddle. Christian slides his big dick inside his stepson?s asshole and fucks him raw and hard until they both cum huge loads.

Buck Richards in 'Diggin' Holes'

Buck Richards - Diggin' Holes

Buck Richards is upset because he needs this construction job done yesterday and Christian Wilde ain?t getting it done. Christian reminds Buck that he is the only worker here today and Buck reminds Wilde that he?s lucky to even have a job. Buck crosses the line when he grabs a hold of Christian?s manly cock inside his denim jeans. Christian doesn?t like being groped like a piece of meat and decides to let Buck know what it feels like to be degraded and humiliated. Christian has other tools in the shed besides hammers and screwdrivers. He ties and gags Buck to the outside of the shed. His pants are pulled down to his ankles to expose Buck?s large cock. Buck gets his own cock slapped, pulled, and tugged. Next, Buck is bound to a wooden dolly. His balls are clamped tight with The Humbler. A mouth-spreader strapped to Buck?s head makes it easy for Christian to thrust his own hard cock down his throat. Once Christian?s cock is sloppy with spit, he rams it into Buck?s pink, puckered asshole, outside for anyone who drives by to see. Brought inside, Buck finds himself completely naked and elaborately bound tight with rope. Christian teases him with a crop and then fucks his face yet again with his hard cock. Christian can?t resist tasting Buck?s huge cock while using the Zapper on his exposed flesh. Now Buck is happy to suck on Christian?s cock as long as it means the end of the Zapper. Next comes the evil pinch of clover clamps on Buck?s tender nipples and torso. Despite his complaining, Buck?s huge cock is now rock hard and ready to cum. Christian denies him and instead suspends Buck on one foot and punishes him with the flogger. More blow jobs and ass fucking follow and Buck Richards wonders how to explain this day to his wife.

Dante Colle in 'Caught Off Guard: Dante Colle Fucks Prison Guard, Derek Kage'

Dante Colle - Caught Off Guard: Dante Colle Fucks Prison Guard, Derek Kage

Newbie prison guard Derek Kage is already bored and tired of his job and it?s only been a week. Little does he know that when he is tasked to take the high-risk prisoners to the showers his life will be changed forever his boredom will soon be transformed into a hot and savage real life BDSM fantasy.Once Derek gets Dante Colle into the showers, he can?t help but notice this bad boy?s sexy, muscular body and starts fantasizing about giving him head. Ahh but it?s just a dream, it didn?t really happen. Later that night lust filled Derek Kage finds himself in the cell with Dante just wanting to talk but Dante knows why he is really there and gets Derek to admit his desires. Let the fun begin! Soon enough Derek is bound to a chair, stripped down and being paddled and waterboarded.He chokes and gasps for breath as the water tickles his throat, his skin turns beet red as he gets slapped and battered by Dante?s leather paddle. He can barely take it but he does.Next Derek is bound tight with rope in the cell on a prison bed. Dante canes his ass and thighs leaving distinct red marks on his delicate skin. He slides the cane into Derek?s ass and fucks him with it and then graduates to a billy club and fucks him some more. After giving Derek a thorough throat fucking Dante mounts his submissive little plaything and pounds his hole with hard cock. Now gagged and tied to the prison cell bars spread eagle Dante teases and torments Derek?s cock and balls with the paddle and the cane and then fucks his ass deep and hard until he cums. Finally, Dante jerks Derek off and lets him cum then leaves him all alone tied up in the cell. Caught Off Guard!

