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Antu Burghos in 'Folding With My Sergeant'

Antu Burghos - Folding With My Sergeant

Sergeant Diego Cerrutti is teaching soldier Antu Burghos how to properly fold his garments. In the process, the Sargeant decides to reward the soldier by pounding his hole hard.

Michael Roman in 'EP 11 ' Skye Man's Revenge'

Michael Roman - EP 11 ' Skye Man's Revenge

First Wrestlingmale series and eleventh episode of Michael Roman and Seth Santoro?s adventures! Etienne Erik needs a fuckandfight coach for his fighter?s team. Michael and Seth want the job but there is only one place to fill? Etienne offers them to compete against each other: each will be in charge of coaching 6 wrestlers from the wrestling male team. At the end of this competition, the coach of the winning team will be hired? Etienne is very satisfied with Michael and Seth?s respective performances in episode 1? The coaches each performed a training match in episodes 2 and 3. Then, they proceeded to 2 eliminations within their own respective team. The competition ended in episode 10 ? The final. Michael was crowned champion and official Figh and Fuck coach for Wrestlingmale! His egocentric and ungrateful attitude toward his team infuriated Manuel who had fully contributed to this victory until the Final! Manuel has already organized revenge to abuse Michael: he had used his superhero?s double identity as Skye Man to invite Michael (see the last Episode 6 from our Series Skye Man)? Once again, Manuel is highly determined to annihilate his own coach Michael: he surprisingly interrupts a business meeting between Etienne and Michael? Will the sequel really be the one Manuel hopes for?!

Lily Lovecraft in 'The New Maid 1'

Lily Lovecraft - The New Maid 1

Ms. Vixen and her maid/secret girlfriend Lily have a plan to get Vixen?s husband Jimmy out of their hair. When he comes home, Lily pretends Vixen isn?t home. Being horny and none too bright, Jimmy hits on the maid and she acquiesces, giving him a seemingly enthusiastic blowjob. Jimmy licks her pussy and fucks her in several positions. But the moment he cums on her pretty tits, Vixen reappears and threatens to take everything via her excellent divorce attorney. Jimmy says the magic words, ?I?ll do anything!? And then he?s Vixen?s bitch. She starts by making him lick the cum off Lily?s tits. But that?s only the start. She has a lot of other torments in mind? (Part 1 of 2)

Dakota Lovell in 'Stuffed Animal'

Dakota Lovell - Stuffed Animal

Sweet Dakota is bummed that his stepdad is leaving on a business trip and he just can?t hide it. To make sure the boy doesn?t feel alone while he?s gone, his old man gives him a gift? it?s a teddy bear with a pocket bussy built right in! The boy?s stepdad teaches him how to stick his cock inside the teddy bear?s secret compartment, and soon the little guy is stroking away. He gets so turned on that he chokes on his old man?s stiff boner while he fucks the toy. Then, he gets his inexperienced butthole turned out by his loving stepdad in an intense bareback dick down. That?s one way to say goodbye!

Gunnar Stone in 'Taken by the Balls: Gunnar Stone and Derek Kage'

Gunnar Stone - Taken by the Balls: Gunnar Stone and Derek Kage

Gunnar Stone ties up Derek Kage in rope bondage on his back and with a bit in his mouth. Derek?s nuts are tied up and pulled from a rope that goes to the ceiling. Gunnar hits Derek?s balls with a leather crop, and then a leather paddle.After that, Gunnar fires up the an electric wand and zaps his sack. Gunnar then puts Derek in a predicament where he?s tied up on his elbows and knees, with his balls secured to a cinderblock. Gunnar hits his ass with a wooden paddle. Hegets his cane and continues to torment Derek?s bound balls. After a proper throat fucking, Gunnar rams his hard cock inside Derek?s asshole and shoots a load deep inside.

