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Ricky Larkin in 'Truth or Dare Foot Worship'

Ricky Larkin - Truth or Dare Foot Worship

After the gym Joey and Ricky talk about playing Truth or Dare. Then they play and expose foot worship fantasies for both! Ricky is tied to a chair and briefly gets his big feet tickled before Joey puts his big socked feet in his face. Then the socks come off and Joey allows Ricky to suck his gorgeous toes and soles.

Logan Moore in 'The Jealous Ex'

Logan Moore - The Jealous Ex

A teacher offers a discount on school fees if paid with a full Upfront Payment. What happens when the new boyfriend meets The Jealous Ex? Looking for a new home theater system, a client Will Not Take No for an answer. A business executive has complete control over an employee who Worship him. The men work hard and play even harder in the 5th Volume of Ready to Play?!

Blayne in 'Blayne's Ticklish Pedicure'

Blayne - Blayne's Ticklish Pedicure

Blayne sees a sign that interests him and stops in to get the ?free? pedicure offered by Ricky. He finds out it?s just a ruse for Ricky to tickle him. With Blayne?s arms securely over his head and his legs immobilized, he has to endure his pits, sides, and feet tickled by Ricky - and another customer!

Gunnar Stone in 'and Des Irez: No One Can Hear You Scream'

Gunnar Stone - and Des Irez: No One Can Hear You Scream

When Des Irez?s car breaks down out in the desert in the middle of nowhere there is no help in sight and no cell phone reception. Suddenly his knight in shining armor in the form of Gunnar Stone appears to save him from impending doom. Or does he? Gunnar is so friendly and comforting, he offers Des a ride back to his place to use the phone where he soon learns the tow truck can?t make it out till morning. Not sure what to do or where to go, Des nervously accepts an offer to stay the night at Gunnar?s dilapidated trailer. He climbs into a sticky, stained and dirty old mattress and in the middle of the night Gunnar sneaks into his room and takes Des down, way down into his depraved and kinky world of hardcore sex and BDSM. He covers Des?s mouth and says ?I know why boys like you come around this part of the desert and I?m going to give you exactly what you want?. Des resists and tries to fight back but Gunnar is strong and meaty and can overpower Des in an instant. He slaps him around, manhandles him and throat fucks Des with his hard dick. Then Gunnar ties him up, bends Des across the table and fucks his ass good. With leather gloves on his hands Gunnar slaps and spanks Des?s sensitive butt and beats him with several wicked paddles until his ass is bright red. Des screams and moans in torment and Gunnar says ?scream all you want boy, no one can hear you out here, it?s just you and me.? Gunnar?s sweaty muscular body glistens in the dim light of the trailer as he pounds poor little Des?s ass out even harder than before. Next, in the bedroom on that nasty old mattress Des sucks Gunnar?s cock making him choke and his eyes water. Now gagged and up on his hands and knees Des gets the leather paddle on his ass, he squirms and moans but can?t escape the relentless blows of Gunnar?s twisted game. ?Weren?t you ever taught not to trust strangers boy?? He laughs, grabs hold of the rope around Des?s waist and fucks him deep and hard until he shoots his load all over his ass.

Johnny Hazzard in 'Tramples Hans Berlin'

Johnny Hazzard - Tramples Hans Berlin

When Johnny comes in for a massage on a stormy day, bodyworker Hans gets a lot more than he bargained for! Hans worships Johnny a bit when he falls asleep, but has the tables turned on him when Johnny wakes up, tramples Hans, and makes him shoot a load on Johnny?s feet.