Tony Genius in 'A Job Well Done: Tony Genius and Jack EmHoff'

Tony Genius - A Job Well Done: Tony Genius and Jack EmHoff

After several attempts at repairing a door Jack just can?t get the job done right so Tony threatens to call his boss and get another worker out there to take care of it. Jack protests and says he will do literally anything to keep his job so Tony gets the genius idea to tie Jack up and have his way doing absolutely anything he wants! Stripped down to his skivvies and socks Jack EmHoff looks good in rope, his toned muscular body is hot and just begging for attention and Tony Genius is going to bring it. Decked out in black leather pants and gloves Tony gets right to it feeling Jack up admiring his assets and getting to know his submissive, tender plaything. After all Tony has given Jack many tries and now it?s his turn. He unleashes a torrent of lashes on lil? Jack with the crop and the flogger one after the other making his skin turn bright red. Jack is so obedient and seems to like it even though he is breathless. Next tied up on his knees and gagged Jack gets an intense paddling that makes him whimper and drool uncontrollably. Oh but Tony is just getting started.He straps a rubber pussy onto Jack?s face and fucks his mouth deep with his long hard cock and then removes the strap on to get the real thing. Tony G gets off good making Jack take his whole dick all the way down his throat. All this hardcore face fucking makes Jack?s cock hard and eager to please Mr. Genius. Finally on his hands and knees with a hook in his ass Jack is ready to get fucked. Tony plays with the hook, eats Jack?s ass and then fills his hole with cock. Tony pounds Jack?s tight ass with his big throbbing dick forever until he shoots his hot load. Now that?s a job well done!

Cliff Jensen in 'Over the Cliff's Edge'

Cliff Jensen - Over the Cliff's Edge

Hard ass Cliff Jensen is bound for the first time in ropes. Van Darkholme has Brody Fox on hand to help him edge this hot piece of man meat. Brody is obsessed with Cliff?s cock. He loves how big it is. Van binds Cliff?s chest and arms before placing a blindfold over Cliff?s eyes. Van cuts away Cliff?s clothes to allow Brody free access to that hard cock. Kissing, licking, stroking, the hand job pushes Cliff to the edge. Cliff is ready to blow his load but Brody is sent away before Van hands him a vibrator. Two vibrators push up against the head of Cliff?s cock. Instead of letting him cum, Van ties Cliff?s ankles and wrists to a wooden scaffold. Brody is back on Cliff?s dick. Deepthroat, all the way down. Van wraps a rope tightly around Cliff?s balls. Now it?s nipple clamps and more vibrators on those tightly wound balls. Brody stops his cock sucking before Cliff can cum. Cliff cries for Brody to milk his hard cock. Not today, sport, at least not yet. Throbbing for relief, Cliff?s thick schlong only gets slapped. Cliff gets suspended by rope so Brody can easily suck on that sweet knob. No relief! Cliff is tied to a bed, totally vulnerable to Brody?s hungry mouth before Van applies a penis pump to really torment Cliff. Brody can?t help himself and straddles Cliff, where his gaping butthole happily consumes Cliff?s throbbing cock. Brody gets what he wants and makes sure to leave his sperm all over Cliff?s belly and chest. Will Cliff get what he wants? Watch the movie and find out.

Michael Jackman in 'Testing the Water: Christian Wilde and Michael Jackman'

Michael Jackman - Testing the Water: Christian Wilde and Michael Jackman

Michael Jackman is curious to be a sub for the first time on Bound Gods and Christian Wilde is the perfect dom to lead him on this journey. Michael is blindfolded and tied to the wall when Christian enters and starts stroking his naked torso. He asks the bound sub if he?s ready to submit and Michael eagerly says, ?Yes, sir!? Christian spends some time smacking Michael?s smooth and flat stomach with a gloved hand as his belly turns red from the attention. Christian reaches for the flogger and gives his him a few gentle strokes across his chest, stomach and legs then slowly turns up the heat until he?s whipping his sub with the authority he deserves. Christian grabs a leather paddle and starts working on Michael?s stomach until the helpless sub?s skin is glowing bright red. Michael is then tied with his arms behind his back as Christian paddles his ass and rims his bright pink asshole. Michael?s face is a mix of shock and ecstasy as his dom provides a deep pleasure after the intense flogging. But Christian isn?t finished. He puts Michael on his knees and slides his fingers down his throat then pulls out his rock-hard cock and guides his subs mouth down the length of his shaft. Once Christian is satisfied, he flips Michael onto his back and gives his belly a few more smacks with a riding crop before slowly sliding his perfect cock into his ass. Michael can only watch as Christian fucks him long and hard before cumming on his perfect little asshole. Only then is Michael allowed to touch himself and he shoots a huge load of cum on his bright pink belly. Christian admires his handywork and says, ?Quite the journey, huh boy?? And Michael obediently replies, ?Yes, sir!?