Katie Kush in 'Locked and Loaded: Katie Kush'

Katie Kush - Locked and Loaded: Katie Kush

Katie is a tendency to be a bit of a brat when she can, but today Katie shows off hersubmissive side. The brat is still there, but The Pope dominates her in a way that keeps the brat incheck. Katie begins bent over a steel pipe with her ankles and wrists restrained with leather cuffsthat are shackled to the steel structure. Upon entry, The Pope adds a leather belt to keep her inplace as he goes to work on his little toy for the day. Spankings and flogging turn Katie?s ass abright red to get her warmed up and ready for what is coming in the next scenes. Before she isreleased, her cunt is stuffed with a dildo and fucked while a vibe is pressed against her clit toensure screaming orgasms.Next, Katie is strapped down to a bench with leather belts, and fully stretched out. She is helplessand vulnerable and The Pope takes full advantage of the situation. First, he tugs on her sensitivenipples, then plucks her pubic hair out one by one. The flogger helps get her flesh sensitive beforehe uses some electricity to over-stimulate her, and then shoves a vibe against her cunt. Orgasmspour out of her uncontrollably, just as he planned it. The cattle prod is used to maintain hersubmission and increase her suffering.In the final scene, Katie is folded in half again, but this time right side up so that we can enjoy all ofher body and emotions as she suffers one final time at the hands of The Pope. We begin with somefierce finger-banging to get her warmed up for the brutal bastinado that?s coming. She hates it, andthat makes him love it more. Katie almost breaks from the foot torment but holds on long enoughfor her reward of non-stop orgasms as The Pope fucks her pussy and vibes her clit.

Joey Wilcox in 'New Meat for the Handyman: Joey Wilcox and Johnny Ford'

Joey Wilcox - New Meat for the Handyman: Joey Wilcox and Johnny Ford

Joey Wilcox has booked a weekend getaway at a fancy Las Vegas resort. The place is huge,and Joey somehow gets turned around and lost on the sprawling grounds. Johnny Ford workshere as the handyman, or as he likes to call himself, the Executive Infrastructure Engineer.Johnny offers to help Joey find his way to the front desk. Instead of gratitude, Joey is rude,derisively calling Johnny a handyman and refusing his help. For Johnny, this is the proverbialstraw that broke the camel?s back. He?s taken shit from the wealthy guests for years and he?snot taking it anymore. Joey is abducted and finds himself blindfolded, laying face downon a dirty mattress. Ankles and wrists bound tight with rope, his neck chained to the mattress.Joey is alone, helpless to the whims of Johnny?s depraved pleasures. Under the hotdesert Johnny tears off Joey?s clothes, going right for his tight pale ass. Licking and eating hisass. Next Johnny stuffs his cock in Joey?s mouth. Suck that cock or feel the sting of a crop. Joeygets both the cock and the crop. Joey?s gagged then ass fucked. This only excites Johnny andhe adds nipple clamps to Joey?s virgin nipples and wraps his balls in a heavy chain.Unbelievable! Johnny uses the flogger until Joey is silent. Joey is again humiliated by lickingand cleaning Johnny?s dirty feet. More flogger is Joey?s reward. Johnny lays Joey on his backand fucks him again. Gagged and chained to a heavy concrete block, there is nothing Joey cando but take it like a man. The final humiliation comes when Johnny pisses all over Joey?sstomach and mouth before cumming on Joey?s face. Looks like Joey won?t be checking into thehotel anytime soon.

Daniel Trebol in 'Personal Punishment'

Daniel Trebol - Personal Punishment

Sargent Daniel Trebol oversees cadet Tommy Ameal?s physical training, but when his results are poor he must proceed to punish the young soldier. Tommy learns pretty quickly that punishments are very personal here, as Sargent Trebol drills his hole with his huge cock!

Johnny Ford in 'Virtual Presentation'

Johnny Ford - Virtual Presentation

Learning how to work from home has been a tough adjustment for everyone, and I?m no exception. But when I try to have a productive meeting with my team from the comfort of my own couch, my annoying younger stepbrother refuses to leave me alone. The whole time, he?s showing off his bubble butt and his toned body, and I can?t concentrate at all. Pretty soon, I put the virtual meeting on mute and let him suck my cock while I work. Then, I climb on top of his hot rod and sit on it for some deep bareback pleasure. I guess working from home has its perks.

