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Elder Holland in '- Companionship Strife - RAW'

Elder Holland - - Companionship Strife - RAW

Elder Holland blames his companion for what happened to him. His punishment was so severe that his butt was still sore when he and Elder Oaks were reunited! And to make matters worse, he?s sure his companion?s dad, President Oaks, didn?t do a thing. He?s determined to make him pay? and he?s not taking no for an answer.

Elder Holland in '- Disciplinary Action'

Elder Holland - - Disciplinary Action

Elder Holland thought he was in the clear, but his nosy companion saw everything! Elder Holland took advantage of the situation by getting Elder Oaks to fool around with him, not realizing they could be heard by their missionary neighbors! President Nelson caught the boys together naked and was had to take action. He knows that a willful young man like Elder Holland needs strict discipline, and he?s just the man to give it.

Elder Holland in 'Elder Holland: Caught Masterbating'

Elder Holland - Elder Holland: Caught Masterbating

Elder Holland has always considered himself a true guy?s guy. And like any guy, he has urges. He?s been having fun with the other young missionaries, but he?s missing the girls back home badly. And with his companion always around, it?s hard to get privacy to take care of those urges. But on this morning, it seems he may have a much-needed moment to himself?