Brody Fox in 'THE ELECTRO DOM'


Brody Fox ventures into the lair of Johnny Donovan, better known as the Electro Dom. Brody stands humbly before the silent, leather-clad Donovan. Donovan looks him over, stroking his own large cock. Brody can?t take his eyes off that cock. Donovan motions the new boy to come forward and Brody already gets it wrong. Donovan orders him to back up, nice and slow and try again. With Brody on his hands and knees Donovan dangles his sweet cock inches above Brody?s hungry mouth. He orders Brody to undress, and when Brody is too slow, Donovan hits him with the zapper and orders Brody to kiss his boots. Kiss and smell that leather. When Brody goes too fast, he is ordered to start over. Lick the leather. Brody knows if he can get to Donovan?s cock he can win him over, but when Brody advances on to Donovan?s crotch he is ordered to lick his armpits. Smell that sweat, inhale. Donovan is pleased enough to fuck Brody?s throat. Deep fucking to the back of Brody?s throat. Donovan plays with Brody?s asshole, zapping, fingering and spanking his pale ass until it?s bright red. Brody is ordered into his small metal cage. This isn?t as easy as he expected. With his ass sticking out of the cage, Donovan takes advantage to slide his cock into Brody?s tight butthole. So far Brody has only earned the right to more torment. Naked and bound by rope, barely able to stand on two wood pegs, Brody has been wired up by the Electro Dom. Brody was confident this morning that his tight round ass would win over the Electro Dom, but now nothing he?s done seems to have pleased him.Donovan asks if Brody is ready to submit to his Electro master. Donovan ramps up the voltage until Brody can?t stand, only the tight, pinching ropes keep Brody from falling to the ground. He can?t keep from crying and moaning like a sissy. Donovan works him over with the Flogger, turning Brody?s ass a deep red. Brody is moved to a hard chair, and the voltage is ramped up for even more torment. Donovan works a metal butt plug deep into Brody?s ass before fucking that tender ass hard and deep until Brody spills his seed on his own belly. When Donovan cums across Brody?s chest, Brody can only hope that he has pleased his Electro master.

Carter Collins in 'The Missionary: Johnny Ford and Carter Collins'

Carter Collins - The Missionary: Johnny Ford and Carter Collins

Getting his house looking romantic and ready, Johnny Ford gets a call from his partner on Valentine?s Day just to get dumped. He hears a knock at the door and it?s a missionary named Carter Collins who?s come to spread the good word. Johnny invites him in and makes him a deal. He?ll hear what he has to say, if he gives Johnny the thing that he?s missing on Valentine?s Day. His holes. Johnny makes him get on his knees and whips out his big hard cock. He shoves his dick all the way down Carter?s throat and face-fucks him. He puts a leather collar around Carter?s neck, a ball-gag in his mouth, and ties his hands behind his back with rope. Johnny pulls out Carter?s already rock-hard cock and slaps it with his leather gloved hands, making Carter?s dick even harder with every slap. He bends Carter over his couch, licks his asshole, and spanks his ass hard. After that, Johnny sinks his big dick deep inside Carter?s asshole and fucks him raw and hard. Carter gets tied up in rope bondage, hanging from the ceiling. Johnny hits Carter?s dick with a leather crop and then puts a bunch of red clothespins on his ballsack. He hits him with a leather paddle and torments Carter?s nipples with metal clamps. After that, Carter is bound with rope to a black coffee table with his legs spread apart. Johnny spreads Carter?s hole with a multitude of giant toys and then fucks him hard with his cock until Carter gets painted with both of their loads.



