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Maxim Bikhov in 'Milking Man - MAXIM BIKHOV'

Maxim Bikhov - Milking Man - MAXIM BIKHOV

Maxim Bikhov is such a sexy guy. He looks great as he reclines on the chair with hands roaming all over his hot body. His wrists are tied over his head as the hands feel his body and grope his underwear. The cock pokes out of the waistband as oil is rubbed over his body. More oil is applied and rubbed over the cock too. The underwear is adjusted to expose more of the cock and then is pulled off to leave Maxim fully naked. His cock is rock hard and soon has more oil applied. The hands rub the oil over the cock and balls and then begin to wank that thick dick. That cock is rock hard as it is wanked. The balls are squeezed together too and the oily cock stays so hard all the while. It is wanked hard and fast as Maxim lays back and enjoys it. That wanking takes Maxim right to the edge, with the rock standing fully to attention and wanting to cum. His balls are rubbed too. The hand wanks that cock so hard again, stopping just in time to avoid ejaculation. Then Maxim?s legs are raised into the air, showing off his hairy ass. The hands spread the ass cheeks wide and rub all over the tight hole. The big cock is wanked more too as his hole is rubbed. As the big cock is wanked a dildo is pushed into Maxim?s tight hole. It is fucked deep into his ass and stays in place as the big cock is wanked. Maxim announces that he is going to cum, but the wanking slows to avoid that. Then the wanking gets faster again, bringing him to the edge once more. The toy is removed from his hot hole, which is shown off so well. Then Mexim?s legs are lowered and the wanking resumes. That cock is rock hard as he is desperate to cum. He is brought to the edge repeatedly before that cock finally releases the cum. Maxim?s legs are raised up again as he enjoys the feeling of his cock cumming. That cock is milked dry before he is left to relax.

Denis Pletak in 'Hot Ass - DENIS PLETAK'

Denis Pletak - Hot Ass - DENIS PLETAK

Denis Platek looks so hot and horny as he lays back with his underwear bulging with stiffness. A helping hand appears and reaches out to touch him. As Denis rubs his sexy chest the helping hand rubs the hairy leg and reaches for the underwear. The stiff cock is rubbed in the underwear before being released to poke out of the waistband. Denis feels his pecs as his cock is gently wanked. The underwear is lowered to release his big balls too, which are squeezed as well. The foreskin rubs back and forth as his cock is wanked a little more. The underwear is removed to give better access and soon Denis holds his legs in the air, exposing his sexy ass. The hands spread the cheeks to show the tight hole so well. Then Denis? cock is wanked some more as the hole is fully exposed. It is so inviting that a finger is soon fucking deep inside. That finger fucks the hot ass hole nice and deep. It goes in right up to the knuckle as it fucks Denis? hole. Then the finger comes out and that cock is wanked some more too. The ass needs more and soon feels two fingers pushing deep inside as the cock is wanked hard. The fingers fuck that hot hole, pulling out and going in again. The cheeks are spread wide too before the fingers go in again. The hole takes the fingers so well and Denis? cock stays hard as it does so. A dildo is then ready and slides into the hole, stretching it wide as each, ever wider, bulb pushes past the sphincter. The toy fucks in and out, pulling out and slipping in again. Denis? hole takes it so well as that toy fucks hard while his cock is wanked. Denis wanks himself too as his ass hole is fucked so well. The ass hole is ready for more and soon gets a nice fat dildo stretching it wide and fucking deep. When the toy is removed the hole stays open too, gaping nicely. Having had that hot ass worked hard Denis sits up and wanks his big cock until he shoots a big, creamy, load.

Luky Kolac in 'Duty Bound - LUKY KOLAC and MILEK JASTRA'

