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Dalton Riley in 'Swingers: Christian Wilde and Dalton Riley dominate Tristan West and Jesse Stone'

Dalton Riley - Swingers: Christian Wilde and Dalton Riley dominate Tristan West and Jesse Stone

Tristan West wants hubby Christian Wilde to meet his new friend Jesse Stone so they invite Jesse over along with his boyfriend Dalton Riley. Christian and Dalton are actually old friends and they both plot to tie up and fuck each other?s guy.Christian and Dalton excuse themselves and come back wearing leather. They sneak up on Jesse and Tristan and take them down. With ball gags in their mouths and tied up with rope to the chairs they?re in, Christian and Dalton hit them hard with with their gloved hands. They switch to a crop, and a leather paddle, turning Tristan and Jesse?s skin bright red.In the next scene, Jesse and Tristan are both on their knees, ass to ass, tied up in rope bondage. Christian slides a huge double-ended dildo in their assholes and they bounce their asses together, fucking each other. Christian and Dalton whip out their big hard dicks and take turns using their mouths.In the final scene, Christian and Dalton flog Jesse and Tristan hard. Christian slides his fat cock inside Jesse and Dalton pounds Tristan?s asshole deep and raw until they both blow their huge loads all over their asses.

Jesse Stone in 'HARD LOVIN' HOMBRES: Kyler Drayke and Jesse Stone'

Jesse Stone - HARD LOVIN' HOMBRES: Kyler Drayke and Jesse Stone

Jesse Stone welcomes Kyler Drayke to the Compound. Kyler only knows Jesse by his slavename, Eight-oh-Seven. 807 is tightly bound with rope to hard metal bars. His muscular, tonedbody is fully exposed for Kyler?s delight, except for a thin piece of cloth covering 807?s genitals.Kyler has brought his crop. He promises 807 a day full of fun. Kyler wastes no time in using thecrop before unwrapping 807?s penis. Kyler strokes 807?s manhood, then slaps it when it doesn?tget hard fast enough. Kyler bites and slaps 807?s cock. He adds clothespins to 807?s lean,muscular frame and then delights in knocking them off with his crop. 807?s chest is left red andthrobbing in pain. Kyler decides this is the perfect time to plunge his rock hard cock into 807?spuckered butthole. Kyler plows his sub deep and hard but it?s too soon to give 807 his seed.Kyler brutally flogs 807?s backside, swinging his flogger with all his might against 807?s freshlyfucked ass, back and stomach. 807 now has a bit gag to keep him quiet while Kyler drips hotcandle wax all over his body. 807 obediently endures the torment before having his legs spreadwide and asshole exposed for more cock pounding by his master. Kyler fucks that ass long andhard leaving 807 with a beautiful creampie.

Jesse Stone in 'The Role Play Technique'

Jesse Stone - The Role Play Technique

Jesse Stone goes to see therapist Dr. Myles Landon and tells him that he?s been having inappropriate fantasies about his stepdad and him. Dr. Landon suggests they do a little role-playing, so he can finally act out all these fantasies and get them out of his system before moving on.

Jesse Stone in 'The Call Back: Tony Genius Overwhelms Jesse Stone with a Dominating Performance'

Jesse Stone - The Call Back: Tony Genius Overwhelms Jesse Stone with a Dominating Performance

Tony Genius is excited to get a call back audition for an important film. He?s worked hardpreparing for this role of a lifetime, but casting director Jesse Stone is more interested in playingwith his phone than watching poor Tony. Tony is a method actor and knows how to get Jesse?sattention. Jesse is subdued, gagged and bound in rope. Jesse?s arms and wrists are tied firmlyto his thighs, making him unable to resist Tony?s advances. Tony strokes and slaps Jesse?s cockbefore flogging his pink, round ass. That ass is so sweet it deserves a leather paddle to heat itup before Tony slides his big cock in Jesse?s tender asshole. Tony removes the gag so Jessecan suck and deep throat Tony?s cock before giving Jesse more deep ass fucking. You can betthis performance is one that Jesse Stone will never forget.

Jesse Stone in 'EXCITED TO SERVE'


Today Jesse Stone will be known only as Eight-Zero-Seven. Derek Cage is not impressed with 807 and his tiny penis locked away in a chastity cage (all slaves must wear them in the compound). 807 licks Derek?s boots. Derek is not impressed, he has some training to do today. Derek peppers 807?s ass with a crop. That pale pink ass is going to get red today. Derek presses his vibrator against the chastity cage and 807s balls. 807 squirms under the intense vibration. His cock has nowhere to go, no way to expand beyond it?s plastic confinement. Derek finds 807?s dick sucking skills pathetic. Derek is hard to please, even when his cock is balls deep down 807?s narrow throat. Derek applies the crop, demanding to see 807?s cocksucking skills. The crop lands across 807?s bare back. Derek spanks his slave?s ass red before sliding his cock in 807?s puckered asshole. Grab your ankles! 807 is bound in rope, arms tied behind his back and mouth gagged. Derek advances with two floggers. He removes the chastity cage, freeing 807?s soft, moist penis. Derek?s strong man hands stroke 807?s dick until it?s a full, hard cock and ready to explode with cum. Derek stops. Now it?s time for the floggers. Even 807?s hard cock is not spared the sting of the floggers. Now 807 is tied face down on a bench, ass exposed for Derek?s pleasure. A rope holds 807s head up so Derek can face fuck him. Derek compliments his guest on how well he suffered today before plunging his thick cock into 807s tender, pink butt. Derek kindly strokes 807s cock, allowing him to cum while being assfucked. Derek saves his own load for 807?s mouth. 807 swallows it all, grateful for the attention Derek has shown him today.