Ethan Sinn is a scrawny, submissive sub who is too tempting for Roman Todd not to ignore.One of the amenities at the Bondage Compound is the Cleaning Station. Hot stud Roman Toddhas finished a day full of domination and is ready to be cleaned by one of the house slaves.Ethan Sinn is a scrawny submissive who is known by his slave number, 795. Roman Todd,wearing only his tight, leather pants, can?t resist dominating another pathetic weakling beforegoing home. First he takes a leather strap to 795?s bare ass. Roman ignores 795?s pain as hewhips out his cock and places it under 795?s nose. 795 knows what to do, suck that cock! Boundby rope, facing the wall, 795?s buttcheeks turn red from the intense flogging. Roman ignores795?s whimpering and turns the flogger to his ribs, chest and nipples. Roman gets hard from theabuse and slides his hard cock in 795?s anus. Roman pounds the sub?s tight hole. 795 is nowbound in rope to a stool, arms tied behind his back. Even his slave cock is wrapped tight.Roman attaches nipple clamps on 795?s nipples, thighs and stomach. He uses a crop to tease795, until he slaps the clamps away. The bit gag in 795?s mouth only allows a muffled screamthat is easy for Roman to ignore. He isn?t finished tormenting his sub. Stones are attached bychain to 795?s balls. Roman adds more and more stones until the weight is nearly unbearablefor 795. The sub is finally allowed to suck and clean Roman?s feet. Roman lies face down on thecleaning table and 795 washes his firm, muscular body with soap and warm water. 795 isrewarded by getting urinated in the face. Roman can?t resist fucking his slave in the ass again.He cums on his slave?s face and 795 hungrily licks the rest of the cum off Roman?s cock. Romangenerously allows his slave to cum on his foot, which of course he must lick clean.

Rodrigo Amor in 'Your Fault: Johnny Donovan Delivers Fierce Revenge Fuck on Killer Rodrigo Amor'

Rodrigo Amor - Your Fault: Johnny Donovan Delivers Fierce Revenge Fuck on Killer Rodrigo Amor

On his way home from a stressful day at work tired and droopy eyed Rodrigo accidentally hits an unsuspecting pedestrian on the side of the road. Panicked and not sure what to do Rodrigo makes the fateful decision to leave his victim behind and drives away. Racked with guilt Rodrigo tries to shake it off but is soon visited by the ghost of Johnny Donovan who has come to get fierce revenge on his killer. In bed resting peacefully, Rodrigo gets a rude awakening when Johnny appears and makes him suck his ghost dick. With deep and relentless pounding Johnny chokes and gags Rodrigo with hard cock as he berates his killer about being so negligent. Wearing black leather gloves Johnny flips Rodrigo over and fucks his ass hard while paddling, slapping and manhandling his little bitch. Rodrigo apologizes profusely and begs for him to stop but it just makes spiteful Johnny go harder. Now spread eagle with ankles bound to his wrists Rodrigo gets more unrestrained wrath of Johnny?s vengeance with savage ass beating and hardcore fucking that he will never forget. Twisting and turning and trying with all his might to resist Johnny?s ferocious paddling and pounding all he can do is take it until Mr. Donovan shoots his hot ghost load all over Rodrigo?s thoroughly fucked ass. After all Rodrigo it was Your Fault!

Adam Wirthmore in 'Spider Caught a Fly: Derek Allen and Adam Wirthmore'

Adam Wirthmore - Spider Caught a Fly: Derek Allen and Adam Wirthmore

Adam Wirthmore breaks into a compound in the desert. He opens a metal door and peeks inside, but security guard Derek Allen catches him in the act and drags him off to have his way. Adam?s bare feet balance on cinderblocks as he?s tied up with rope to the outside of a shipping container. A burlap sack is placed over his head, and he waits there wondering what will happen to him. Derek creeps up and pulls the sack off of his head. He hits his muscular body and cuts his shirt off. He hits him with a leather crop, and then reaches inside his pants and pulls out his cock. He sucks Adam?s hard cock, pulling and tugging at his balls. In the next scene, Adam is standing naked, bound in rope with a bit in his mouth, his back to Derek. Derek hits him hard with his leather flogger and it gets his dick hard and ready to fuck. He slides his stiff cock inside Adam?s asshole and Adam screams unintelligibly through the gag. He flogs him, fucks him, and then flogs him some more. In the final scene, Adam is on his back, tied up with rope with one leg in the air. Derek plunges his cock down Adam?s throat and then deep in his ass. He shoots a huge load across Adam?s chest and then lets Adam go, just as soon as he cums.