Luky Kolac - Duty Bound - LUKY KOLAC and MILEK JASTRA

Luky Kolac has Milek Jastra on a bench, covered in a black sheet. When he removes the sheet we see that Milek is also encased in plastic wrap. He is also blindfolded, gagged, and shackled. Lucky feels plastic and leans over to run his lips over it too, kissing against Milek?s nipples too. Luky writhes around as he feels the hot mouth. Luky tears at the plastic to uncover a nipple that he can suck. He tears more too and releases Milek?s cock which he immediately begins to lick. Lucky licks the balls too, sucking into his mouth as well. His lips run up and down the shaft which he then takes into his mouth to suck. That fat cock stiffens in his mouth as he sucks on it while Milek still writhes around. Luky wanks hard on the cock as he sucks on the balls before taking the dick in his mouth again. His head bobs up and down as he enjoys the taste of that fat cock. He gorges his appetite on that big cock and goes up to suck the nipples again too. Then as he strips naked he gives Milek a few slaps too. Straddling him Luky wanks both cocks together. All the while Milek?s arms are straining against his shackles, as he feels a cock against his and a hand wanking them. Luky moves up to Milek?s mouth and shoves his big cock into it. He grabs Milek?s head and fucks his cock into the mouth. Needing more Luky quickly rips off the plastic and turns Milek over. He shoves his huge cock deep into Milek?s ass and begins to fuck. That dick stretches Milek?s hole so wide as it is fucked deep into him. Luky pounds that hole as hard as he can making Milek?s dick swing below. Luky pulls out and rubs the hole before shoving his big cock all the way inside again. He fucks as hard and fast as he can before pulling out to check the open hole again. His big dick soon slides back inside as his thrusting hips ensure it slams as far in as it can. Milek?s ass cheeks are red from being spanked as he is fucked. He takes the big cock so well as Luky continues to fuck hard. Then Milek is turned over, onto his back. He wanks himself as Luky?s dick works his hot hole. With that big cock pounding his hole so deep it doesn?t take Milek long to shoot his hot cum. He milks his cock dry as Luky pulls out of the ass to unload his cum over Milek?s hot body.

Peto Mohac in 'Young Offenders - PETO MOHAC and MAX FILLIPI'

Peto Mohac - Young Offenders - PETO MOHAC and MAX FILLIPI

With Peto Mohac in charge of security, Max Fillipi is not going to get away with stealing. He is dragged into the room and protests his innocence which has no effect on Peto. Max is made to stand so that he can be searched. He takes off his tee shirt and then is told to remove his shorts too. Again he protests his innocence and removes the shorts. Peto is very forceful and strips the underwear from Max, not finding anything stolen. Naked now Max has to hand over his backpack which Peto searches for. He finds the stolen credit cards and then threatens to call the police. Max is very eager not to involve the police, promising to do anything. That gives Peto the opening he wants and he has Max stand and present his ass. Peto runs his hands over Max?s sexy ass, giving it a spank too. He rubs the ass and then pushes Max to his knees as he starts to strip. With his big cock out Peto makes Max suck it. He holds Max?s head and fucks his hard cock into his mouth. That cock is rock hard and Peto fucks it deep into Max?s mouth. Max takes it well and he kisses Peto?s balls too. Then he kneels on the chair, presenting his ass which soon feels the big cock pushing deep inside. Peto grabs Max?s hips and fucks hard into that hot ass hole. The big cock fucks balls deep into Max?s hole. Peto pulls his cock out and shoves it back in again. His balls are tight as he fucks hard into Max?s ass. Max takes that big cock so well as it fucks hard and fast into his hole. He is turned over, onto his back, and gets the big cock pounding his hole again. As he takes that cock Max wanks himself too. Peto keeps fucking hard and fast into that hot ass as Max wanks himself to shoot his cum all over his body. Then Max kneels before Peto who wanks himself to unload his hot cum. Max sucks the cock to clean it off to end a great scene.

Maxim Zinenko in 'Hot Ass - MAXIM BIKHOV'

Maxim Zinenko - Hot Ass - MAXIM BIKHOV

Maxim Bikhov is a very handsome and sexy guy. He looks so good as, naked, he wanks his rock-hard cock as he rubs his chest too. He is joined by a helping hand who drips oil onto the hard cock and then rubs it all over. That big cock glistens as the oil coats it and the hands wank it. Then hand runs all over Maxim?s chest too His cock is wanked and more oil is applied, coating his heavy balls too. Maxim feels his sexy chest as his cock is wanked. Then his legs are raised into the air which shows his hairy ass and the tight hole. That hot hole is fully exposed and oil is rubbed all over it. He holds his legs up as the hands explore that hairy ass and rubs the tight hole. A finger slips into the hole, pushing deep inside and slowly starting to fuck. That finger goes all the way into Maxim?s tight hole fucking in and out. The tight hole is worked slowly by the finger as Maxim?s cock and balls are rubbed too. Then the finger is removed and the hole is spread wide. More oil is applied to the ass and another finger pushes inside. Then two fingers go in, opening that hole even wider. Maxim feels it as the fingers fuck deep into his hole. The fingers are removed and the hands take hold of his cock again, wanking it some more. His balls are squeezed and rubbed too. Soon the ass hole gets more fingering as a prelude to a toy fucking deep inside. The vibrator opens that hot hole nice and wide as it is pushed so deep inside. The toy stretches that hot hole as it is pushed deep inside and then removed. The hole is fucked deep as the toy is removed and inserted again. Maxim turns over, onto his knees, and spreads his ass. Soon the vibrator is rubbing over the hole and pushing in again. When it is removed and the cheeks are spread wide the hole opens up a little too. The toy goes back inside, all the way, and then comes out again to show off the open hole. Then Maxim lays on his back and wanks his cock. He keeps wanking hard until his cock shoots hot cum onto his sexy body.