Yinnie DeDom in 'Dante Colle and Yinne DeDom: The Replacement'

Yinnie DeDom - Dante Colle and Yinne DeDom: The Replacement

Dante Colle breaks into Yinnie Dedom?s house and takes him down. Yinnie gets tied up with rope on his knees with his wrists bound and attached to the floor. Dante wastes no time warming Yinnie up and hits him hard with a big wooden paddle. He gropes at his body with his leather gloved hands and then works him over with the leather crop. He grabs Yinnie by the braids and shoves his fat cock down his thoat. Next, Dante flips him over and fucks his tight hairy asshole raw and hard. He hits Yinnie with a leather crop and then brings back the vicious wooden paddle. He hits Yinnie into a shaking, convulsing fit which makes Yinnie want to cum. Dante unleashes his load in Yinnie?s mouth and then allows Yinnie to cum.

Devin Franco in 'Christian Wilde and Devin Franco: Horny, Hard, and Hungry'

Devin Franco - Christian Wilde and Devin Franco: Horny, Hard, and Hungry

Devin Franco dreams of being the new house dom, which means taking everything ChristianWilde can dish out. Franco allows himself to be bound by leather straps to a wall. Wilde runs hishands over the challenger?s body, fondling and slapping this intruder?s flesh. Franco?s cock ishard and ready. Wilde slaps it repeatedly. Two fists pound Franco?s chest. Stroking his cockbefore slapping his flesh and pinching his nipples. With Franco?s wrists firmly attached to thewall, there is nothing he can do but endure the exhilarating torment. Wilde tires of hearingFranco scream and gags his mouth before taking the flogger to Franco?s skin. Blow after blowelicit screams from a defenseless Franco. This pleases Wilde. Next Franco stands chained to abox, hands bound behind his back and his genitals tightly bound by rope and fastened to theplatform. A tough position that Wilde is ready to exploit with his crop. A defiant Franco screams.He is rewarded with clothespins on his nipples. Franco understands that mercy is for the weak.Wilde?s crop bites off a few clothespins before WIlde yanks the rest off all at once. The intensepain Franco feels only invites more blows from the crop before the flogger is deployed. Wildedoesn?t hold back against his helpless competition. Franco then finds himself in a shower,wrapped tight with electrical tape. Wilde firmly grips Franco?s head and fucks his mouth hole.Before Wilde is finished he will blast Franco with water, knocking off the clamps placed on histender flesh. A hood is thrown over Franco?s head before more water is blasted in his eyes,mouth and nose. Still bound and vulnerable, Wilde slides his throbbing man-meat into Franco?stight ass, while stroking him off. Franco?s cock grows hard under Wilde?s firm grasp and he cumsbefore Wilde finishes by shooting his load on Franco?s shiny, wet butt cheeks.

Etienne Erik in 'PARIS PRIVATE HOUSE 3'


The first meeting and sex fight between Etienne and Biohazard! Literally? a highly nasty trash fight of two hot daddies: muscle hunk vs bodybuilder in a Goliath vs David version? But the mythology scenario doesn?t always happen in reality, does it?! The bonus? Shaving stake for the loser!!

Maxim Zinenko in 'Hot Ass - MAXIM BIKHOV'