Vander Pulaski in 'TURTLE BOY: Buck Richards is fucked, flogged and bound in a metal cage and renamed Turtle Boy by Vander Pulaski'

Vander Pulaski - TURTLE BOY: Buck Richards is fucked, flogged and bound in a metal cage and renamed Turtle Boy by Vander Pulaski

Vander Pulaski?s role in the Compound is as a submissive. Today Buck Richards has beenallowed into the compound and given the slave number 58683. Being young, dumb, and full ofcum, he mistakes Vander as the dom he must report to. Vander is eager to show he has what ittakes to reduce a civilian into a humbled, cock-hungry sub. 58683 tells Vander he has what ittakes. He bares his ass for the crop, and Vander quickly makes red marks across 58683?s skin.The crop and spanking turns his ass fully red. Vander leaves red marks across his ass, nipplesand thighs. 58683 is pushed down on his knees, mouth at cock level. Vander unzips his meatycock. 58683 takes it deep to the back of his throat. This blow job feels good. Vander now knowsthis newbie has at least one skill. 58683 gets to move on to the next test. Wearing a blindfoldand mouth gag, 58683 is strapped to a wooden cross, arms chained above his head, legsspread apart. Little does he realize this isn?t the punishment. The dozen forceps clampsdangling from his nutsack and nipple is the punishment. Vander smacks the engorged cock,then yanks off the clamps, squeezing 58683?s ballsack causing him to scream in pain. Thencomes the flogger. Vander flips 58683 around and turns his butt and thighs red with the sting ofthe flogger. Vander thrusts his big cock between those throbbing ass cheeks, plunging his hardcock deep into 58683?s tender asshole. Finally, 58683 thinks, this is what I?m good at, bringingpleasure to dominant men with my tight asshole. 58683 gets a surprise when Vander stuffs himin a metal cage, suspended over the dungeon floor. Vander enjoys tormenting 58683 with aleather paddle. He gives the slave a nickname, ?Turtle Boy?. Turtle Boy eagerly sucks hismaster?s cock and worships Vander?s feet. Vander uses his tongue to moisten Turtle Boy?spuckered asshole before shoving his heavy cock balls deep into that hole.

Dalton Riley in 'Swingers: Christian Wilde and Dalton Riley dominate Tristan West and Jesse Stone'

Dalton Riley - Swingers: Christian Wilde and Dalton Riley dominate Tristan West and Jesse Stone

Tristan West wants hubby Christian Wilde to meet his new friend Jesse Stone so they invite Jesse over along with his boyfriend Dalton Riley. Christian and Dalton are actually old friends and they both plot to tie up and fuck each other?s guy.Christian and Dalton excuse themselves and come back wearing leather. They sneak up on Jesse and Tristan and take them down. With ball gags in their mouths and tied up with rope to the chairs they?re in, Christian and Dalton hit them hard with with their gloved hands. They switch to a crop, and a leather paddle, turning Tristan and Jesse?s skin bright red.In the next scene, Jesse and Tristan are both on their knees, ass to ass, tied up in rope bondage. Christian slides a huge double-ended dildo in their assholes and they bounce their asses together, fucking each other. Christian and Dalton whip out their big hard dicks and take turns using their mouths.In the final scene, Christian and Dalton flog Jesse and Tristan hard. Christian slides his fat cock inside Jesse and Dalton pounds Tristan?s asshole deep and raw until they both blow their huge loads all over their asses.