Zed Sheng in 'The Puzzle Box: Marco Napoli Dominates Zed Sheng Into Another Dimension'

Zed Sheng - The Puzzle Box: Marco Napoli Dominates Zed Sheng Into Another Dimension

Newcomer Zed Sheng finds a mysterious puzzle box in his bathroom, but he doesn?t know what to do with it?Intrigued, he plays with it for a while. Finally, it opens and transports him to a whole new dimension where leather-clad Marco Napoli awaits and is more than willing to show Zed the ropes of BDSM as he takes him on a journey wherein he will experience all kinds of pleasure, pain, and other outrageous physical and emotional sensations in the dungeon.Disoriented, Zed finds himself in a strange place, gagged, bound with rope, and his cock trapped in a chastity cage. Zed welcomes his submissive slut into the dungeon and immediately begins to dominate him and use Zed as he wishes. First, the paddle, then the flogger; Marco doesn?t hold back whipping, beating, and striking his innocent, delicate little plaything. Then tied up, gagged with a bit, and bent over a padded bench, Zed gets the zapper and the violet wand as Marco shocks his ass, inner thighs, balls?all the most sensitive places. Zed whimpers and cries out in pain, but he never says stop. Meanwhile, Marco?s cock is getting rock hard, watching his sexy sub tremble and drool from all of the punishment he inflicts. Marco spanks Zed?s smooth, firm ass and orders him to stay put, then the crop and an intense beating with a big, hard wooden paddle that leaves Zed?s ass dark red and bruised. Finally, Marco face fucks Zed with his hard dick and then pounds his ass out until he shoots a hot load.

Luky Kolac in 'Duty Bound - LUKY KOLAC and MILEK JASTRA'

Luky Kolac - Duty Bound - LUKY KOLAC and MILEK JASTRA

Luky Kolac has Milek Jastra on a bench, covered in a black sheet. When he removes the sheet we see that Milek is also encased in plastic wrap. He is also blindfolded, gagged, and shackled. Lucky feels plastic and leans over to run his lips over it too, kissing against Milek?s nipples too. Luky writhes around as he feels the hot mouth. Luky tears at the plastic to uncover a nipple that he can suck. He tears more too and releases Milek?s cock which he immediately begins to lick. Lucky licks the balls too, sucking into his mouth as well. His lips run up and down the shaft which he then takes into his mouth to suck. That fat cock stiffens in his mouth as he sucks on it while Milek still writhes around. Luky wanks hard on the cock as he sucks on the balls before taking the dick in his mouth again. His head bobs up and down as he enjoys the taste of that fat cock. He gorges his appetite on that big cock and goes up to suck the nipples again too. Then as he strips naked he gives Milek a few slaps too. Straddling him Luky wanks both cocks together. All the while Milek?s arms are straining against his shackles, as he feels a cock against his and a hand wanking them. Luky moves up to Milek?s mouth and shoves his big cock into it. He grabs Milek?s head and fucks his cock into the mouth. Needing more Luky quickly rips off the plastic and turns Milek over. He shoves his huge cock deep into Milek?s ass and begins to fuck. That dick stretches Milek?s hole so wide as it is fucked deep into him. Luky pounds that hole as hard as he can making Milek?s dick swing below. Luky pulls out and rubs the hole before shoving his big cock all the way inside again. He fucks as hard and fast as he can before pulling out to check the open hole again. His big dick soon slides back inside as his thrusting hips ensure it slams as far in as it can. Milek?s ass cheeks are red from being spanked as he is fucked. He takes the big cock so well as Luky continues to fuck hard. Then Milek is turned over, onto his back. He wanks himself as Luky?s dick works his hot hole. With that big cock pounding his hole so deep it doesn?t take Milek long to shoot his hot cum. He milks his cock dry as Luky pulls out of the ass to unload his cum over Milek?s hot body.

Roman Todd in 'gets a hot stud massage from Logan Aarons and Van Darkholme'