Maxim Zinenko - Hot Ass - MAXIM BIKHOV

Maxim Bikhov is a very handsome and sexy guy. He looks so good as, naked, he wanks his rock-hard cock as he rubs his chest too. He is joined by a helping hand who drips oil onto the hard cock and then rubs it all over. That big cock glistens as the oil coats it and the hands wank it. Then hand runs all over Maxim?s chest too His cock is wanked and more oil is applied, coating his heavy balls too. Maxim feels his sexy chest as his cock is wanked. Then his legs are raised into the air which shows his hairy ass and the tight hole. That hot hole is fully exposed and oil is rubbed all over it. He holds his legs up as the hands explore that hairy ass and rubs the tight hole. A finger slips into the hole, pushing deep inside and slowly starting to fuck. That finger goes all the way into Maxim?s tight hole fucking in and out. The tight hole is worked slowly by the finger as Maxim?s cock and balls are rubbed too. Then the finger is removed and the hole is spread wide. More oil is applied to the ass and another finger pushes inside. Then two fingers go in, opening that hole even wider. Maxim feels it as the fingers fuck deep into his hole. The fingers are removed and the hands take hold of his cock again, wanking it some more. His balls are squeezed and rubbed too. Soon the ass hole gets more fingering as a prelude to a toy fucking deep inside. The vibrator opens that hot hole nice and wide as it is pushed so deep inside. The toy stretches that hot hole as it is pushed deep inside and then removed. The hole is fucked deep as the toy is removed and inserted again. Maxim turns over, onto his knees, and spreads his ass. Soon the vibrator is rubbing over the hole and pushing in again. When it is removed and the cheeks are spread wide the hole opens up a little too. The toy goes back inside, all the way, and then comes out again to show off the open hole. Then Maxim lays on his back and wanks his cock. He keeps wanking hard until his cock shoots hot cum onto his sexy body.

Rick Lennon in 'The Cadet's Goodbye'

Rick Lennon - The Cadet's Goodbye

Cadet Daniel Trebol meets with Sergeant Rick Lennon to tell him that he?s made the decision to leave the troops. Sergeant Lennon says that he can help Cadet Trebol get out, but only if he does everything that he says starting with sucking his cock!

Isaac Parker in 'All Grown Up'

Isaac Parker - All Grown Up

Whenever my older stepbrother is around, he likes to bring up the old days. More specifically, he likes to remind me about all the ways we used to fool around when no one was watching. I wonder what his wife would think about all these fond memories we share. I guess he doesn?t seem to care since he?s so eager to wrap his lips around my cock. And when he slides inside my sore hole, it brings back all the nostalgia from when we were growing up. I love when my older stepbro fucks me - I only wish we did it more often.

Greg Riley in 'Hittin' The Shower: Greg Riley Devours Ethan Sinns'

Greg Riley - Hittin' The Shower: Greg Riley Devours Ethan Sinns

Greg Riley has been eyeing the new guy at his gym Ethan Sinns. Oh the things he would do if he could get his hands on him. Well he finally gets his chance in the shower when Ethan casts a flirtatious, willing glance in Greg?s direction and starts lathering up his chest and ass in a most provocative way. Ethan is tied up in rope bondage to a bar in the shower as Greg ravishes him, first choking him with aggresive, passionate kisses, slapping his face and then stroking his hard cock and balls. Greg is wearing black leather gloves and slides his fingers in and out of Ethan?s mouth rewarding him with the sweet taste of leather and then turns his ass red with spanking. Greg unleashes a storm of punishment on Ethan with the flogger, the paddle and then eats his ass out making Ethan moan with pleasure. Next tied up on all fours Ethan sucks Greg?s dick and gets his ass fucked in between rounds of cropping and finally Greg slides his whole hand up Ethan?s ass and fists his hole until he fucks him again and shoots his load creampie style.



Berlin is ready for the Monthly Milking of her dirty slut. She?s got him hooked up to the Milking Machine and a Giant Funnel Gag stuffed in his mouth. When he?s done cumming he?s going to have to eat all the cum out of the Machine. Ms. Berlin has her shiny red thigh-high boots on, which she uses on his balls and vulnerable dick. She sticks her toes in his mouth and simultaneously sticks her heels into his balls. She Blows Smoke and ashes into his funnel making him cough and choke. He Cums into the machine and then she pours all the cum from the machine and all her boyfriends down the funnel for him to guzzle.

Joris Leonard in 'A Naughty Cadet'

Joris Leonard - A Naughty Cadet

When Sergeant Joris Leonard goes to check up on cadet Vincent Landi he finds him still sleeping in his cot, so he wakes him up immediately. Sergeant Leonard finds some used tissues under his covers along with his phone playing gay porn. Cadet Landi knows that pornography is not allowed on the base so Sergeant Leonard punishes him by fully pounding his hole!