Tomas Petruj in 'Hot Ass - TOMAS PETRUJ'

Tomas Petruj - Hot Ass - TOMAS PETRUJ

Tomas Petruj is a very sexy guy. He looks wonderful as he lies, naked, on the bed, wanking himself. He keeps wanking as a helping hand arrives and begins to feel over that sexy chest. Then the hands drip oil onto Tomas? cock. The oil is rubbed over the cock and onto Tomas? chest too. The hands rub the cock and the balls too. The stiff cock is wanked as Tomas lays back and enjoys it. Then his legs are raised into the air, showing off his hot ass hole. Tomas holds his legs up as a hand rubs over his tight hole. His cock is wanked too as a finger probes the hot ass hole. That finger fucks deeper into the ass, moving in and out in time with the wanking of his big cock. Then the finger is removed so that hole can be examined again. Soon the fingering is happening again, fucking hard into that hot ass hole. Tomas? cock stays hard as his hole is stretched by one finger, and then by two. The two fingers push into the tight hole, then come out so more oil can be applied. Then those fingers are shoved deep into the ass and they fuck in and out. The fingering fucks hard and fast in that hole, pulling out and shoving all the way in again. A thumb easily slips into the hole too. Tomas? cock is wanked as well as his hole is working so well. Then it is time for a dildo in his ass and it is pushed deep inside, sliding in so easily. That hole opens up to take each notch of the shaped dildo as it fucks in and out. After pulling out the dildo his hole is inspected again and he turns over, onto his knees. That still gives access to the hot ass hole and a much thicker and longer dildo soon slides inside. That hole opens up well to take the big toy as it is fucked into the ass. Tomas? hands spread his ass cheeks as the big dildo works his hot hole. That dildo pushes deep in the ass and fucks it hard. Tomas? cock is wanked between his legs as his hot ass is worked hard. The hole gapes a little as the big dildo pulls out and then shoves inside again. The fucking gets harder and faster, going so deep in the hole. The hands then spread the ass to open the hole for inspection. Then the fingers start working the hole. 4 fingers slip into the ass hole and push in up to the knuckles. Then the gaping hole is shown again with more fingering before Tomas turns over onto his back. His stiff cock is oiled and he grabs it and starts to wank it hard as the hands run over his hot body. As his balls tighten at the base of his thick shaft Tomas wanks hard and shoots a big, creamy, load of cum.

Abraham Kohn in 'Duty Bound - MAX FILIPI and ABRAHAM KOHN'

Abraham Kohn - Duty Bound - MAX FILIPI and ABRAHAM KOHN

Abraham Kohn is naked, shackled, gagged, and blindfolded on the wrestling mat. He is writhing around on his stomach as Max Fillipi enters, with oil in hand. Max squirts oil all over the writhing back of Max and he uses a foot to rub it in. Max knees beside Abraham and start to feel over the hot body before him using his hands. He rubs the ass crack and hole hard as Abraham tries to stop him. The oily hand?s probe that ass cracks hard and spanks the ass too. All the while Abraham?s arms are trying to stop that action. Max?s cock is rock hard in his underwear and he gropes it as he feels Abraham. Then he removes his underwear and shoves his rock-hard dick into Abraham?s mouth for sucking. He grabs Abraham?s hair and head and pulls him onto that stiff dick. It seems that Abraham has a taste for the cock as his tongue comes out to reach for it when it is removed from his mouth. He soon tastes it again as Max shoves it back into his mouth. Then Max moves back to that sexy ass, feeling in the crack again. He pulls that ass into the air and checks out the hole. Then that stiff cock slides deep into the hole. The rock-hard dick fucks hard into Abraham?s hole as Max holds onto the shackles to give him good leverage. He spanks that sexy ass too as he fucks it hard and fast. He grabs the hips and pounds that hole as hard as he can. Then he pushes Abraham?s ass down on the mat and fucks it some more. His thrusting hips slam the dick deep into that hole as Abraham moans loudly. Holding Abraham?s neck to the floor he continues to throw a good hard fuck to that ass. As he fucks Max gives the ass the occasional spank too. Re-arranging the shackles, with Abraham laying on his side, Max fucks the hole even harder. Abraham wanks himself too as he takes the big dick in his hole. That fat cock stretches the hole wide as it pounds in and out of the ass. The fucking speeds up even more as Abraham shoots his cum. Max is soon ready too and quickly pulls out and straddles Abraham?s body to shoot a big load over his chest and face. Max milks his cock dry and gives Abraham?s face a slap to end a great scene.