Jaxon Valor in 'Bound On Site: Johnny Ford Goes to Work on New Sub Jaxon Valor's Foundation'

Jaxon Valor - Bound On Site: Johnny Ford Goes to Work on New Sub Jaxon Valor's Foundation

After getting a good pump on at the gym, hot and sweaty Jackson Valor visits his friend Johnny Ford at work at a dirty construction site. But this is no ordinary visit because Johnny is horny and wants to get some hardcore action from the unsuspecting Mr Valor. Johnny grabs Jackson and tears his shirt off so he can feel his taut, hard body. His big hands hold Jackson?s neck tight as he bites his neck and ear arousing him greatly. Jackson is more than willing to be Johnny?s submissive little slut and can?t wait to give him everything he wants. Wearing a jock strap and a leather collar Jackson is on his knees with his hands tied behind his back as Johnny manhandles and teases his dick hungry sub to get him ready. Mr Ford wraps duct tape around Jackson?s head to cover his eyes and deprive him of sight and then fills Jackson?s warm, wet mouth with his big hard cock. An intense cock sucking, deep throat fucking session ensues. Then in predicament bondage Johnny continues to please his dom by sucking his dick and taking it way down his throat. Moving onto the bed now Jackson is bound with an anal hook in his hole as Johnny torments his slutty sub?s feet with the cane causing him to writhe and moan from the pain of the cane and pleasure of the metal hook in his ass. After some foot fucking, paddling and lots more cock sucking Johnny Ford finally fucks Jackson?s tight ass. First face down and then on his back Jackson jerks himself off as Johnny pounds his hole with his long hard dick until he shoots a hot load all over his little toy causing thoroughly fucked Jackson to bust a nut.

Max Lorde in 'Winter Break: Michael Jackman and Max Lorde'

Max Lorde - Winter Break: Michael Jackman and Max Lorde

Max Lorde shares an apartment with his football teammate, Michael Jackman. Max goes through Michael?s duffle bag one day and finds assorted BDSM tools and toys. Michael catches him in the act and takes him down. Max says that he can take it and so he gets tied up with rope to the top rails of their bunkbed. An athletic cup is tied to his face. Michael takes Max?s belt and pulls his pants down. He smacks Max?s pale ass with the belt, and then a paddle, until it gets covered in pink stripes. After that, Michael whips out his stiff cock and fucks Max?s ass raw and hard. In the next scene, Max gets tied up in rope bondage on his knees with his hands behind his back. Michael face-fucks Max until drool pours from his mouth. In the final scene, Max gets bound on his back on the bottom bunk and Michael fucks his ass through the ladder. They both blow their loads, and Max proves to his teammate that he can take it.

Gabriel Phoenix in 'Xtreme Shot Paris Deal 5 for Ian ' Custom'

Gabriel Phoenix - Xtreme Shot Paris Deal 5 for Ian ' Custom

?Xtreme Shot? series which was born in Madrid. This time, it has been shot in Paris Rough House. We find the signature that made its dazzling success: underground training club, fierce fights, and ultra-sensual tension?Xtreme Shot@parisroughouse is also distinguished by the choice of production in favor of radically more competitive fights. Almost all combats are controlled by Etienne as Coach, Producer and director, or fighter too obviously!In addition and for the first time, we offer you all the footage from both cameras. Thus, we invite you to enjoy two distinctive aesthetic universes: one is more vintage and old-school-oriented (WMcam 1) whereas the other sounds darker in Caravaggio style and a closer shot (WMcam 2).