Jace Madden in 'It's Clone O'Clock'

Jace Madden - It's Clone O'Clock

When my mom goes on a trip, my loving stepdad wants to surprise her with a special gift - a mold of his hard cock. I?m not surprised by his overt sexuality any more, I just hope he asks me to help. Luckily, he does, so I kneel down and work his dick until it?s rock solid. I slobber on the head of his boner and suck hard until it?s completely swollen and ready for my asshole. I sit on his big dick, and it fills me up completely. Then, I lap up a dollop of his creamy semen.

Benvi in 'Kinky Cook Out: Micah Martinez, Johnny Ford, and Benvi'

Benvi - Kinky Cook Out: Micah Martinez, Johnny Ford, and Benvi

At a July Fourth BBQ, Micah Martinez has a surprise for Johnny Ford. He?s tied Benvi up with rope, on top of a picnic table, and stuck an apple in his mouth.Johnny wastes no time taking advantage of Benvi?s flesh and holes. Johnny whacks him with a leather paddle as Micah spanks and tenderizes Benvi?s ass. Johnnylicks Benvi?s hungry hole and then slides his big cock inside. He fucks him deep and hard making Benvi squeal. After that, Benvi is tied up in a standing positionwith his hands above his head and a ball gag in his mouth. Johnny hits him with a crop as Micah whips him with a leather flogger. They take turns burying their cocksin Benvi?s ass until they all shoot their loads and return to the festivities.

Max Konnor in 'Whatever it Takes: Max Konnor and Jake Waters'

Max Konnor - Whatever it Takes: Max Konnor and Jake Waters

Jake Waters is unemployed and will do whatever it takes to provide for his family. He notices a classified ad written by Max Konnor, and decides to call him.Desperate for work, Jake agrees to become a house servant for Max and do anything he wants, whenever and whatever. Max has Jake strip down and clean himself in the shower. Max rubs his hard cock while he watches Jake. He presses Jake against the tiled wall and spanks his wet ass hard. He moves Jake to his bedroom, where he?s blindfolded and tied up in rope bondage. Max slaps his legs with a big leather paddle and then moves on to the electric zapper. Max whips out his massive meat and shoves it all the way down Jakes throat. Max puts Jakes ass in the air and slides his cock inside Jake?s asshole and fucks him deep, hard, and raw.

Father Gallo in 'Dakota: Penance'

Father Gallo - Dakota: Penance

Young Dakota is filled with self-doubt. He?s always swaying back and forth, and when the wind blows, it knocks him down. So, he?s unsure of his standing at St. Patrick?s Catholic School. At one moment, he thinks he is a priest?s favorite, a good boy who does his duty and cares about his righteousness and chastity. In the next, he is a no-good, rotten liar, a sinner who is bringing down the boys and men around him. So, when he is asked into Father Gallo?s office for a private meeting, he is unsure of what the man wants. Will he praise him or will he reprimand him? Either way, Dakota is filled with a constant fear that he will be expelled and sent home to his family once and for all. As Father Gallo looks the boy over, he can sense his uncertainty. He uses it to his advantage, drawing out the proceedings as much as he can as the boy trembles inside. He wants Dakota to suffer for revealing the secrets of their intimate affairs. Even if it was in the Confession booth, where honesty is not only expected but required, Dakota is not supposed to open his mouth about what goes on between them. However, Gallo is not interested in a verbal warning. He wants to punish the boy physically. Dakota climbs on the man?s desk and spreads his cheeks to accept what he deserves. The priest pulls out several large dildos and shoves them inside the boy?s asshole, stretching his sphincter until the kid moans in pain and pleasure. He plunges them deep inside as Dakota strokes himself for the priest?s sexual enjoyment. As he brings himself to an orgasmic climax, Father Gallo is sure that the boy will never open his mouth about them again. The system at St. Patrick?s Catholic School never fails?

Jace Madden in 'Mom is Away'

Jace Madden - Mom is Away

Sometimes I can be a little nosy, and today it pays off. I snoop around my stepdad?s room opening up drawers until I find his pocket pussy hidden away. The thought of him fucking his toy gets me so hard that I lay down and slide my fat cock inside his pocket pussy right on his bed. After a while, he stumbles in on me pleasuring myself, and a big smile spreads across his face. He wants to feel my boner inside his ass while his cock slides in and out of his favorite toy, and I definitely want to make his fantasies come true?