Nikol Monak in 'YOUNG OFFENDERS: Nikol Monak and Petr Ugan RAW'

Nikol Monak - YOUNG OFFENDERS: Nikol Monak and Petr Ugan RAW

Hunky str8 guy Nikol Monak is in charge of security and he has to interview a very cute str8 guy Petr Ugan who was suspected of stealing some money. He interviews Petr and insists of searching his bag, but doesn?t find anything. Peter gives up the money and seems to be smiling about it. Nikol is going to call the police but Petr asks him not to. Nikol decides to do more checking and insists that Petr strips. He checks the clothes as they come off until Petr is naked before him. Petr sits again and Nikol has an idea about how to resolve not calling the police. He opens his pants and pulls out his rock hard cock. He makes Petr wank that big cock and then suck it too. Petr?s mouth works on that big dick as Nikol pushes his head down on it. That cute mouth works on Nikol?s dick and the Petr laps at the big balls too. As he licks and sucks Petr manages to take the whole cock into his mouth as Nikol pushes his head down on it. Then Petr is laid on the table with his legs in the air to give access to his hot ass. Nikol takes some oil and rub it over the hot hole. pushing a finger deep inside and fucking it. His finger works that hole, and then two go all the way inside, getting it ready for cock. Nikol roughly fucks with the fingers, stretching the hole wide. Then he shoves his big, hard, cock deep into the waiting hole and starts to fuck with long strokes. His throbbing cock rams deep into Petr?s ass, pulling out and going all the way back in. Petr takes that dick so well as Nikol pounds his ass. The hole stays open when the cock comes out and is shoved back in again. Petr?s hand moves to his own cock as he feels the big cock fucking him hard. He wanks himself as Nikol?s hips keeping thrusting that cock into the ass. Petr shoots some cum as he wanks himself, then he turns over and bends forward for more of that big dick in his ass. Nikol?s balls swing back and forth as he bangs the ass as hard as he can. Then he pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over Petr?s sexy ass.

Radan Flex in 'HOT ASS: Radan Flex'

Radan Flex - HOT ASS: Radan Flex

What a stunner Radan Flex is. In this hot ass shoot we get to see his awesome body and then a very sexy ass. He gives a great show of it, before being joined by a helping hand who proceeds to get right to work on Radan?s ass. He uses a vibrator at first, and then a much larger butt plug that really stretches the hole. Then Radan wanks his cock and delivers a very nice cumshot.

Gerasim Spartak in 'YOUNG OFFENDERS:Gerasim Spartak and Miro Dalek - RAW'

Gerasim Spartak - YOUNG OFFENDERS:Gerasim Spartak and Miro Dalek - RAW

Handsome Gerasim Spartak has a new, and very sexy Young Offender to deal with. That is sexy str8 guy Miro Dalek. Gerasim brings Miro into the office and sits him down. It seems that Miro has been stealing from a cash register. Eager to avoid the police and his parents being informed he follows Gerasim?s instructions, stripping down to his underwear. As he turns around Gerasim spots something in the underwear. Miro takes off the underwear and the stolen money is revealed. Miro is desperate to avoid the police being informed and promises to do anything. Gerasim likes that idea and rubs his nightstick over Miro?s cock and balls. Then he pushes Miros hand into his pants, making him grope. Gerasim soon pulls out his stiff cock and wants Miro to suck it. Miro is reticent but does wank the cock as Gerasim pushes him down towards the dick. Miro takes the stiff cock in his mouth and sucks it a little, protesting. His head is pushed down onto Gerasim?s dick and he sucks it. Gerasim removes his shirt, to be fully naked, and pushes Miro back down onto the throbbing cock. Miro is then made to kneel on the chair, showing off his sexy ass. Gerasim knows what he wants and slides his rock hard pole deep into that tight ass. Mireo moans as he takes the cock deep in his hole. Gerasim fucks that ass hard and fast, spanking too. He grabs Miro?s hair and pulls himself deep into the ass. His hand spanks the ass, leaving a red imprint. Then he moves Miro, laying him on the table and fucks his dick deep into the ass again. Miro?s face is grimacing as he takes the cock all the way in his hole. Gerasim then unloads his hot cum into Miro?s hole and withdraws to let the cream load seep out. Then Gerasim relents and lets Miro sit on the chair and wank himself. He rubs the nightstick over Miro?s balls as the cock gets rock hard and soon delivers the cum.