Roman Todd - gets a hot stud massage from Logan Aarons and Van Darkholme

All is not well at Four Hand Massage. This shady, back-alley massage parlor is running out ofmoney and the masseurs who work here, Logan Aarons and Van Fourhand, are worried aboutthe consequences. They are both surprised when handsome stud Roman Todd walks into thebuilding. Roman apologizes for being early for his 2 o?clock massage. Van and Logan don?tmind, now they have enough time to really give Roman a work-out, and hopefully film somethingfor one of their wealthy clients. Roman strips out of his work clothes to reveal his tan, muscularframe. He lies naked, face down on the massage table. Van and Logan expertly massageRoman?s body, from the soles of his feet to his muscular thighs and buttocks, to his tightstomach and wide chest and broad shoulders, down to his pink anus and man-sized cock. Vanhas a special touch that sends Roman into a deep state of relaxation. Roman eventually realizes he is still naked on the massage table, but now bound tightly in rope and with Logan?s hand stroking his hardcock. This feels so good that Roman forgets to ask why he is bound with rope. It feels evenbetter when Logan places the cock in his mouth. Roman is ready for the blow job to give him ahappy ending when Van interrupts to place a mouth gag on him. One more tease with vibratorsagainst his throbbing cock before they leave Roman alone in the room. Still tied in rope, Romanis now standing so Van can tie his balls to the spreader bar between Roman?s feet. Betweenthat and the nipple clamps it?s too intense for Roman. Logan continues to tease his cock,keeping it rock hard and on the edge. How much torment can one man endure? Next, Roman isface down on his stomach, held tight with leather straps. His ass is exposed, vulnerable. Vanslides a dick-on-a-stick into Roman?s butthole while Logan strokes his cock. Van puts a vibratoron Roman?s cock to really send him over the edge before grabbing his cock and milking out thecum. Later, Roman is a happy customer, sensing that something good happened, but Vanand Logan aren?t revealing their secret techniques.

Gage Santoro in 'Bad Ass Sitting'

Gage Santoro - Bad Ass Sitting

Here is the second scene of the XTREME shot at the ring private series. Here is the second Custom scene for Patrick which imposes again ?Ass sitting? as the fatal submission? And what could be more humiliating than a succession of face sitting ? ass sitting until the opponent?s exhaustion and abandon! It is all about the twenties vs thirties match where our new recruit and rookie Gage Santoro faces Michael Roman for his first fight in a ring? Age, weight, and height differences make combat a rough handicap challenge! A merciless dark fight as we Luv! And enjoy all our Story Behind the scene about XTREME shot.

Gregisthewerd in 'Chopping Wood'

Gregisthewerd - Chopping Wood

Curious Marcus and his naughty stepdad, Greg, can?t take their eyes off sexy Stepgramps as he chops wood in the forest. Greg wants the old man to teach the boy how to properly swing an axe, but the lesson quickly becomes a steamy family affair! The two men take little Marcus back into the cabin for some sweaty action, as the three generations of men line up with their backs arched for a hot-rim train. Marcus is then spit-roasted before he sucks his stepdad and stepfather to completion, taking their warm loads in his hungry mouth!

Davin Strong in 'The Spice of Pain: Jake Klerin, Davin Strong, and Sean Xavier'

Davin Strong - The Spice of Pain: Jake Klerin, Davin Strong, and Sean Xavier

While enjoying a movie together, Sean Xavier sends Jake Klerin to the store to get drinks. While away, Davin Strong shows up to their house, hired by Sean as a surprise to spice things up. When Jake returns, he finds Sean tied up in rope, with a ball-gag in his mouth. Just then, Davin sneaks up from behind and takes him down. Jake gets tied up in rope bondage with one foot on the floor, and the other in a frog-tie. Davin slaps his pale skin with his leather gloved hands until Jake?s skin turns bright red. Davin switches to the flogger and repeatedly hits Jake?s ass. Jake gets clothespins placed all over his body and Davin hits them all off with a crop. Sean tells Jake that it?s all for fun, and the two bend Jake over a wooden stool. Davin shows Sean how to use the flogger, and then the paddle. Sean shoves his enormous cock down Jake?s throat while Davin hits Jake with the leather paddle. Sean crams his massive meat inside Jake?s asshole and fucks him deep, hard, and raw. Davin shoves his hard cock in Jake?s mouth while he gets fucked and Davin and Sean blow their loads all over his body.