Paul Cannon in 'Social Pressure Part 4'

Paul Cannon - Social Pressure Part 4

The Social Pressure is on!Influencers Calvin Banks and Paul Cannon go beyond their sexual limits as they compete in the hottest online challenges:Round 1: Blow 2 strangers at once within an hour.Round 2: Bottom for a Daddy in public.Final Round: The rivalry climaxes. It?s Calvin VS. Paul in the Edge Challenge Showdown! Whoever cums first, wins!Hit that Like button!

Sage Roux in 'A Night In: Jay Tee Torments Sage Roux in a Kinky Fantasy-Nightmare'

Sage Roux - A Night In: Jay Tee Torments Sage Roux in a Kinky Fantasy-Nightmare

Sage Roux is hanging at home watching horror films when he gets a phone call from a friend inviting him out. Not in the mood for being social he declines, but winds up going to bed early after getting too freaked out from the movie he is watching. In the middle of the night, he wakes up to see a silhouette of a figure standing in his bedroom doorway. In a panic he flips on the bedside light, but the figure vanishes. When he turns it back off it, the mysterious figure reappears. Convinced it?s just his eyes playing tricks on him, Sage tries to go back to sleep, until a hand grabs his ankle and pulls him out of bed. Suddenly tied up in rope, Sage is at the mercy of the mystery figure who reveals himself to be Jay Tee. Jay gets off on tormenting Sage with ruthless impact play, switching between a crop, cane, paddle, and flogger. Sage?s mouth and ass get wrecked by Jay?s rock-hard cock. Finally, after Sage gets a fat load stroked out of him, he wakes up and realizes it was all just a nightmare?.or a fantasy?..



Mz. Berlin?s been out at the clubs drinking, and fucking. Wifey comes home to Hubby, with a pussy full of cum for him to lick out. She takes her cum soaked panties off and stuffs them in his mouth, then sits on his face for a ride. She rubs the cum all out of her pussy and into his nose, mouth, and face. He has to lick it off her legs, toes, and ass. All the time she?s telling him about her adventures fucking all the guys in his office.

Quin Quire in 'Brian Bonds and Quin Quire: The Recruit'

Quin Quire - Brian Bonds and Quin Quire: The Recruit

Sexy recruit Quin Quire slept in and missed a round of physical training with his squad because he was dreaming about getting his dick sucked by his hot drill sergeant, Brian Bonds. But Sergeant Bonds abruptly interrupts Quin?s fantasy dream and orders him to do an excessive amount of drills to make up for it. After being verbally chewed out, Quin is surprised when his Sergeant aggressively kisses him. He seizes the opportunity to turn their power exchange around and takes Brian down. Now at the mercy of the recruit, Sergeant Bonds is bound, gagged, and gets pinched with clothespins all over his body. Quin grabs a flogger and knocks the clothespins off one by one before grabbing a second flogger and punishing his Sergeant with a vicious lashing. Next, the Sergeant is stripped out of his pants and tied up to balance on only one leg. The recruit uses a leather and wooden paddle to work over Sergeant Bond?s ass, leaving it with deep red marks. Quin then proceeds to drill his Sergeant?s mouth and ass deep with his rock hard cock. Finally, Brian is on his back with his wrists restrained to his legs with rope. After fucking his Sergeant?s ass some more, Quin gets a good whiff of Brian?s feet and decides to punish him with some bastinado. Quin plunges his dick back into Sergeant Bond?s ass and fucks him hard till he shoots his creamy load. Not quite finished with the torment, Quin works his whole fist into Brian?s greedy hole and milks his Sergeant?s dick.