Danek Gayor in 'HOT ASS: Danek Gyor'

Danek Gayor - HOT ASS: Danek Gyor

Danek Gyor is one very hot guy. This sexy stud gives us a great show, starting by running his hands all over his chest, before removing his tee shirt and showing us some skin. He gropes himself, in his shorts, breathing heavily. As he slides his shorts off we see his swollen cock, which he quickly takes in hand, wanking it. He gets that cock so hard before turning around and showing off his ass. He bends over and spreads his cheeks to expose his hot hole. Laying on the sofa, legs up Danek really shows off that hole, rubbing his fingers over it and then taking a vibrator to it too. He works it into his hole a while before getting back on his knees and showing off the hole some more. After using the vibrator some more a helping hand arrives, with a thicker toy, and proceeds to stretch that hot hole. the pink toy slides into that ass and gets fucked in and out as Danek pulls his cheeks wide apart. He finishes off by wanking his big cock to a very nice climax. What a very sexy guy, and with such a beautiful ass.

Karel Opec in 'Karel and Petr - YOUNG OFFENDERS RAW'

Karel Opec - Karel and Petr - YOUNG OFFENDERS RAW

Karel Opec is in custody, controlled by Petr Jarena. These two str8 guys look so good. As Petr questions Karel about why he is being held Karel denies any wrong doing. Petr says that he must call the police and Karel?s parents, and needs to look inside his bag. In the end Karel hands over his bag for Petr to check. Petr admits to stealing a tee shirt and Petr decides that he must do a more personal check to see if there is anything else hidden. Petr has to take off his clothes, so he strips down to his underwear. He declines to remove the underwear but the threat of calling the police makes him rethink. The underwear comes off and Petr stands naked. He puts his hands behind his head, revealing his soft cock, balls and nice thick bush. Petr makes an offer, if Karel will do something for him he wont call anyone. He takes Karel?s hand and places it on his groin. Karel complains but not much. Petr pulls his cock out and makes Karel wank it for him. He reaches over and rubs Karel?s big, soft, cock too. Petr?s cock is rock hard as Karel wanks it and soon he is sucking it too. His mouth wraps around the cock as he sucks well. Petr pushes Karel?s head down onto his cock making sure he gets it all. Petr removes his shirts, showing off his hot chest as Karel keeps sucking. Then he pushes the pants down too and starts to fuck his cock into the hot mouth. Then Petr moves Karel, bending him over to check his ass. He slides his throbbing cock into the tight hole and starts to fuck it as Karel moans. Petr fucks deep into the tight ass as Petr keeps moaning. Petr fucks that ass hard and spanks it too, pulling Karel?s hair too. He pulls Karel onto his rock hard cock, fucking hard and fast. Then Petr moves Karel, laying him on his back and fucks him some more. Karel wanks his own cock as he takes Petr?s dick deep in his hole. He wanks hard, keeping up with Petr?s fucking. Then Karel releases his cum with Petr?s dick deep in his ass. Petr continues to fuck until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and shoots his cum onto Karel?s cock and balls. Then he sends Karel on his way.

Robert Drtina in '- HOT ASS'

Robert Drtina - - HOT ASS

Our sexy stunner Robert Drtina always looks so good. In this hot ass video, we find him exercising his sexy body. Then he treats us to some very nice poses, feeling his body as he does so. Still wearing his underwear Robert turns and spreads his ass cheeks, showing a most inviting hole. It opens naturally as he pulls the cheeks apart. Taking off the underwear Robert bends over and fingers his hole nice and deep, spanking his ass cheeks as well. Turning and laying back on the training seat Robert lifts his legs and returns to playing with his hot hole. He takes a vibrator and slides it deep inside, fucking it in and out. Then he moves to lay over a boxing bag. His hard cock is trapped back between his legs and a helping hand slides a dildo into his tight hole. That dildo gets fucked in and out of Roberts?s ass and he takes it very well. Having enjoyed that ass being used so well we can then watch as Robert stands and wanks himself to a big, creamy, cumshot.