Christian Wilde in 'Sweet Meat Jay Seabrook Tenderized With Christian Wilde's Big Cock'

Christian Wilde - Sweet Meat Jay Seabrook Tenderized With Christian Wilde's Big Cock

Jay Seabrook is ready for a hardcore BDSM adventure. It?s his first time on Kink and he is lucky enough to have the very experienced and sexy Christian Wilde be his Dominant so he is in for quite a ride. To begin Jay is on his knees with his hands tied to his thighs, he struggles but there is no way he is going anywhere. Christian approaches his newbie sub wearing leather gloves and a leather strap tight around his toned chest. He is there to control, dominate, punish and maybe pleasure Jay Seabrook if he is a good boy and does what he is told. Jay is a mouthy little brat so Mr Wilde has some work to do to get him in line. The first thing Jay must do to earn Christian?s big hard cock it to endure hot dripping candle wax on his virgin chest. He becomes breathless as he is covered drip by drip with red burning wax, his muscles twitch as he moans his way through. Christian rewards Jay by allowing him to suck his cock. Next Jay is on his back blindfolded and tied to a table like a slab of meat for Christian to enjoy. First the meat must be tenderized, softened up with the paddle. He beats Jay?s chest cracking off most of the wax that decorates him. Then not knowing what is coming next Jay gets the shock of the zapper all over his body making him jerk with every zap. Subject to whatever Mr Wilde feels like doing Jay just takes it, he knows it?s worth the wait if he gets more hot cock from his Dom. Christian gives Jay his meat lollipop again, gags this little slut with his cock and lets him suck his balls. Finally Jay is gagged and bent over a sex chair with his ass exposed. Christian warms up his little toy by beating his ass with a leather paddle and then licks his asshole to get it wet and ready for his dick. Jay wants to be used, he wants get his slutty hole fucked. Christian pounds out his little sex toy, his little cum dump and pops a hot load all over Jay?s pretty mouth. Sweet Meat!

Shane Jackson in 'Skipping Class'

Shane Jackson - Skipping Class

Shane is usually a great student, but recently he?s hit a bit of a rough patch. To remedy the situation, his teacher calls a meeting with the boy?s stepdad. He reveals that he found a journal filled with explicit sexual fantasies Shane has written about his handsome stepdad. He wants to know exactly what the old man is teaching the boy at home, so Shane and his pop give the inquisitive instructor a hands-on lesson. The boy strips and lets the older men caress his tight body as his cock grows hard. They worship each other?s holes in a sexy rim train before Shane deepthroats his stepdad?s giant dick. Then, Mr. Sargent shoves his cock into his boy?s bubble butt, stretching his hole. The parent-teacher conference comes to a creamy conclusion, with the muscle men filling the boy?s hole with their loads!

Jay Tee in 'Never Have I Ever: Chris Damned and Jay Tee'

Jay Tee - Never Have I Ever: Chris Damned and Jay Tee

Chris Damned and Jay Tee head inside to escape the hot weather. Bored, they play a game called ?Never Have I Ever?, and the loser has to do whatever the winner says. Jay loses the game and Chris makes Jay follow him into the bedroom.Chris ties Jay up with rope, puts a blindfold over his eyes, and positions him on his knees. Chris hits Jay?s ass with a crop, a wooden paddle, a flogger, and his bare hands. Chris shoves his big hard cock down Jays throat and Jay sucks it with enthusiasm.Jay gets flipped over onto his back and Chris pounds his hairless pink asshole raw. Back on his hands and knees, Jay gets his asshole fucked hard until Chris shoots a huge load across Jay?s back.

Baxxx in 'Dungeon slave Baxxx takes it hard and long from Marco Napoli'