Carter Ford in 'Carter: Confession'

Carter Ford - Carter: Confession

Young Carter is human, and like all humans, he is fallible. That is what they teach at St. Patrick?s Catholic School, and that is what he believes. But even though it?s easy to accept his imperfections in theory, it is harder to live with them in practice. Over and over again, he has tried to resist the temptation of his own body. He stays up at night, praying that he will be able to keep his hands off his cock. But every night, without fail, his mind drifts to the other boys, the priests, and every other man in his life. Soon, his penis grows stiff, and he can?t control himself. He reaches down and touches himself until he makes a creamy mess in his bed. He wants to clean his conscience of the act, and the only way he knows how is to reveal his sins in Confession. Perhaps if one of the priests hears the remorse in his voice, he can be absolved of his transgressions genuinely. He prays that Father Oaks can help him. The man with the silver hair and the wise voice. In his hands, Carter believes there is hope yet. Inside the darkened Confession booth, Carter reveals his truth. Oaks is not surprised. He wants to know whether the boy has ever included anyone else in his masturbation or his fantasies. Carter tells the man that he hasn?t, creating a solution in Oaks?s head. Perhaps if the boy gives into his temptations with another man once, he will quell the need to masturbate so often. To test his theory, the priest sticks his cock through a slot in the Confession booth. Carter takes the opportunity to taste his erection, and to bring the man he has so long admired pleasure. Then, Oaks joins the boy in his booth and rams his dick deep into his asshole. Carter?s sins are no more.

Ashton Garner in 'Commanding My StepDad'

Ashton Garner - Commanding My StepDad

When curious Ashton stumbles upon an ancient-looking pocket watch, he asks his super-built stepdad what it is. The old man answers that it?s his old pocket watch which has very serious power, but he doesn?t go into further detail. Ashton manages to figure out how to work the watch because the next thing he knows his stepdad is in a very suggestible state, which gives Ashton some dirty ideas. He asks his old man to pull out his thick boner and let him kiss it. Then, he sits on his stepdad?s cock and demands that he fuck his asshole raw before shooting a load of cum on his young body!

Paul Cannon in 'Social Pressure Part 3'

Paul Cannon - Social Pressure Part 3

The Social Pressure is on!Influencers Calvin Banks and Paul Cannon go beyond their sexual limits as they compete in the hottest online challenges:Round 1: Blow 2 strangers at once within an hour.Round 2: Bottom for a Daddy in public.Final Round: The rivalry climaxes. It?s Calvin VS. Paul in the Edge Challenge Showdown! Whoever cums first, wins!Hit that Like button!

Archer Croft in 'Hard Time: Brock Kniles Uses and Abuses New Cellmate Archer Croft'

Archer Croft - Hard Time: Brock Kniles Uses and Abuses New Cellmate Archer Croft

Archer Croft is having a hard time adjusting to life in prison. He reveals to his beefcake cellmate, Brock Kniles, that he won?t even get to have rough sex anymore the way he did on the outside. Brock informs Archer that if he wants to be treated like a bitch, that can be easily arranged. Relieved to hear that, Archer willingly submits to Brock, but doesn?t know what he?s gotten himself into. Brock uses and abuses his sexy new cellmate, working Archer?s ass over with a brutal spanking and paddling that leave deep red marks. Archer?s tight muscles get beaten and zapped, while his holes get slammed by Brock?s big, lengthy dick. Brock then cums deep in Archer?s tight ass. After Archer pushes the fresh cum load out, Brock smears it on his new bitch?s face. Finally, Brock orders Archer to put his pretty face over the toilet to give him a special shower.

Dolf Dietrich in 'Ep 5 Threel'

Dolf Dietrich - Ep 5 Threel

?THREEL?. Second Wrestlingmale series and the fourth episode of Skye Man?s Adventures! Our hero ?Triple F? is born: ?Fly, fight and fuck!?, that is his motto! Aerial, steampunk, mocking, playful, and insatiably vain, Skye Man is unclassifiable: sometimes Gatsby the Magnificent, sometimes Alexander the Great, sometimes Lola at the cabaret? no genre but a unique style. Skye Man, like all heroes, is as timeless and universal as good and evil. Without mercy, he abuses his hypnotic power. He fully plays with all his guest fighters? Is 3way hotter?? So, this time, Skye Man has 2 guests again? 2 big beefiest indeed: Dolf Dietrich and Antonio Miracle who have very different stats!? Fight, sleeper, fuck, and more fuck and more sleeper? Woof! The nastiest Wrestlingmale Threel ever!?