Baxxx in 'A Gift For My Stepfather: Master Santa Christian Wilde and his Elves make Baxxx's Dreams Cum True'

Baxxx - A Gift For My Stepfather: Master Santa Christian Wilde and his Elves make Baxxx's Dreams Cum True

College athlete Baxxx is home for Christmas. Since Baxxx has been away, his mother hasremarried, this time to Christian Wilde. This has made Baxxx happy because he did not want hismother to be alone after his father was sent to prison for life without parole. For his part,Christian has taken an unusual interest in Baxxx?s University activities. He caresses Baxxx?schiseled six-pack stomach, admiring Baxxx?s ability to get straight A?s and also star on therowing team. Baxxx gets hard feeling Mr. Wilde?s touch. You see, he has a crush on hisstep-father and can?t wait to give him his Christmas present. Unfortunately, Mr. Wilde has a ruleof no presents until Christmas morning and Baxxx falls asleep with blue balls. Soon after he isawaken by impish Elves, and then Baxxx finds himself in Mr. Wilde?s bedroom bound by ropeand his head covered with a burlap hood. Fondled by someone who sounds like his step-father,the mysterious man informs Baxxx that he is ?Master Santa?. Master Santa engages in impactplay before squeezing Baxxx?s hard cock beneath his pajama bottoms. That cock is next forsome slaps, squeezes, and strokes. Next thing Baxxx feels is a warm, wet mouth on hismanhood. The hood is removed and Baxxx sees the gift Santa has given him, nipple clampsbiting hard on his nipples, attached to gift boxes heavy with weights. A crop stings his hard cockbut anything to please Santa. Baxxx?s christmas fantasy deepens with him tightly bound inSanta?s special 6mm red christmas rope, as he must stand barefoot atop two wooden posts.More impact play before Santa unloads with a flogger on Baxxx?s muscled frame. The ropeholds him tightly in place where he must absord the full sting of the blows. This is only a preludeto the clothespins applied to Baxxx?s torso and thighs, where Master Santa gleefully rips themoff in one motion. Finally Master Santa and one of his elves take turns widening Baxxx?s tightasshole with their cocks. Has this all been a dream, or did Christian Wilde give Baxxx an earlymorning Christmas gift?

Etienne Erik in 'Paris Deal 2 for Roy ' Custom'

Etienne Erik - Paris Deal 2 for Roy ' Custom

The beating that Etienne gave Jack Vidra during the match Special Edition Summer 2018 Part 2 inspired our client sponsor?.. to order a very hot customized new match? An obvious sexual affinity had transpired from this fight?. Jack is determined to take his revenge for the humiliation he suffered against Etienne? ? The new scene begins? Each one provokes the other and laughs at the opponent? Etienne mocks Jack and insinuates that he enjoys being dominated and destroyed ? A challenge is launched?

Aiden Langston in 'Sex and Torment: Roman Todd and Aiden Langston'

Aiden Langston - Sex and Torment: Roman Todd and Aiden Langston

Aiden Langston often fantasizes about getting tied up and dominated in a dungeon, being used-and-abused for his Master?s sexual and sadistic pleasure. Aiden hears of such a place and makes his way there. Upon entering the dimly lit dungeon, the echo?s of him saying, ?Hello!? are quickly muffled by the leather-gloved hands of Roman Todd. Aiden gets tied to a chair with ropes, and a leather mask goes over his head, blocking out his sight. Roman enters his dungeon and begins the torment. He hits Aiden with a leather crop and then humiliates him for not getting his cock hard. Roman slaps Aiden?s cock and it gets hard for his Master. Roman shoves a big cold metal plug in Aiden?s ass and then pulls his hard cock out of his leather pants to face-fuck Aiden.In the next scene, Aiden stands with his arms tied above his head and his legs tied to a wooden platform. His dick and balls are also wrapped in rope that?s tied to a suspended metal bucket. Roman wastes no time and starts dropping big stones into the bucket, immediately yanking Aiden?s cock and balls. Roman hits him hard with a flogger and then adds more rocks to the bucket, and then back to even harder flogging, and more rocks. Roman frees Aiden?s cock from the rope bondage and just when Aiden feels like relaxing, Roman unleashes a barrage of whacks with the flogger. In the final scene, Aiden is tied up on his back with his legs spread and his ass ready for Roman?s cock. He begs to get fucked and Roman fucks his deep, hard, and raw until they both unleash their huge loads.