Baxxx - Dungeon slave Baxxx takes it hard and long from Marco Napoli

Studly beefcake Baxxx finds himself bound with rope in Marco Napoli?s dungeon. Wrists bound to his thighs, on his knees, with his feet tied to the floor. Baxxx is exposed and vulnerable to whatever wicked whims come to Marco Napoli?s devious mind. Muscular heart-throb Marco Napoli declares he will use every part of Baxxx, drooling at the sight of this perfect specimen of man-meat in front of him. Marco tears off Baxxx?s shirt, slaps and punches Baxxx?s six-pack abs. Marco starts with the riding crop, using it as hard as he can and ordering Baxxx to stay quiet, to take it. Marco loves watching Baxxx?s skin turn red. Next the leather paddle is put to use against Baxxx?s back. His stomach and chest also feel the sting of the paddle and finally Baxxx?s tender nipples get the punishment. All this action gets Marco?s cock hard inside it?s leather pouch. He rubs the pouch against Baxxx?s face. Baxxx is generously allowed to suck on Marclo?s throbbing member. Marco fills that mouth with his rock-hard cock, but he has other plans before Baxxx is allowed to swallow his master?s delicious cum. Baxxx now gagged, one-leg suspended. Marco lets the flogger fly against Baxxx?s pink skin. His back and bare ass turn bright red under the blows. That sweet ass deserves a deeper beating and Marco brings out his wooden paddle. Baxxx takes all the Marco dishes out and is rewarded by being laid out, flat on his back on a table. Marco drips hot wax all over Baxxx?s muscular chest. Baxxx takes it like a man, knowing (or hoping?) next he will soon get his ass filled with Marco?s mighty cock. Marco fucks his subject deep and hard until he blasts his hot cum load all over the supple thighs of his bound guest. Will Baxxx be allowed to jack himself off? Or will he have to wait in a cage until Marco is ready to deliver more punishment? Watch this hot, sexy BDSM action and find out!!!

Etienne Erik in 'Part2 - Nasty Thrill'

Etienne Erik - Part2 - Nasty Thrill

Alexin wanted to make true the sequel to our best-selling Paris Rough House 13 / Paris Rough House 13 part 2 where Dolf had roughly destroyed all his opponents before becoming the victim of his own war? Biohazard intends to inflict his revenge and badly humiliate Dolf? Etienne joins Dolf Dietrich in a tag team ? Biohazard has unexpectedly let John Rodriguez take over his own scheduled evil revenge? Enjoy this diabolical 2 vs 1 match? Highly erotic and merciless for Dolf and Etienne? During his second combat for Wrestlingmale, John Rodriguez wants to impose his fame on the porn wrestling scene? No doubt he will succeed? Half angel, half demon, our Latino Apollo fights and fucks as a beast!

Felix Harris in 'Jerk-Off Training'

Felix Harris - Jerk-Off Training

Felix and Gabriel train with each other, but this military drill is a little more taboo. Together the guys learn to be more muscular by holding in their hot jizz.

Brock Kniles in 'Step-Brothers' Secrets: Brock Kniles and Derek Kage'

Brock Kniles - Step-Brothers' Secrets: Brock Kniles and Derek Kage

The happy honeymooners Derek Kage and Sophia arrive home, but to their surprise find Derek?s stepbrother Brock Kniles waiting for them. Clearly there is some history between them, But Sophia believes family is important, so she decides to leave and let the brothers hash out their issues in private. After Sophia leaves, Derek apologizes for not inviting Brock to their wedding. As Derek tries to leave Brock takes him down, wrestles him into submission, and restrains his arms with rope. Derek licks Brocks balls and soon uses every inch of his tongue in Brock?s ass. This makes Brock rock hard so he shoves his cock in Derek?s mouth and face fucks him. Brock grabs a mouth gag and puts it in on Derek, and then uses a riding crop to punish him with brutal smacks. Brock then moves onto a large wood paddle and starts to smack Derek?s butt cheeks until they turn pink from the hard impacts. Derek gets bent over the couch and is put into submission with a foot on his face. Brock switches out the wood paddle for a black leather paddle and continues to spank Dereks ass harder and harder. He decides to loosen up Dereks tight asshole with his fingers. Brock pounds Derek?s tight ass as Derek groans with pleasure. Derek has his hands tied to his legs as Brock fucks him missionary style while grabbing his neck. Using the riding crop, Brock smacks Derek?s chest and legs while fingering his ass and rimming him. Brock bastinados Derek?s feet and soles with a paddle and then stretches out his hungry ass again and dumps a huge creampie in it. Derek gets his cock stroked by his stepbrother until he explodes in a much-needed release.

Isiah Taye in 'Staying In: Isaiah Taye and Tony Genius'

Isiah Taye - Staying In: Isaiah Taye and Tony Genius

Its early and Isaiah Taye craves to be dominated and fucked by his man, Tony Genius who is about to leave for work. Isaiah convinces him to stay home and immediately gets bent over the kitchen island. Tony ties him up with rope and spanks his bare ass. He hits him with a wooden paddle and then works him over with a leather crop. Tony dives face-first into Isaiah?s flawless ass and licks his hole. After teasing him with a glass toy, Tony whips out his hard cock and fucks Isaiah?s asshole hard and raw. They move to their leather couch, and Tony face-fucks Isaiah with his cock. Tony slides his cock once again inside Isaiah and fucks him deep and hard until he blows a big load all over him.

Etienne Erik in 'Part1 - Nasty Thrill'

Etienne Erik - Part1 - Nasty Thrill

Alexin wanted to make true the sequel to our best-selling Paris Rough House 13 / Paris Rough House 13 part 2 where Dolf had roughly destroyed all his opponents before becoming the victim of his own war? Biohazard intends to inflict his revenge and badly humiliate Dolf? Etienne joins Dolf Dietrich in a tag team ? Biohazard has unexpectedly let John Rodriguez take over his own scheduled evil revenge? Enjoy this diabolical 2 vs 1 match? Highly erotic and merciless for Dolf and Etienne? During his second combat for Wrestlingmale, John Rodriguez wants to impose his fame on the porn wrestling scene? No doubt he will succeed? Half angel, half demon, our Latino Apollo fights and fucks as a beast!

Sly Conan in 'A Hot Cool-Down'

Sly Conan - A Hot Cool-Down

Soldiers Nathan and Sly give each other a helping hand in keeping their bodies in tip-top shape. All hard work deserves a grand reward, and the duo finds a way to mutually award their difficult workout.

Kristofer Weston in 'The Magic Trick'

Kristofer Weston - The Magic Trick

Nerdy Skylar has dreams of becoming a famous magician one day, and to get there, he knows he has to practice, practice, practice! So, today he asks his horny stepdad to help him out with a special new illusion he is trying out. But when the ambitious boy tries to make the old man disappears, the big guy just uses it as an excuse to get butt naked! Skylar can barely keep himself from drooling as he stares at his stepdad?s meaty boner, so the old man teaches him a trick or two, shoving his cock down the kid?s throat for an orgasmic deep throat blowjob. Then, he pipes the boy?s sore asshole and fills him up with hot DNA. Alakazam!

Theo Brady in 'Exes: Theo Brady and Kane Fox'

Theo Brady - Exes: Theo Brady and Kane Fox

Theo Brady and Kane Fox recently broke up. When Theo shows up to Kane?s house unexpectedly, Kane can?t deny the strong chemistry they still have.Theo confesses that he misses him and wants him back. Kane says that he?s actually expecting company soon so Theo jumps into action and establishes his dominance. Kane gets tied up with rope, on his knees, with a bit in his mouth. Theo hits Kane with his leather crop and covers his body in clothespins. Theo pulls out his big cock and shoves it in Kane?s mouth. He bends Kane over and spanks his ass with a leather paddle, hits him with a leather flogger, and then pounds his asshole raw with his fat cock until they both shoot their massive loads.

Logan Aarons in 'My Hole to Use: Christian Wilde and Logan Aarons'

Logan Aarons - My Hole to Use: Christian Wilde and Logan Aarons

Christian Wilde has a treat waiting for him in his dungeon. Stuffed inside a small metal cage ishot stud specimen Logan Aarons. Logan is led out of the cage by a leash. Today Logan will onlybe known as Slave number 120. His cock has been in its own little cage, tightly constrained,balls aching. Mr. Wilde starts with a leather paddle, using it on 120?s stomach, chest, nipples.Those sensitive nipples. 120 is told to kneel, face down, ass up. Christian likes what he sees,juicy muscle ass. He paddles 120?s ass and can?t resist rimming that delicious asshole. Wildedoesn?t spare the paddle on 120?s ass, beating his ass until 120 can?t stay in position. Wildeallows 120 to suck his cock as a reward. That is only a warmup before 120 finds himself strapped to a chair. Bit gag in his mouth. Head held firmly in place. Mr. Wilde has himself somefun with the zapper on 120?s studly body. After enduring the zapper, Christian finally unlocks thecage around 120?s cock. Freedom at last. Christian strokes and sucks 120?s cock to bring it back to life. Now we find out why the electrodes are attached to 120?s thighs. Wilde inserts a butt plug up 120s ass for a little Electrical play. The next torment for 120 is to have his wrists shackled to a metal bar, ankles chained to the floor. Leather blindfold so no way to see what Mr.Wilde will do next. Now it?s time for the flogger. 120 takes the flogger like a man, and Christian can?t wait to fuck that ass. 120 takes a hard ass pounding and is rewarded by a mouthful of Mr.Wilde?s cock. Christian blows his load across 120?s face. Then it?s back in the cage until nexttime.

Peto Mohac in 'Young Offenders - PETO MOHAC and MAX FILLIPI'

Peto Mohac - Young Offenders - PETO MOHAC and MAX FILLIPI

With Peto Mohac in charge of security, Max Fillipi is not going to get away with stealing. He is dragged into the room and protests his innocence which has no effect on Peto. Max is made to stand so that he can be searched. He takes off his tee shirt and then is told to remove his shorts too. Again he protests his innocence and removes the shorts. Peto is very forceful and strips the underwear from Max, not finding anything stolen. Naked now Max has to hand over his backpack which Peto searches for. He finds the stolen credit cards and then threatens to call the police. Max is very eager not to involve the police, promising to do anything. That gives Peto the opening he wants and he has Max stand and present his ass. Peto runs his hands over Max?s sexy ass, giving it a spank too. He rubs the ass and then pushes Max to his knees as he starts to strip. With his big cock out Peto makes Max suck it. He holds Max?s head and fucks his hard cock into his mouth. That cock is rock hard and Peto fucks it deep into Max?s mouth. Max takes it well and he kisses Peto?s balls too. Then he kneels on the chair, presenting his ass which soon feels the big cock pushing deep inside. Peto grabs Max?s hips and fucks hard into that hot ass hole. The big cock fucks balls deep into Max?s hole. Peto pulls his cock out and shoves it back in again. His balls are tight as he fucks hard into Max?s ass. Max takes that big cock so well as it fucks hard and fast into his hole. He is turned over, onto his back, and gets the big cock pounding his hole again. As he takes that cock Max wanks himself too. Peto keeps fucking hard and fast into that hot ass as Max wanks himself to shoot his cum all over his body. Then Max kneels before Peto who wanks himself to unload his hot cum. Max sucks the cock to clean it off to end a great scene.

Joris Leonard in 'Punish Me, Sergeant'

Joris Leonard - Punish Me, Sergeant

When young cadet Felix Harris is late for his inspection, Sergeant Joris Leonard scolds him for being late and disorganized. Cadet Harris knows he?s about to be punished, but he never imagined the punishment would involve sucking the sergeant?s cock!

Dakota Lovell in 'Family Dick: BedTime Story'

Dakota Lovell - Family Dick: BedTime Story

Sweet Dakota, is getting ready for bed when his loving stepdad asks to read him a bedtime story for old time?s sake. The little guy thinks he may be a little too old for that kind of thing, but the old man insists! Turns out, the naughty bedtime story gets little Dakota?s cock hard as a rock, and his stepdad definitely takes notice. The old man lies on his side and sixty-nines with the boy, slurping his delicious dick sumptuously. Then, the little guy mounts his stepdad?s thick pole, bouncing up and down as his throbbing rod stretches his sore hole! A Family Dick Original Movie.

Greg Riley in 'Superfan: Roman Todd Takes Greg Riley's Infatuated Ass'

Greg Riley - Superfan: Roman Todd Takes Greg Riley's Infatuated Ass

Greg Riley gets more than he bargained for when he wins a ?meet and greet? with favorite action star Roman Todd. During their meet up Greg lets Roman know what a huge fan he is of all his movies and that he would do absolutely anything for him anytime, anything! Roman is grateful to have such an exuberant fan but seems a little overwhelmed by how obsessive and unrestrained he is. Things take an unexpected turn when Roman follows Greg out to his car, takes him down and drags him to the dungeon to have his way. Greg did say he would do anything after all so now he is tied up, chained to a platform and begging his muscular and toned master Roman to spank him. Spanking, flogging, nipple torment and deepthroat cock sucking ensue.Then with Greg tied up tight on hands and knees Roman slams him with the punishing leather paddle and unleashes an intense course of electricity on his smitten little plaything. First, he gets shocked with the zapper, then the relentless sizzle of the violet wand all over his body. Finally, Roman pounds Greg?s hole raw and shoots his hot load all over his ass.

Vander Pulaski in 'Give It To Me, Sir: Vander Pulaski Submits to New Dom Jeremiah Cruze'

Vander Pulaski - Give It To Me, Sir: Vander Pulaski Submits to New Dom Jeremiah Cruze

Vander Pulaski arrives at the bondage compound dressed in leather. New dom Jeremiah Cruzereminds him that Vander is the sub and the leather must go. Vander obeys, stripped down to hisunderwear. Jeremiah licks his lips anticipating what he will find inside Vander?s shorts. Jeremiahholds Vander?s head to his crotch, allowing Vander to sniff and lick his leather pants. Jeremiah?scock comes out and Vander hungrily stuffs it in his mouth. Deep throat it, dude. Facefucking asVander begs for his new master to cum in his mouth. Not yet, he has to work for it first. Vanderis placed in bondage. Arms shackled above his head. Vander?s huge cock is hard and erect. Itfeels good when Jeremiah slaps his cock, but then Jeremiah takes out his flogger and goes towork on Vander?s naked flesh. The subs? ass cheeks are left red and tender. Vander is placedinto more bondage. Mouth gagged, ankles chained, leather straps up and down his body, tied toa wooden cross. This time Jeremiah introduces a crop on Vander?s vulnerable cock. His tendernipples and hairy chest take a beating. Clothespins are applied to Vander?s ball sack, to hisnipples, across his torso? before Jeremiah continues the crop. Next comes the zapper, whichstings Vander?s thighs and meaty cock. A little face fucking before Vander is placed on his back,ass exposed. Jeremiah eats his ass and strokes the big cock, priming Vander for what is aboutto come. Jeremiah plows his subs? ass like it?s candy. Choking, hair pulling. Jeremiah makessure to move over to Vander?s face before he cums, and shoots his load into his subs mouth.Vander takes it all and keeps sucking Jeremiah?s cock for more.

Claude Laurent in 'Heavy Load'

Claude Laurent - Heavy Load

Claude Laurent treks through the jungle carrying a heavy load of supplies when he is suddenly intercepted by his leader, Joris Leonard. Joris instructs Claude to rest, and as a reward for his tenacity, fucks him then and there. Afterward, the two men make their way back to Joris?s tent to finish what they started.

Phillip Aubrey in 'vs Matthew Singer'

Phillip Aubrey - vs Matthew Singer

With a record of 1:1, Phillip Aubrey needs this match in order to remain top. He won his last match against DJ and is determined to stay on this winning streak. This week he?s even more ripped and ready to go. Matthew, with long legs and big thick cock, got his ass kicked by CJ in May, but has returned well rested and ready to take home his first win. He feels that his military training and his strength is all he will need to dominate and fuck Phillip?s pretty boy ass. Phillip has amazing endurance and is trained in Budokan. He intends to rely on those two things to slam his opponent to the mat and rack up the points. Both want to fuck the other hard today!

Lukas Stone in 'Pissed Off'

Lukas Stone - Pissed Off

Wayward Lukas is feeling a little rebellious when he decides to take a piss in the backyard of his mom?s house! His ex-con stepdad wants to make sure the boy doesn?t act out while he?s around the house, so he gives the little guy a stern talking-to. To make sure the lesson sticks, the old man lets his giant cock hang out for the boy to see. The kid tickles his dick and then swirls his tongue around it, giving the old man a sopping wet blowjob! Then the big guy plunges his cock into his stepson?s butthole, drilling him raw dog before spurting a wad of hot jizz!